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It depends upon the laws of the state in which your live and the circumstances under which she obtained the vehicle. If the couple live in a community property state, then it is irrelevant whose name is on the title of the car, as such states deem that both spouses own property obtained during the marriage equally and are equally responsible for debts incurred in the marriage. Even if they do not reside in a CP state, if there has not been a final decision on "who gets what" she has not broken any laws.

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Q: If you report your car stolen which is your name but in possession of your estranged wife will she be arrested?
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What happens if you file a theft report but then you find the object you thought was stolen?

You just need to let the police know you found it. If you're found in possession of the item and they realize it was reported stolen you could be mistakenly arrested.

Can a reposessor report a car stolen if he does not have it in his possession?

If it is really stolen by someone and not simply in possession of the lendee. The owner of the vehicle is the only one who can report a vehicle stolen, not the lender. But if the car is taken to the tow companys and yard and is now "missing" then the tow company can report the missing car since they had it in their possession. The first place the police will come to though is your house. The police will not come to your house it is a civil matter.The tow company cannot report the vehicle stolen it is not their vehicle to report stolen.

Can you be charged with a stolen truck if you get behind on payments?

If they come to repossess it, and you claim to not know where it is, then the repossession agent will report it stolen. At that point, anyone found in possession of it is in possession of a stolen vehicle.

Is it a federal offence to sell a stolen gun to a pawn shop in the state of Utah?

You could probably be arrested for possession/trafficking of stolen goods.

Can the lien holder report the car stolen for being behind in payments in California?

Think about it, the car was NOT in their possession, so how can they report it stolen? They cant. Its a CIVIL matter NOT criminal.

If a person is accused and arrested for a stolen item that is not in the accused possession can they be prosecuted?

Yes. Possession of stolen property is a lesser included charge to most theft or burglary crimes. YOushould also remember that prosecution is not conviction.

Can you be arrested for an unpaid car loan if i did not return the vehicle?

It's possible, but a bit unlikely. However, if the repo agent comes to you, and you claim not to know where the vehicle is, then they can assume an unauthorized person is in possession of the vehicle, and might report it stolen.

Can you be arrested if they have no evidence that you stole a gun?

If you're found in possession of a stolen firearm, you can expect to be arrested, and you can also expect to be charged, as well.Added: It is not necessary for them to find the gun in your possession. Simply the testimony of an eyewitness, video-tape, or the testimony of an accomplice is enough probable cause for you to be arrested.

Is possession of stolen gun a felony?

Yes. Possession of stolen property OF ANY TYPE, is illegal.

Can you get arrested for refusal to file a police report for something stolen?

No. But if you get your money stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your money back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your jewelry or furniture stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your jewelry or furniture back. If you get your car stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your car back. If you get your bike stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your bike back. The point is if you get something stolen and you don't file a police report, you won't get your stuff back. But they're not allowed to put you in jail for refusal to report a stolen car, bike, jewelry, money etc. You won't go to jail for refusal to report a stolen object, but whatever you got stolen, you won't get it back.

Can you be aressted if a firearm is stolen?

If you're found to be in possession of a stolen firearm, expect to be taken into custody. If their investigation determines that you were knowingly in possession of a stolen firearm, then you'll be charged.

Can you report a car stolen when you lend the car to someone and they get arrested in a different city which the car is not in the impound nor have you been informed of it's whereabouts?

No. You would be filing a fraudulent police report.

What is the difference between Possession of Stolen Property and Receiving Stolen Property?

Possession means that you have the property, chances are you knew it was stolen. Receiving Stolen Property means that you got it and you knew it was stolen. Typically this would be the person that bought it from a thief.

Can you be charged if you are given a stolen item and you had no idea that it was stolen?

Yes. You are still in possession of a stolen item.

How do you know if your car has been reported stolen by the lender?

ask a cop to run the license plate on their computer If it is still in your possession, it has not been stolen and anyone who files a police report saying it has been is commiting a crime. However, if it has already been repossessed and disappears from the storage lot, it HAS been stolen and the lender or repo agent will report it.

What does possession of proceeds of crime mean?

You were found to be in possession of stolen property. It's also known in other jurisictions as "Receiving Stolen Property."

Is possession of stolen property a felony in Mississippi?


If a former bf tries to report a car stolen and his kid is in the car with the mom while they live together what happens to the ex girlfriend if she is pulled over?

Assuming she is the child's mother, or has some kind of legal authority over the child, it is not a crime for her to have possession of the child. However, if she does not own the vehicle and does not have permission to use the vehicle, she has stolen the vehicle. The ex-girlfriend can potentially be arrested for the theft of the motor vehicle.

What if you didn't use their card but you got caught with it can you still go to jail?

What card? Was it stolen? If it was stolen and you had it in your possession, and you knew it was someone else's and not yours - whether you used it or not you are guilty of being in "possession of stolen property."

Have a rent a car you didnt return yet can you get arrested?

Yes, you can get arrested if you have not returned your rental car when you were suppose to return it. If you keep the car longer than your were suppose to without contacting the company, they can file a stolen vehicle report.

Who do you report stolen birth certificate to?

You can report it to the police.

If your rims got stolen and you wanted to report them stolen how would they be found?

Not possible to report them stolen unless they go jacked off in a car lot

Is being in possession of a a stolen firearm a felony?


What is the sentence for felony possession of stolen goods?

It dePends what you stole and where you did it in Georgia breaking and entering plus possession of a stolen fire arm is 8 years federal prison

Is possession of stolen property a felony in louisians?

Personally I am unfamiliar with the LA statute but in many (most?) jurisdictions whether it is classified as a felony or a misdemeanor depends on the dollar amount of the property in question. (e.g.: possession of a stolen tricycle would be a misdemeanor, but possession of a stolen truck would be a felony)