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If you took posession of the car and signed the paperwork, then you have entered into a binding legal contract to purchase. Unless the dealer agrees to void the contract, you are bound by what you signed. Hint: Do not accept posession of the car (at least in Texas). There is not 3 day grace period in Texas at least, but this will allow you go escape if you think about it ahead of time. Lets make this simple: The contract binds the one selling to sell, and the one buying it to buy...according to the terms you both agree to and are contained in it. READ YOUR CONTRACT (that thing you signed and initialled all over that you agreed with the promises you were making, understood them, knew someone else would act on them, etc.). I It is possible that the dealer allowed some possibility of return (baring lemon law issues which take months, if not years, to develop), in the agreement...but normally it also includes that you would pay all paperwork, titles, taxes, cleaning/restocking...etc that are incurred (which is clearly more than reasonable for them having acted on what you wanted and your changing your mind). Car sales contracts are not recindable...and they may not be complete until some other event, like inspection or such....but if you have been given allowed to take the the vehicle by the dealer, and you accepted it...its more than certain that the deal is done! Most sales contracts made and done at the home may have the protection you address....and even then, if the actions of the contract are done, you can't use the protection and recind it later.

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Q: Can you return a car after signing all the paperwork?
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What is the latest you can return a car after signing a contract?

Once you have bought a car you cannot return it. A car is not like a shirt. There are no refunds on cars.

Can you return a used car to the dealer if you dont take possession?

I was told buy a used car manager that if the car does not leave the lot you do not own it. Even if the paperwork is all done. once it hits the street its yours.

How long do you have after signing loan contract to return a car in Ohio?

You cannot return the car. The Buyer's Remorse law does not apply to vehicles. It only applies to unsolicited sales.

If you complete the paperwork on a car take it home and then decide you do not like the deal can you return the car to the dealer What is the law?

in Minn how do I start what ever it takes to return a new car that I found out has already had repaired body damage to it

If you are in a dispute with the dealership after you buy a car can you return the car to the lot while you seek legal remedies?

Deffinately!! Dealerships will not tell you this but you have 30 days to return the vehichle no questions asked without penalty. That is a very wrong answer. If you signed paperwork and took delivery of vehicle it is yours unless and until you win in court. ANSWER Sure you can return it!! If you don't care about your CREDIT and the negative impact that will have on it. When you purchase a vehicle and sign a contract, that's it. If you are 18 years or older, you should understand what you're signing and if you're not sure about the vehicle.....why are you signing?

Do you get the car after signing all the contracts from a used car dealership?

Yes, you should get the car after you sign all the papers.

Can you return a car if the dealership gave it to you to drive and two months later the bank still has not gotten the paperwork?

If you did not sign any loan or payment paperwork, you can return it and they can't post anything on your credit. They have to have that signature. If they do post it on your credit, you can dispute it for free and have it removed.

Can you return a car to the dealer if they lied to you about being a cosigner and you are the co-owner?

No. You should have paid more attention to what you were signing.

What are the Used car return laws in Pennsylvania?

Once you have signed the paperwork and driven the vehicle off the lot, the car is yours. There is no "grace period" with a new or used car purchase in PA.

I don't want the car How soon can you return a used car?

You can't if you signed the paperwork and took posession of the car. There is no cooling off period on the purchase of an automobile. If you did not want the car then you should not have bought it. You now own the car.

You bought a car from dealer yesterday after signing papers they gave you the keys and you left but later on you saw that the interior is so messed upcan you return the car?

yes you can not

Can you return a car you bu from a dealer?

Once a vehicle is "delivered", it's your vehicle unless either the dealership grants you a return, or the financing falls through. A complete delivery is going to the dealership, signing all the necessary paperwork, then driving the vehicle off the dealership's property. It is important to know what contracts you are signing and how it will effect your payment. Never sign until you know all the figures and have a "We Owe" signed by the General Manager for any open or 'promised' items. There is no "3 day Right-to-Rescind" for vehicle purchases anywhere in the USA.Exceptions: California dealerships must offer the customer an option to purchase a "3-day return policy". If the customers signs the waiver instead, then they do not get the ability to return the car. In addition, Carmax does offer a 5-day return policy, however that is not a law, it's a promotion they offer to their customers.

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