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Yes, as long as they are both the SOHC motors the oil pump is interchangeable because it is the same motor.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-25 03:21:21
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Q: Can you switch oil pumps from a 91 geo to a 90?
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Where is the oil pressure switch on a 90 camaro?

The oil pressure switch on a 90 Chevy Camaro is located on the bottom of the engine near the oil filter. It constantly monitors the function and output of the oil pump.

What grade of fluid is use for geo prizm manual transmission?

75-90 weight gear oil

Why wont your 90 Chevy truck start until oil pressure builds up?

there is a second oil pressure switch that shuts off the fuel pump if theres not enough oil pressure

90 Geo Tracker spark plug gap?

0.028 geo tracker 1990, 8 valves 2 doors

Will a 88-94 Geo Tracker Soft top fit a 1995 Model?

yes a,90-99,willfit a geo tracker.

Where is the pilot bearingbushing on a 1991 geo storm 1.6l manual transmission?

there is no pilot bushing/bearing for the Geo Storms '90-'93 manual transaxle.

How much gas does a Geo Tracker burn?

a geo tracker 90-99 will get about 25mpg in the cities and 30mpg on the highway. cost about $20 to fill full.

Can you use api 75w-90 gear oil instead of sae90 gear oil?

Yes, you can use 75w-90 gear oil instead of SAE 90 gear oil

How to replace a starter for a 90 geo prism?

You gotta get under the car and do it from the back of the engine.

If you cant get Sae 90 W oil what oil is equal to Sae 90 w?

20W-50 is equal to Sae 90 W.

How much does 90 weight oil weight?

A US gallon of 90 weight oil weighs approximately 6.8 pounds. An Imperial gallon of 90 weight oil weigh approximately 8 pounds.

90' Ford Taurus where is the oil pump located?

It is located in the oil pan. Fairly big job to replace.

Why is there excessive oil in the air box of my sons ttr 90?

when the ttr 90 is flipped over oil pours into the airbox.

How do you change the 3rd brake light on a 1994 Geo Prizm?

See the answer for the 90 model. Should be the same

Where is the radiator cooling fan switch on a 90 olds ceira with a 3.3?

there's no switch, it has a temperature sensor.

How do you check the transmission oil in a 95 geo metro lsi 5 speed manual?

3/8 inch rachet fits plug,plug on side of transmission,oil should be half inch below plug.use straw or twist tie to measure.80 to 85 weight gear oil,90 might cause shifting problem.

What kind of engine oil for can am ds 90?

Can am ds90 oil type

What is the oil in the axles?

75/90 gear oil or80/90gear oil will do the same job

90 geo storm with no spark you changed the coil and the ecm what should you check?

check the pickup coil. that was the prob

Where is the PCV valve on 90 Geo Metro?

It's either in the intake or in a hose between the intake and valve cover.

What percent of the nation's oil business did Standard Oil Company control?


Should my 90 Geo Tracker be at 4000 RPM's at 70 mph?

its because it has a 3-speed trany, there is a overdrive trany that is a 4-speed but there kinda hard to find. My 90 Geo Tracker is the same. I believe what is probably going on is- it's a 4x4 with a low end tranny. It's not meant for speed.

What oil fiesta gearbox?


Where is the inertia switch for a 90 Chevy Suburban 1500 with a 350 motor?

Chevy did not use an inertia switch. It don't have one.

Why doesn't my 1996 Geo Metro doesn't go pass 90?

do you mean hiway 90? might be a service station that the metro wants to visit... If you mean 90 kph, then you have a fuel problem. If you mean 90 mph, it is because it's not legal in the US and the Metro knows this