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western field/mossberg interchangabilityYes, You can interchange the mossberg 500a barrels with Your Western FieldM550abd.

I want to improve the question. can interchange be accomplished in both westernfield 550abd and 550ad

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โˆ™ 2013-03-11 21:57:03
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Q: Can you use a new Mossberg 500 barrel on your Western Field M550ABD 12ga?
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Who made western field 12 gauge pump shotgun M550ABD?

Mossberg and sons is the manufacturer of your western field model M550ABD,shotgun.The Mossberg model 500 is the same shotgun.

Will a mossberg 500 barrel fit on a M550ABD western field shotgun?

as far as i know yes, i have seen both receiver ends of both barrels and they are almost identical

Who made western field 12 gauge pump model m550ABD?

Pretty sure it was Mossberg. Take a look at a list of Mossberg shotguns. I'm sure you will find one that looks like your Western Field.

Who made the Wards Western Field M550ABD shotgun?

I THINK that was is a Mossberg. The WesternField model m550ABD Is in fact a Mossberg Model 500. I am a proud owner of one, which every member of my family has hunted with. This gun will accept mossberg barrels, and retains amazing accuracy and reliability.

Will a mossberg model 500 slug barrel fit a western field shotgun?


Who makes western field 550 shotgun?

The Western Field 550 series were produced by Mossberg for Montgomery Ward. Basically it's a Mossberg 500 and as far as my research and experience with them goes (I own a 550AB in 12 GA and a 550ED in 410 GA), all parts are interchangeable though I've only ever put a Mossberg barrel on my Western Field.

Where can you buy a rifled barrel for a Western Field M550ad?

This should be a Mossberg 500 in a Montgomery Wards suit. Check any dealer for the availability of a slug barrel.

Who made the western field model M147?

western field is/was a mossberg company

What is the value of a M550ABD 12 gauge Western Field shotgun?

The shotgun is a Mossberg 500. The Standard Catalog lists this at $200 in Very Good condition. Deduct 20-30% for having a Montgomery Ward name stamped on it.

What is the value of a 12 gauge pump western field shotgun M550ABD with a c-lect choke?

The 12 gauge pump Western Field shotgun, M550ABD with a c-lect choke is valued at $200 in good condition. It is valued at $100 in fair condition.

Who made western field model 768 243?

Your Western Field model 768 was made by mossberg for the Mongomery Wards company(Western Field).The mossberg model 800A is the same rifle as yours.

Who made the western field model M780?

Mossberg for Montgomery Wards it is the mossberg 800a

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