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AnswerIn many states, you might not be able to sue, but you have the right (with written notice to the landlord) to withhold payment of rent until the problem is remedied. If you decide to go this route, sent the notice via certified mail.

Before withholding rent, check your lease agreement. The most commonly used lease in Texas, for example, does not allow this practice. Mold has been around for a long time; it becomes a health hazard when it is pervasive and left untreated. If the household mold is on your showerwall, the liability would lean towards the tenant's parameter of responsibility. If is is caused by an obvious 2-year neglect to get a leak fixed, this would most definitely sway popular opinion as landlord negligence!

But this is not a literature question. Go to law related categories.

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Q: Can you sue your landlord for household mold?
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Can you sue a landlord for mold if the landlord didn't know the mold was there?

In many states, you might not be able to sue, but you have the right (with written notice to the landlord) to withhold payment of rent until the problem is remedied. 99% of mold is harmless, and mildew is frequently mistaken for mold. 50/50 mix of water and bleach will kill it anyway. Relax. .

Can you sue your landlord for mold exposure in the home?

There are no federal laws set that give the limit for mold exposure. However a few states have set a permissible level of mold that allows suing of the landlord.

CAN I SUE a landlord for mold problems?

There is a possibility if you told him of the problem, he refused to correct it, you became ill.

Can you sue your landlord for black mold and all the landlord did is put caulking over a small part of the black mold and the black mold is making all of us sick including my children?

Yes I am sure you can. If he or she (the landlord) didn't help at all and now the kids are sick because of it you can! But it's different if you made that mold. Another reason is if you do not even know how to fix the mold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope this helps!

Can a landlord sue you?

The landlord certainly can.

Can a landlord sue the survivor of a tenant?

The landlord could sue the decedent's estate.

Can you sue your landlord if your cat dies of mold?

Yes, you may. If it can be proved your cat died of mold. And that the landlord had known of the mold for some time and done nothing about it. And if there were no other contributing factors, such as you not letting the landlord have access, not keeping things clean, etc. And just because you can sue, doesn't mean you'll win. And it's legally still debated what the worth of a house pet is, though there's been a recent case that would give it a far greater assigned value then before.

Can we sue our landlord if he is hurt on the property by a bully and the landlord has been informed?

You cannot sue your landlord unless you suffered damages due to his negligence.

Can a landlord evict and sue for back rent?

IF you owe the landlord rent, why wouldn't or shouldn't he be able to sue you!

Can you sue your landlord for mold in Pennsylvania?

You would be more likely to find a way to break the lease without cost so you can find a mold-free environment. Check the landlord/tenant laws and call the local government for advice.I lost almost everything I own and cross contamitated the place i moved to from the mold spores in my belongings

In a tenancy at will situation can a tenant sue the landlord for trespass?

See answer to related question, "Can a tenant sue a landlord for trespass?"

Can you get your landlord for being slanderous?

You can get (sue) anyone for slander: your landlord is no different.

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