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Can you simply bolt on a manifold carb MSD ignition distributor and coil on a completely rebuilt 1988 GM 350 that originally had TBI or are there other considerations that would prevent this?

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2007-06-25 14:07:56

Every part of the computer control and injection system needs to

be considered. For example, the fuel pump of an injected system

runs at a much higher pressure than a carburated system. You'll

need to work that out. You would need to work around the

electronics for the ignition if you decide to use a HEI system and

you'd probably need to do some rewiring of the keyswitch circuit as

well as possibly some modifications to the gauges. Understand that

most injector fuel pumps are also connected to the fuel gauge

system. Whatever you THINK you've worked out, there will be

additional concerns. But it can certainly be done. Converting the

engine will probably be the easy part.

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