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Can you return a car if you find out the salesman sold it to you for more than listed on their website?


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2015-07-15 20:50:28
2015-07-15 20:50:28
It is illegal in California to sell over the advertised price regardless of if the buyer was aware of it or not. The courts have ruled that accident typos are considered fixable, but in all other cases it is illegal.You would need to talk with an attorney first.

Nope. My dealership has three prices on all their vehicles. The lot price is 1k over book value, the internet price is 1k under book value and my price is 2k over lot price. All car deals are negotiable, but once you agree to the price, it's binding.

In defense of the dealer, they probably advertise in several mediums ( as we do )such as print, radio, internet and television, each medium with its own account rep of varying knowledge and ability, and at any given time the price on a particular unit may differ by several thousand dollars across the span of our advertising(either deliberately or through some of the idiotic mistakes our ad vendors make).Whatever the case, the previous answer is absolutely correct: The price you agree to, pay to the dealer, and accept on delivery is the price you pay. Period. Consider an alternative perspective: You sure wouldn't pay MORE for the vehicle if the dealer called you up two weeks later and told you the price YOU paid was lower than the advertised price.


"Consider an alternative perspective: You sure wouldn't pay MORE for the vehicle if the dealer called you up two weeks later and told you the price YOU paid was lower than the advertised price."

Very well put, David.



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