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Yes, but you need to find out if there is a 180 day filing bar. (Yes automatically if there was a Motion for Relief from Stay).

If the case was dismissed without the filing bar and without prejudice, then you can refile immediately.

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Q: Can you file chapter 7 after chapter 13 is dismissed?
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How can you convert from a Chapter 13 to a Chapter 7 without your spouse even though both are on a dismissed with prejudice Chapter 13?

Since its dismissed w/ prejudice - Wait 180 days and file an individual chapter 7. Your spouse does not have to file.

Can an individual dismissed from Chapter 13 bankruptcy refile for bankruptcy?

You can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

How long does a dismissed chapter 13 bankruptcy stay on your credit file?

A Chapter 13, whether it is dismissed or successfully receives discharge, is on your credit report for 7 years. A chapter 7 is on your credit report for 10 years. i called equifax and a discharged chapter 13 stays on for 7 years and a dismissed chapter 13 stays on for 10 years

Can you file chapter 7 bankruptcy before a chapter 13 has been dismissed?

No. You can only have one bankruptcy proceeding at a time. You can convert the 13 to a 7.

How long will a dismissed chapter 13 be on your credit file?

Seven (7) years from the date of dismissal.

Can a chapter 13 be removed 7 years after being involuntarily dismissed?

The answer is yes -- Chapter 13s are removed after 7 years in a credit file

How long will a dismissed bankruptcy stay on your credit?

:A bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 11, or a non-discharged or dismissed chapter 13 bankruptcy generally remains on your credit file for 10 years from the date filed. A discharged chapter 13 bankruptcy generally remains on your credit file for 7 years from the date filed.

Can chapter 13 be filed after chapter 7 is dismissed to save your home?

Yes. There is no time limit for filing a Chapter 13. Due to changes in bankruptcy statutes, undoubtly more consumer's will have to file a 13.

How after filing chapter 13 to file for chapter 7?

You may file for Chapter 7 at any time after filing Chapter 13.

My chapter 13 was dismissed can you file a chapter 7 when the eight year mark is up?

The 8 year rule only applies to serial c. 7 filings, not to a c. 7 filing after a c. 13. If the 13 was dismissed for cause under 109(g), you may have to wait 6 months.

Can you file chapter 7 while in a chapter 13?

No. You can only convert the 13 to a 7.

If you filed a Chapter 13 in Oct 1997 can you file a Chapter 7 now?

Yes. A chapter 13 can also be dismissed and a chapt. 7 filed. Chap.13 has no time limitations, except as stipulated in the agreed repayment schedule., which is usually 3-5 years.

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