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you did't say wether used or new,I have bought used cars and trucks without a lic.but they were paid for in cash from private owners,if you buy a used or new car from a dealership or car lot than you need a lic. to do the transation! . TUMBLEWEED.

No. Unfortunately I do not believe there are dealers in any of the 50 states or Canada that will go along with this. I guess if you buy from a private individual who does not have the presense of mind to ask to see a valid license, a temporary operating permit along with liability insurance you can but if anything happens both of you can be liable to a degree.

yes, In Michigan you can purchuce a car without a license... My husband bought me a Truck and was responsible for the bill, but his name was not on the title of the truck. good luck.

I believe when you transfer the title, even for a private party sale, you have to present proof of insurance. In order to get car insurance, you have to have a license.

In Oklahoma if you have a suspended license and need to reinstate you MUST have auto insurance on a/any vehicle BEFORE they will issue a new license. (Even if you don't own a car)

I purchased a used car from a dealer and obtained insurance in Texas and I only showed a Texas ID

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Q: Can you buy a car in Texas without having a drivers license?
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