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Can you marry your second cousin?


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Yes, in most places you can marry your second cousin. However, some people and some cultures are uncomfortable with such a marriage.

All the States in the US allow the marriage of 2nd cousins. A number of states allow the marriage of 1st cousins.

From religious point of view, most religions do not forbid it. Christianity, Judaism and Islam say nothing about the prohibition of first cousins marrying let alone second cousins.


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I assume that if you can marry your first cousin you can marry your second cousin...

You can marry your second cousin in Pennsylvania. However, you cannot marry your first cousin in the state of Pennsylvania.

It is fine to marry your second cousin if you live in Canada. If you do marry your second cousin, you will probably have a lot of people in your family not too happy about it though.

you can marry your second cousin - it's within the second degree of kindred

In every state it is legal to marry your second cousin. In 1/2 of the states it is legal to marry your first cousin. Check the applicable law in your state.

In the state of Utah, it is legal to marry your second cousin. You cannot however marry a first cousin. The exception to this rule is that first cousins who are both age 65 or older can marry.

Yes. It also legal to marry a first cousin in California.

Yes, you can marry your second cousin in Texas. All 50 states allow second cousins to marry. The prohibition in many states is the marriage of first cousins.

Cousins are permitted to marry in Scotland

According to, second cousins can marry anywhere in the US.

No, I don't think soo...... Why would you want to marry your second cousin anyway??Answer:There is no prohibition on second cousin marriages anywhere in the U.S.

A second cousin is not the same as a "half-cousin." Your second cousin is the grandchild of the brother or sister of one of your grandparents. There is no such relationship as "half cousin" in the English language, although some people have started using the term for the child of a half-sibling. Even first cousins can marry in many places and second cousins can marry in the vast majority of places.

Marriage to a second cousin is allowed in the state of Kansas. Marriage is not allowed to a first cousin, however.

There is no such thing as incestry. However, it would not be incest if you married your second cousin.

It is legal in most places to marry your second cousin once removed. Whether it is OK to ask that cousin to marry you depends on how you family and community respond to such things.

Legally, I think you can. I know in Tennessee you can date and marry your second cousin.

In all states of the United States, and in many other countries (but not all), it is legal to marry a second cousin.

Your question doesn't make sense. Two people can be first cousins, or they can be second cousins, but it is not possible for Alice to be Bob's first cousin, but for Bob to be Alice's second cousin. Laws regarding cousins marrying vary from place to place, but there are many places where second cousins can legally marry, and some places where first cousins can legally marry.

Yes, you can marry your second cousin. No problem in that..the chances are very very less for future gen birth defects...the thing if mutual understanding must be there...

It is legal to marry a second cousin in California. It is not legal to marry anyone else in your family. California also allows first cousin marriage.

Well your cousin is your first cousin so if they have a baby that would be your second cousin.Did you know that you can date and marry your second cousin?

Second cousin marriage is not regulated in any states in the United States. Only first cousin rules apply throughout the United States.

yes if its true love than why not

When you marry a cousin it is called "cousin marriage."

no you cannot marry your cousin but in Tennessee your second or third cuzin witch is still gross and any way if you and your cousin are in a relationship then that would be insist

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