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You must have approval from the lender in order to take over the payments on a loan.

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Q: Can you take over a car payment without going through the bank?
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What is meant by Payment by documents through bank?

Payment by documents through your bank is how you have made your payment. The document could be your check.

How can internet payments be done without bank involvement?

You can not be paid through the internet without bank involvement. Paypal is the easiest way to be paid over the internet. Most websites support a payment through Paypal.

What is meant Payment through bank in business terminology?

Covering letter for bank

What is an intermediary bank?

An intermediary Bank is any Bank through which a payment must go to reach the beneficiary Bank.

What online-shopping is?

Online shopping is the process of buying products through internet without going to store or shop's location physically. Here people use their credit/debit or other bank card for payment.

How do you get your ATM pin without going to the bank?

go to the bank

Can you open a bank account online with no down payment?

AnswerYes,you can open a bank acct online without dowm payment depending on the bank you wish to transact your buisness with. More OpinionsBank of America allows such things.

Why is your bank not letting a payment through for one of your bills?

Payments can fail for several different reasons: the account has insufficient funds, the check is not signed, the check is stale dated, a stop payment has been ordered or, the account has been frozen as a result of a lawsuit of some kind. Your bank will tell you what is going on if you ask them.

What is an irrevocable bank payment undertaking and what are its benefits to the seller?

And your revocable bank payment is a bank payment that cannot be rescinded. The advantage to the seller is once the payment is issued, it cannot be canceled.

I am retired and staying outstation and I wish to receive the PF amount through payment in my bank accountand Please advise the procedures?

I am retired and staying outstation. I wish to receive the PF amount through payment in my bank account. Please advise the procedures.

What exactly are insurance annuities?

An insurance annuity is when a seller makes payments to a buyer for payment of one large amount of money. You usually would go through a bank to get this process going.

Can you set up recurring payments for your orchard bank online payment?

If you have online billing through your orchard bank then you will be able to set up recurring payments. Follow the instructions through your online banking program, and you will be able to set up a payment that will recur for you.

How do you stop a standing order going into your bank account If you can't get hold of the person responsible for setting it up?

Contact your bank to cancel the virtual payment.

You had your car repossessed on Friday July 13 2008 because you miss three month of payment is the bank going to let you catch up on your payment so you can get the car back?

The bank didn't want my car, they allowed me to pay the outstanding amount. It may vary, though, bank to bank

Can a bank go into your checking account and take out my house payment?

If you have authorized your bank to do so by arranging a scheduled payment, then the money will be drawn out and applied towards your mortgage payment. However, if you did not authorize a payment beforehand then a bank will not take money out for the payment.

What is paisa pay?

Paisa Pay is EBays online payment service, where buyers can pay sellers through credit card or bank transfer. Paisa Pay is EBays online payment service, where buyers can pay sellers through credit card or bank transfer.

Where can one make a card payment?

One can make a card payment through online banking, a local bank, through the mail, money mart or pretty much any payment service available. There are numerous ways, it will surely be easy to figure it out.

How do you send money from another bank account to chase bank account?

You have to set up an electronic transfer through your bank, in your case Chase bank. When you set up an online transfer through your bank, they will process the request to transfer money through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). Once the payment goes through, the money will be put into your Chase account and taken out of the account at the other bank...

What are the power of check holder?

You can issue a cheque for payment, cancel a cheque, get the cheque deposited through the bank.

Do you pay an electric bill online through the electric company or through your bank account?

You can pay an electric bill online through the electric company or through your bank depending on the electric company and if they allow online payments through their website. You can also set up an online payment through your own bank account as well.

Is a bank draft needed to purchase home insurance?

A bank draft is your choice of paying for the insurance, you don't necessarly have to pay your insurance through your bank, there is several different payment methods.

Can you put a stop payment on a check after it is cashed?

No. A stop payment can be issued only before the check payment is made by the bank. If you try a stop payment after the bank has paid for the check, the bank wont accept it because the stop payment instruction is useless now and cannot be executed.

What can you do if your auto finance company tried to debit your bank account without your permission?

If the charge has not gone through yet, call your bank and tell them to deny payment. If the charge has gone through call the finance company and see who authorized the debit, if it is a standing authorization tell them to remove it / send them a letter doing so, and contact your bank and inform them to refuse future direct debits.

Can you stop payment on a check without it being fraud?

Yes, by contacting your bank branch and request them to stop the payment of cheque, by giving them the cheque no. and telling the amount and the name favoured.

Can you stop payment on a check that is clearing the same day?

It Depends: Yes - If the check has just reached the bank and the banks is still processing the payment. If so, you can issue a stop payment and the bank will not pay for the check No - If the bank has already processed the check and released the payment to the payee customers bank account.