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yes it did it shows people that blacks can do things to. it opened up many minds yes it did it shows people that blacks can do things to. it opened up many minds

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Q: Did the Harlem Renaissance have an effect on racism in American society?
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3 things that had the greatest effect on the Harlem Renaissance?

what were 3 effects of the harlem renaissance

What was the Harlem renaissance an effect of?

The Great Migration

What was an effect of the Harlem Renaissance?

The Great Migration

How did the Harlem renaissance effect the lives of African American people?

it effected the jazz music written by petal

Did the Harlem Renaissance have an effect on racism in American?

It didn't drastically effect it, if anything it lowered it. Even white people enjoyed listening to music from the popular black artists of the time.

What effect did Renaissance art have on society?

Renaissance art had a major effect on society! Renaissance influenced education, created more technology (such as the printing press), and it made people "think outside of the box"

What are the Renaissances?

The Italian Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance. "The Italian Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance occurred in completely different regions of the world, involved completely different people, occurred in completely different time periods, but are not that different from each other. They share similar causes, developed similarly, share common characteristics, leaders, and both had an insightful effect on future civilizations. Although the Italian Renaissance and Harlem Renaissance are separated by a 500 year timerange and involve completely different people and cultures, there are many similarities that bond the two movements together."

How World War 1 effect Harlem Renaissance?

since most of the white men went to war blacks went north to find opportunities.

What effect did the printing press have on European society?

Could the renaissance have occured without large cities

What is the Harlem Renaissance?

Flowering African American culture and intellectual life during the 1920's-1930's. At the time it was known as the "New Negro Movement." It impacted urban centers throughout the US. It challenged white paternalism and racism. It rejected Europeans and white Americans and instead celebrated black dignity and creativity. It had a profound effect around the U.S. The epicenter of the Harlem Renaissance was the West Harlem neighborhood in New York City (Upper Manhattan).Stupid.

What was one effect of the Harlem Renaissance?

During the 1920s, when radio came onto the scene, a number of talented black men and women found a home in Harlem. They were painters, poets, novelists, playwrights, musicians, painters, sculptors, and other proponents of the creative arts. One effect of the so-called Harlem Renaissance was to refute the stereotype that black people were less skilled in the arts, or that they were making no contribution to the culture. The many gifted and creative Negroes (as black people were called back then), who displayed their work at exhibitions and performed or gave educational talks on the radio, not only made their fellow black Americans happy-- they also impressed white audiences. The Harlem Renaissance gave a voice to the feelings and sentiments of American Negroes, helping white Americans to better understand the black experience in the United States.

How did poetry effect the Harlem Renaissance?

Poetry was a huge component of the Harlem Renaissance. Poets like Langston Hughes, Sterling Brown, and Gwendolyn Bennett wrote beautiful works that showed a real sense of pride in being black. They believed that their art would show whites that black people deserved to be treated equally.

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