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yes... If you place the transfer case in neutral. The problem with towing automatic transmission vehicles, is that the transmission is not operating, therefore the pump is not pumping fluid throughout the tranny. This results in melted seals & seized brass bushings, because the output shaft is turning, but no oil is present. However, the transfer case is located after the tranny. Placing the transfer case in neutral will disengage the tranny from the drivetrain, and the truck will free-roll. On 2 wheel drive vehicles, you would have to remove the driveshaft & plug the tail of the tranny with a plastic shipping plug (prevents fliud leakage)

The above answer is correct, but if you simply unbolt the driveshaft to the rear wheels, wrap the universal joint with duct tape and secure the drive shaft to the frame or exhaust with sturdy wire, you can tow it a jillion miles without harm. This saves having to pull the drive shaft from the tranny or obtaining a shipping plug as he suggests.

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Q: Can you tow a 1997 Chevy z71 4wd behind a motor home without dropping driveshafts?
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