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I suppose you can but any benefit no. Get different water plants

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Can a sucker fish live with red eared slider if the turtle is 6 years old?

Its really a gamble to put any fish with a red eared slider , it depends how big the sucker fish is if it is small the turtle with probably eat it , you are supposed to let them grow up together i have a sucker fish with my red eared slider but they are baby's so they have not bothered it.

How long can Red Eared Slider turtles go without food?

A red eared slider can go without food for atleast 7 days, ( That's a whole week!) I had to do the same thing leaving my read eared slider home, but if you put in some food before you leave and a Turtle Bone (TM) He will be fine, try looking the turtle bone on petsmart.com

Can a red eared slider turtle be put in the same tank as a garter snake?

No, because a red-eared slider lives in ponds and lakes and garter snakes live in grassy fields. They also have different humidity requirements.

What will happen if you put a baby false map turtle in a tank with an adult red eared slider?

what will happen is that the baby false map turtle will get along with the red ear slider .B ut it will just take a will.

Will a male red eared slider eat a red eared slider turtle egg?

Yes, they will happily eat the eggs wether it was theirs or not.If you are breeding them it is best to leave the female with her eggs and put the male in a different enclosure.

Can you put two male adult red eared sliders in with one female red eared slider turtle?

NO you can't put 2 male red eared sliders with 1 female turtle because the two male turles will be fighting over the female, hurting each other.

Can you put a map turtle in the same tank with a slider?

YES, you can put a map turtle in the same tank with a slider.

Can a young red eared slider live with old one?

of course! i have a baby red eared slider living with a big 8 inch turtle and they get along! you have to make sure they know and like each other before you put them both in the same tank

If you have two red eared slider turtle the female red eared slider active but the male is not that much active we put the female turtle on d ground she will run and if we put male he will not run?

Your male turtle may be sick. Take him to a vet that specializes in reptiles. Keep in mind though, that he might be shy and any noise or movement could cause him to hide in his shell. Try to sneak up on him and see if he behaves the same way when he doesn't see you around.

What happens to a red eared slider if you put it in a 10 gallon tank?

My guess it that it is not going to be a happy little turtle! I would recommend a MUCH larger tank or a fenced-in outdoor pond!

Can you put a red eared slider in a 30 gallon tank?

That seems awful large. Depending on the size of the turtle. You dont want to have too small of a home either because they can die from lack of space.

Can a red eared slider and a goldfish live together?

Possibly but its best not to put them together as golfish constantly produce ammonia which can really be very harmful to your slider

Is it ok to put a little baby frog in a 10-gallon tank with a red-eared slider?

First of all, a 10 gallon tank is too small for a turtle, let alone a turtle AND a frog! The proper rule of thumb for aquatic turtles is 10 gallons for every inch of turtle... if you have a 4 inch long turtle, you need at least 40 gallons of water. And second of all, putting a frog with a slider of any age will mean a fed turtle. The turtle WILL eat the frog. Don't try it.

Do red eared sliders cooperate together?

it depends on the slider. watch the slider for its attitude. If its mean and territorial u may not want to put in more turtles or he may fight them

Can you keep a baby red eared slider out of water over night?

Yes, I put my baby slider in a sand filled terrarium over night and feed him in water and he is doing ok

Can you put an algae eating fish in the tank with a red eared slider?

I wouldn't recommend it - since the RES will view the fish as food !

Does red eared turtle eat another red eared turtle?

I keep two red eared sliders in same terrarium and they are still a live, for one year so i guess they dont eat each other. I even put a fish for a month and they dont eat it too.

Can you put a bala shark in with your red ear slider turtle?

No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The shark will eat it! Don't even take the chance!!

Does it harm your red eared slider turtle to hold it?

Not at all, it helps them get to know you more, but the proper way to hold them if there babies is to put your index finger and thumb in pinch positoin. Next you put your thumb under there plastron and your index ontop of there carapis and if there adults you kinda grab them like a hamburger lol hope that helped :)

Will red eared slider turtles eat the small rocks on the tank floor if you put some in their tank?

Yes, they will eat any small pebbles. This may cause digestion blockages and can be FATAL. When putting gravel/pebbles into a turtle tank, make sure they are at least 2cm big.

What should you do if your red-eared slider turtle has moss on it's shell?

I put Axel in the bathroom sink with semi warm water, deep enough to cover his body pluf a little higher. After he was in there 20 minutes or so, I took I toothbrush, held him by his sides and brused his shell.

Where can you release red eared sliders?

You should NEVER release a Red Eared Slider to the wild. If you got it from the wild then yes you can put it back, find a pond. If you bought it from the store though, it is illegal to release it. It could spread diseases.

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