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Being Forced HomeThe parents can file a petition with Superior Court to have an order of custodial rights granted, if it is granted they can present the order to local law enforcement. Once the police have been served with the order they can take the minor into custody, and either return them to the parents or to a juvenile facility to await a court hearing.

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  • When i was 16 i ranaway, and yes i was filed as a runaway and had to go home BUT my mother did speak DIRECTLY to a cop and he said that if i was 17 there was nothing he could do to MAKE me go home, OR file me as a runaway. He couldn't do either. The only thing is you DO have to be attending school. and at least call your parents and tell them that you are okay if that's what the cop decides.
  • There may be a loophole for 17-year-olds in Texas. Apparently if they are supporting themselves Texas police won't generally force a 17-year-old to go home.
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Q: Can your parents call the police or take you to court if you move out at 17 in Texas?
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What happens if a minor is caught running away from California to Texas?

The police will take him/her into custody, call the parents, and a court date may be set if any laws were broken.

What is the law for runaways in MN?

In the state of Minnesota, a child is considered to be a runaway if they are under age 18 and do not have their parents or guardians permission to leave the home. The parents can call the police and the police may issue the runaway a citation to appear in court.

Can you move out at the age of 17 in Texas without any permission from your parents?

Yes, and if they call the police to find you, the police can not force you to go home but only to have you contact them in some way to let them know you are okay.

Can your parents kick you out then call the police on you?

Depending on what you did... yes.

What happens to a child when they call the police on their parents?

It depends on the reason for the call and the outcome of the police visit. If the child calls to report the parents for a crime, and the parents are arrested, the child will probably be placed with a family member or child services.

What will happen if a 17-year-old girl moves out of her parents' house?

In most US states your parents will be able to call the police, have you picked up, and brought home. In a few US states, such as Texas or South Carolina, apparently the police will not generally force you to go home at 17.

If you are 17 and you live with your 25-year-old boyfriend in Texas can your parents call the police?

You need to be emancipated. Some states have age of acountability Find out what the law says for TX

Pregnant by an overage guy and you underage?

Call the police and talk to your parents

Should you call police if your ex husband wont share custody of the child or do i need to go back to court?

go to court for sure the police wont do anything.

Can a school give you a ticket in Texas?

From a student: They call the police, and from there the police can decide whether to give you a ticket or not.

Can a parent get in trouble if they take their child out of state if the custody agreement syas they have to have the other parents permission?

Yes. That parent would be in contempt of a court order. The other parent can call the police and report the incident. It would become a police matter.

How can you tell if a bank has reported a car stolen to the police or court?

Call the records department of the Police Dept where the crime occured.

Can you call the cops when your parents hit on your face?

Yes you have every right to tell the police that your parents hit you in the face.

What do you do if your parents don't take you to the doctor when you are sick?

you call the police it's illegal

What should you do if your parents touch you inappropriately?

Call the Police. Make sure you can have Grandparents or like a Best Friends house you can stay at. But seriously, you really should call the police.

What do you do if your husband hits you in Texas?

If you want him arrested, cal the police. If you don't, call a counselor.

How can you find out if you have a warrant in hays county Texas?

they have nothing online you have to call the police station.

What is correct call a police or call the police?

call a policeman or police officer. Call the police force.

Is it right for the school to call the police and have a six year old child arrested for any kind of fighting?

Generally when a minor is in trouble for fighting and they cannot be controlled the school should call the parents in to discuss options. It is the parents responsibility to control their own children. However, if the fighting becomes severe and bodily harm is done the school has the right to call in the police. The minor is not actually arrested such as an adult, but the police will take them into custody; phone the parents and then the if need be the court will decide if the child should remain in the parent's home and it will also provide psychological evaluation.

What are grandparents rights for abused grandchildren in Texas?

It doesn't matter what State you live in, if your grandchildren are being abused then you can contact a lawyer and be advised when to call Child Aide and take the parents to court. As you know children are first and don't worry about what the parents think. This will go to court and make it clear that as grandparents you are willing to take the children in. In a court of law there must be evidence that the parents are unfit parents. I'd say you stand a good chance! God Bless

Parents are fighting what do you do?

if someone is in physical danger call the police on your local emergency number

Can one of your parents take call the cops on you if you leave without their permission?

Parents can either call the cops on you, or for you. They can call the police and tell them that you are to hard to handle as a child. The police would probably contact Child Protective Services, and they would either place in a home where you are easier to maintain and watch. They could also put you in Juvenile Hall if you break more serious rules. They can also call the cops if they didn't know where you were and the police would find you. The police would probably call the DSS (Department of Social Services).

Will a 17-year-old in Ohio be charged as a runaway if they leave home without parental consent?

Yes you will be charged as a runaway(if your parents call the police)the only way to move out of your parents house is if you get married(which your parents have to sign for if your under 18). There is no emansipation law in Ohio so that is also out of the question. so if your parents don't call the police on you then your in the clear.

Can a mother take her child from a temporary guardian?

No. The guardian can call the police and report the mother for taking the child. If the mother wants to regain custody she must do so through the court.No. The guardian can call the police and report the mother for taking the child. If the mother wants to regain custody she must do so through the court.No. The guardian can call the police and report the mother for taking the child. If the mother wants to regain custody she must do so through the court.No. The guardian can call the police and report the mother for taking the child. If the mother wants to regain custody she must do so through the court.

If you move out at 17 years old is there anything your parents can do about it?

In most places your parents can call the police, have you picked up as a runaway, and force you to return home. In a few states, such as Texas, a 17-year-old won't generally be returned by force if they are able to take care of themselves.