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You can fight any ticket. Winning in court is another thing. I would get the speedometer discrepancy documented and then get a lawyer.

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Q: Can you fight a Missouri speeding ticket if you were in a rental car and something was wrong with the speedometer?
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How are you speeding if your not driving???

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What happens if you get a speeding ticket in a rental car with no renters insurance?

The speeding ticket is a separate issue. If you don't have insurance you get done for driving without insurance, speeding or not.

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Same as any other car. The ticket is issed to the DRIVER - not the CAR.

Got a ticket for speeding 22mph on rental car. don't have personal auto insurance. I am listed seprately from my family and am not on their insurance policy. will they find out?

That's a first. I have never heard of any insurance paying for a speeding ticket. The person driving is responsible regardless of it being a rental car or not.

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