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Yes, you should get the car after you sign all the papers.

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Q: Do you get the car after signing all the contracts from a used car dealership?
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After signing a contract to buy a used car on what grounds can the dealer later deny the loan?

If the bank won't give you the loan for this vehicle. If your credit history is not good. You can sign all the contracts you like, but they will check out that person's credit history. If your credit is good then I would discuss this with the Manager at the used car dealership. If you went to a banking institution for this loan then contact the bank you were dealing with to see why you didn't get the loan.

Finding the right used car dealership.?

There are many car dealerships that has used cars. If you visit any car dealership, they have a new car section and a used car section. All you have to do is make an appointment and visit the dealership.

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How to find the warranty start date of a used vehicle?

first of all, get the vin number. Then call a dealership. If it's a ford, call a ford dealership, etc. Give them the vin# and they should be able to look all that information up on the computer.

What all work does ALJ do as part of Toyota's dealership?

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