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== == Harley built approximately 1000 shaft drive units in 1942 for the Army, designated XA (experimental Army). It was thought the shaft drive would hold up much better the sands of Africa. Very rare indeed. There is one on display in Houston, Texas at Competition Cycles close to Hobby Airport.

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Q: Did Harley Davidson ever build a shaft drive motorcycle?
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How old do you have to be to drive a Harley Davidson?

To drive a Harley-Davidson on public roads, you must be old enough to get a valid motorcycle license in your state. In most states, that's probably 16 or 17.

Where is the Dyna Harley Davidson dealership located?

The Dyna motorcycle is sold at any Harley Davidson dealership. In Kitchener, Ontario the dealership can be found on Kingsway drive, their phone number is 519-893-0493.

What kind of harley Davidson does vince drive in entourage?

Harley Davidson FLSTSB Cross Bones

First year harley-davidson belt drive?

The first Harley belt drive was on the original motorcycle built in 1903. But it was a flat leather belt driving a pulley bolted to the rear wheel. The first modern toothed rubber drive belt was on the 1980 Harley's.

What did they drive in the 1975?

1975 Harley Davidson XLH 1000 Ironhead.

How do you remove starter bendix 0n 1985 harley Davidson fxr?

how do i replace the bendix drive in my 85 harley fxrs

How do you drive a harley?

Technically you don't drive a motorcycle. You ride it. the best way to learn is to take a certified MSF course.

What does fxb stand for on a Harley Davidson?

FXB is the Sturgis model made from 1980 to 1982. The B stands for belt drive. Sturgis was the first model to be fitted with a belt drive that is now on all Harley Davidson models. In fact Sturgis models were a dual belt drive, primary and final drives are belt driven.

Harley Davidson main drive pulley nut size on 2001 ultra?

1 1/2"

Why does your Harley wobble?

The Harley Davidson company has never admitted to the existence of what has been called the "Harley Davidson wobble". But there are many and different opinions about this as anyone can see by doing a short internet search. According to what some people maintain, the wobble is an alleged construction fault in certain types of Harley Davidson motorcycles, resulting in loss of control over the rear wheel of the motorcycle with unforeseeable consequences. Before jumping to conclusions there are several things that I want to stress. First, Harley Davidson is without question an extremely respectable company with a long history. The company and what it stands for has long since become an unisputed legend in the world of motorcycles. What is more, Harley Davidson produces motorcycles of such special character and uniqueness as to be virtually without mentionable competitors in its line of business. This is because their bikes are designed and developed from a certain point of view, based on a concept that is at once classical and modern. I personally find it very difficult to believe that a company of such enormous significance and reputation would ever put a motorcycle on the streets that was not perfectly safe. Another matter is, how do people drive motorcycles - do they drive them in an equally safe way? I should say that the facts show this is not always the case. Any motorcycle has its limits and so have their drivers. When those limits are overriden then accidents can occur. This is equally true of all motorcycles.

Is a 2005 road king a belt or shaft drive?

All Harley-Davidson Road King models are belt driven.

How much oil does the primary drive on a 2004 harley Davidson soft tail hold?

One quart (32 ounces).

What car does Jacob Black drive?

Jacob drives a 1986 Volkswagen Rabbit. He also has a black Harley Sprint motorcycle.

What was the first year Harley Davidson offered belt drive on any of their motorcycles?

1903 the first harleys had a belt with a tensioner to make it go

When was the company Harley Davidson established?

Established in 1903, HD is an american motorcycle company founded in Wisconsin. It is weird though to see stupid people drive motorcycles designed by the company. Many people would love to have one, but a specific culture of its current owner make it impossible!

What size is the rear pulley on a 2009 harley Davidson flhx?

1" belt with 140 teeth and a 68 tooth rear pulley with cush drive.

How do you change drive belt on Harley Davidson road king 2002?

you will need top remove the outer and inner primary, rear tire and swingarm to be able to do this.

Do you have to have insurance to drive a motorcycle?

What are you asking? I do, yes. That's only because I have a motorcycle policy for my motorcycle. You are not covered from an auto policy to drive a motorcycle.

How old to drive a motorcycle?

You have to be 15 years old to drive a motorcycle in the U.S.

If you have a license to drive a car. can you also ride a motorcycle?

anyone can ride a motorcycle, an additional endorsement is required to DRIVE a motorcycle

How do you disassemble the primary shaft of a 5 speed harley Davidson transmission?

No such thing as a primary shaft inside of the transmission. There is a mainshaft and a countershaft. Are you meaning the Mainshaft which the the drive belt pulley mounts to?

What Bike does Tyler Evans drive in the V Premiere?

The bike that Tyler Evans drives in the "V" premiere is the Harley Davidson 750. This bike has also appeared in a number of different movies.

Do you have to have motorcycle license in Florida to drive a motorcycle?


Can you drive a motorcycle on the highway if you have a motorcycle license?

Yes, motorcycle's have the same rules as an automobile.

What term is correct to ride or drive motorcycle?

It is always ride a motorcycle.......becoz that's the way it is .....v drive car....n ride motorcycle.

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