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Yes, you can. Before reporting it stolen I suggest you record (with her permission and knowledge of recording) that you want car otherwise it will be reported stolen. If she refuses to give you the car then you can report it stolen. I would check with local police or county police as some will not care and do nothing but get your car back without arresting spouse. It depends upon the state you reside in and the circumstances under which the vehicle came into her possession. Simply because the vehicle is in one spouse's name does not translate into the other spouse being liable for grand theft auto or any criminal act.

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Q: Can you report your car stolen by your wife if it is in your name only?
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It doesn't matter whose name the car is under (or the insurance). If you are legally married, in the eyes of the law, neither of you have your own possessions...they are joint possessions. If you called the cops because your wife drove off in "your" car, they tell you it is a civil matter, not one for law enforcement. I have been through this :( Once you go to a lawyer and draw up papers regarding whose is what, and file a separation, then you can show those to the police and they can enforce it...but as long as you are legally married, you are SOL.

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