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The only thing to do is be honest and tell him you want him back. It's not your fault that you're bi-polar and it made you act certain ways. People who are bi-polar are definitely in need of medication. If he can't understand and respect that, you don't want him back. Trust me. The above poster is very correct, but I would like to add, go on Type in: Bipolar disease Print out the info and when you meet this young man let him read about it so he can understand what you have been through and he will know how to help you. Bipolar is NOT YOUR FAULT! Depression comes in all forms and well over 80% of both the U.S. and Canada have depressed people either seeking treatment or they don't know they are depressed and the stats are going up! Bipolar is usually genetic as well. So, get going, phone him and tell him you'd love to talk with him and meet at a coffee shop because you have a few things to explain to him. Bring the info with you. Hopefully he doesn't have a girlfriend, but, if he should, at least you will have settled things with him and he can understand why you were acting the way you were. Good luck!

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How can you tell if the girl you are dating is bipolar or just not that interested in you?

Ask herHowever, I would tread carefully here. Implying that someone is bipolar just because they are not interested in you is going to come across as judgemental and arrogant. Better to simply ask if they are interested in you, and leave out the biploar part.

What are the chance of healthy baby with bipolar father?

Bipolar does not cause any physical problems. If you are asking if your child could grow up and have bipolar, too, yes that is possible because it does occur in families.

Is Bipolar disorder harmful?

It's possible, especially because of the hyperactivity, impulsivity, and aggressive behavior. These can cause the bipolar person to harm themselves or the people and objects around them.

If you are taking lithium and efexor are you bipolar?

In short, probably no Lithium is a mood stabilizing drug, which is indicative of bipolar treatment. However efexor is a serotonin and noradrenaline (nor-epinephrine) reuptake inhibitor, and is thus contraindicated in the treatment of bipolar disorder. It is thought that noradrenaline is responsible for the manic phases seen in bipolar, so a drug increasing its levels should not be given in the treatment of bipolar disorder. It is likely that efexor is being given because of the severity of the depression, and the lithium is being given to overcome the mood unstabilizing effects of it As with all things medical its probably best to ask your doctor why they gave you that combination.

Can you spread genital warts after treatment?

Yes it is possible to spread genital warts after treatment because treatment doesn't cure the virus.

Are all women bipolar?

No, not all women are bipolar. Bipolar is a mental disorder, just like cancer, or having lost an arm. We all have problems but women get mood swings because of PMS, not because they are bipolar.

You are in the navy and have just been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder im going to be put on meds what can you expect to happen to you career wise?

If you can control your Bipolar Disorder with the medications, chances are that you can stay in the Navy. However, if your Bipolar Disorder becomes uncontrollable, then there is a possible chance that you cannot be in the navy. There isn't much that can be said because it all depends on how well you can control the Bipolar Disorder with your medications.

Can a person with bipolar adopt?

i sure hope so. i am bipolar and i want to adopt because i was adopted

Can you be denied a green card if you have bipolar disorder?

No, you can not be denied a green card because you have bipolar disorder.

Are drug and alcohol problems commonly a problem with bipolar disease?

Yes Drug and Alcohol issues are one of the biggest symptoms and or results of Bipolar. People with addictions usually are bipolar and becaome addicted before they know of the bipolar because they are trying to self medicate. With Bi-polar its like your on a roller coaster. Anyone using an addiction to self medicate needs to stop and receive proper treatment from a doctor. This is from personally experience.......

Can bipolar women keep their newborn?

Yes. Why wouldn't they be able to? Just because you have Bipolar Disorder doesn't meant that you're unfit to raise a child. I know this from experience, because I'm Bipolar, and I have 2 children.

Why bjt is bipolar?

Bjt is bipolar because in bjt the conduction of current is due to the electrons as well as holes

Is possible that a 28 year old man be gay because he is not interested in girls?

its very possible however it doesnt necessarily mean he is gay

Why are people with bipolar aggressive?

because they just are

Why are you interested in working for our company?

Some possible answers:Because I think your company can give me the opportunity to reach my goals.Because I've reviewed your company online/whatever, and I thought it would be perfect for me.Possible Answer :"I am interested of working for this company because I am aware of your company's policies and I know the quality of your product/service."

What is manic depression now ussually called?

bipolar disorder because bipolar u experience highs and lows.

Should a person with bipolar disorder get married?

Yes if they are in Love just because they have BiPolar doesn't mean they can't do things like everyone else!!!...idiot Second Opinion (different user): Of Course! In it's more mild forms Bipolar disorder is hardly even noticeable. Especially with treatment. Even the more severe Bipolar 1 Disorder is not so bad with treatment. I'm going to assume that you are asking this question partly based on the idea that Bipolar Disorder is genetic. The Nazi's and some other countries euthanized Bipolar people (prevented them from having kids via surgical methods). If you are more accepting than a Nazi you should have no problem with Bipolar people getting married to whomever they wish. It turns out that Bipolar disorder is only partially genetic. It is largely based on the environment that people live/grow up in. For example: There are two 100% genetically identical twins. One of them is diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. Statistics show that, even though they are 100% genetically identical, there is only about a 50% chance of the other twin being Bipolar. It is not just about genetics.

Why Is Bipolar Treatment Important?

In the days of Sylvia Plath's "Bell Jar", a Bipolar diagnosis would net patients a lengthy stay in the mental hospital, drug cocktails to fight psychosis and depression, and possibly even electroshock therapy. Today, most people view Bipolar disorder too lightly. Some even feel that it requires no treatment at all, seeing it merely as a sign of one gifted with an extremely creative mind. While it is true that some of our best and brightest artists, musicians and movie stars do suffer with Bipolar disorder, they do still need treatment to keep their symptoms manageable. Persons with untreated Bipolar disorder can experience a variety of symptoms that range from the slightly bizarre to the completely debilitating. Failure to seek treatment for Bipolar disorder can lead to worsening of symptoms and increased duration of symptoms. Untreated, symptoms of a manic or depressive cycle may persist for up to six months. While having a full blown manic or depressive episode, patients may behave in ways that they later regret. They may engage in promiscuous behavior or self medicate with alcohol or other drugs. They may run up massive credit card bills they will later be unable to pay or make poor choices regarding payment of existing bills. Those that suffer from Bipolar disorder are also at an increased risk of suicide, the ultimate price for not seeking treatment. Because symptoms may come and go with long periods of normal behavior in between episodes, family and friends will have to watch their loved ones with Bipolar disorder to ensure that they continue prescribed treatments during times when they may feel normal. It is not uncommon for those that have been diagnosed as Bipolar to doubt their diagnosis and cease treatment when they feel normal. Patients that cease their prescribed Bipolar treatment are more likely to succumb to suicide. Persons who receive regular Bipolar treatment may eventually experience complete relief from the symptoms of their disorder.

Does Prozac treat bipolar disorder?

Prozac® is an antidepressant of the SSRI class used to treat depression. It is also sometimes used in conjunction with a mood stabilizer for acute or maintenance treatment of depression in bipolar disorder. This would not be considered a first-line choice, however, because antidepressants can make bipolar disorder worse by causing mania or rapid cycling between mania and depression.

Can insurance cancel because of bipolar disorder?


Why are scientists interested in possible life on other planets?

Because we can't be sure there isn't someone out there watching us . .

What happened to Demi Lovado?

It's Lovato and she was suffering from a eating disorder and self-mutilating her wrists aka cutting herself. She did these things because she was bullied in school where they called her ugly and fat. She found out while in treatment that she was bipolar. She is now out of treatment, healthy, happy and beautiful as ever!

Are girls bipolar?

Some girls are diagnosed as Bipolar, some girls are not Bipolar. All girls are not bipolar.

Will the Iraqi Dinar increase in value?

I think not possible the value of Iraqi dinar is increase because government of Iraq not interested it .

If you have bipolar are you considered healthy?

Not necessarily because bipolar is a disorder and even though your body may be healthy, your mind isn't 100% healthy.