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u can bolt a turbo on a standard rb30, but yes it will prematurely destroy the engine, You should really rebuild the engine for it but at the very least, you should take the head off and have it re-faced and o-ringed and then install it back on with a decompression plate (available from repco).

You should only do this to a motor that is in good nick to begin with, Its a bit silly to get an old engine with 300,000 k's on it and make it work harder all of a sudden.

After the turbo's bolted on make sure the timing is NO MORE than the stock amount (i think its 15' btdc for an RB30). and use premium 98 octane fuel, This should eliminate any Detonation issues, But to be sure, you should check audibly by stopping on a steep hill and then flooring it to put the motor under load and listed for any pinging.

Change the exhaust to at least 2 and a half inches and use a high flow cat and mandrel bends. You will not need any back pressure in the exhaust anymore because the turbo will provide this for the engine now.

Start with low to moderate boost (maybe 6psi). and you should be tyre frying with decent reliability.

Need any more info ask me.


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Q: Can you just bolt on a turbo to a stock RB30 motor on a R31 Skyline?
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How do you remove camshaft thrust plate from RB30 motor?

remove the seal and slide it to the side

How much horse power does a vl commodore have?

Well I had a look on wiki and it said the stock VL Commodore has a Nissan RB30 engine and it makes around 170 HP.

Does a rb30 engine mounts match a rb25det?

yes they do

how much does an Nissan RB30 engine weight?

RB30 engine weight. ... top calculate the weight of the crate...Im assuming the Engine minus exhaust man & rocker gear is around 150kg mark.

What are the torques for the Nissan RB30 main caps rod caps and head bolts?

38ft/lb for the mains

Changing a timing belt on a Nissan rb30 engine?

why not get yourself a service manual and read the step by step instructions!?

How to remove a RB30 crank pulley?

Use a rattle gun if the engine is out. If its still in the car disconnect the disributer. Put a powerbar and socket on the pulley and lean on the xmember. Crank the engine over over for a split second. Heaps more info on forums. Google it or look on the gtr forum.

Nissan skyline vs Nissan 200sx?

Skyline is definitley more powerful. It is hard to get in the US. The 200sx has a non-turbo 4 cylinder engine (stock) compared to the turboed inline six in the skyline.

Does a r32 skyline come out with a turbo?

yes. the r32 skyline gtr comes with an RB26dett motor. the d for DOHC (dual over head cam), the e for EFI (electronic fuel injection), and the tt for twin turbo.

How fast is the turbo of a Nissan skyline?

over 100,000rpm is the turbo speed.

How much turbo boost can a stock d16 civic motor hold?

7 psi is safe to boost on a stock d-series motor

Can you convert the engine on the 280zx Non turbo to a Skyline GT R Twin turbo engine?

convert no!!! swap yes!!! You can use the rb26dett (thats the only twin turbo the skyline has) You can not use the tranny from the rb26dett(GTR)because it is AWD the rb25det can also be used(not a twin turbo) You would have to use the sr20det tranny or the tranny from a GTS also a skyline and some different motor mounts and a drive shaft but yes it can be done.

Does a r31 skyline come out with a turbo?

Yes, RB30et

What is th lifespan of a ford 7.3 idi non turbo?

for ever! just take care of it. non turbo dont add a turbo its a low comp motor turbo will make it a high comp motor and blow your gaskets keep it stock u will see 500k plus i promise you that

Can and engine swap from a 95 300zx non turbo or twin turbo be swapped to a skyline r32 twin turbo fit?

The turbo off the 300z will fit on the r32, not the manifold, only the turbo.

When your 1990 Mitsubishi eclipse accelerates the turbo kicks in with too much boost causing motor to hesitate?

you might be running too much boost off of your turbo especially if youre running a stock turbo

Does the 93 Mitsubishi eclipse have a stock turbo?

There was a stock turbo option for the 93 eclipse. there was also a non-turbo (n/a) option.

What engine does the Nissan Skyline GTS-T have?

RB25det engine 2.5 liter Single turbo, the turbo is a T3 clone ball bearing

Can an engine from a 92 300zx non turbo be swapped with a skyline r32 twin turbo?

yes but u will need to switch trannys and intakes

How much horsepower does a stock skyline have?

276.. or 316 depending on year..

What does a Nissan skyline R32 have for an engine?

A 2.0 litre RB20 straight six with optional turbo

What motor is better V6 turbo or V6?

V6 turbo is better

What are the stock torque spec for 1998 eclipse non turbo?

the hp for a stock 4g63 non turbo is 160 and tq is 140

Where is stock turbo 1992 dodge stealth twin turbo?

2 Mitsubishi TD04H

Does a 95 240sx come with a stock turbo?

No, only the JDM counterparts (ie. 180sx, Silvia, etc.) came with stock turbo engines.