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Can you just bolt on a turbo to a stock RB30 motor on a R31 Skyline?

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2007-09-28 01:18:20

u can bolt a turbo on a standard rb30, but yes it will

prematurely destroy the engine, You should really rebuild the

engine for it but at the very least, you should take the head off

and have it re-faced and o-ringed and then install it back on with

a decompression plate (available from repco).

You should only do this to a motor that is in good nick to begin

with, Its a bit silly to get an old engine with 300,000 k's on it

and make it work harder all of a sudden.

After the turbo's bolted on make sure the timing is NO MORE than

the stock amount (i think its 15' btdc for an RB30). and use

premium 98 octane fuel, This should eliminate any Detonation

issues, But to be sure, you should check audibly by stopping on a

steep hill and then flooring it to put the motor under load and

listed for any pinging.

Change the exhaust to at least 2 and a half inches and use a

high flow cat and mandrel bends. You will not need any back

pressure in the exhaust anymore because the turbo will provide this

for the engine now.

Start with low to moderate boost (maybe 6psi). and you should be

tyre frying with decent reliability.

Need any more info ask me.


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