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Do I need a water pump if pulley breaks?

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Yes You Most Certainly Do

2006-08-27 22:27:16
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Why is your water pump pulley making a grinding noise?

Sounds like you need a water pump, The bearings in the water pump are making the noise not the pulley.

What happen when the serpentine belt breaks in a 1998 ford Windstar?

if the belt breaks. you will loose alternater, water pump, a/c etc. no power, and it will over heat from the pulley not turning the water pump.

Where is the water pump located on a Ford Expedition XLT?

The water pump pulley is the pulley right above the crank pulley (the big pulley in the bottom of the engine.) Right above the water pump pulley should be the alternator pulley, which drives the alternator. I'm guessing the water pump is behind the WP pulley. == == == ==

Where is water pump on 2000 Chevy Impala?

Behind the water pump pulley. The pump is smaller than the pulley so the pulley hides it.

Your pulley sheered off the water pump on your 1990 Hyundai excel how do you go about fixing it?

You need to replace the water pump. It is likely the pulley came off because the water pump bearing failed and siezed.

Where is the water pump 06 montycarlo?

Behind the water pump pulley. The water pump is small so the water pump pulley covers the entire pump so you can't see it. Once you remove the serpentine belt and the water pump pulley, the pump is easily accessible.

How do you remove water pump on 1992 dodge dynasty?

The water pump is driven by the pulley and serpentine belt on the left side of the engine. You'll need to remove the water pump pulley to access the water pump housing bolts. You may need to remove other pulleys to access the bolts. Replace the water pump gasket to prevent leaks.

When replace water pump of kia sephia does need to remove crankshaft pulley?


What causes the fan and the pulley on the water pump to wobble on a 2001 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo?

The bearing in the water pump has failed and the water pump will need replaced.

How do you get the water pump bolt that is behind the pulley for the power steering pump loose when all other bolts are out and you pulled a muscle trying to get the pulley off?

You need to remove the entire power steering pump. There are two bolts holding it on at the 12 and 6 o'clock position. Remove these via the holes in the power steering pump pulley. (no need to remove the pulley) Push the pump to the side and you then have access to the water pump bolt. Hope this helps. "G"

Whats wrong if the water pump fan and pulley are lose on a 1994 jeep grand Cherokee?

The bearing has failed in the water pump. The pump will need replaced.

How do the belts on a 85 350 Chevrolet line up?

Power steering belt to crankshaft pulley. Alternator belt to water pump pulley and to crankshaft. A/C compressor belt to power steering pump and to crankshaft pulley. Smog/Air pump belt to water pump pulley. This is for a truck that had a 2 grove power steering pulley, a 2 grove water pump pulley and a 3 grove crankshaft pulley................

Where is the water pump located on a 1995 Plymoth Neon?

The water pump is under the timing belt cover. The front most pulley the timing belt runs on is the water pump pulley. The water pump is located under the timing belt cover. The front most pulley the timing belt runs on is the water pump.

How do you replace a durango water pump pulley?

replace the pump

how to know when water pump is faulty?

loose water pump pulley and overheating engine

Where is the water pump on a 2001 expedition?

The water pump mounted on the front of the engine, with a drive pulley attached to the pump hub. The serpentine belt usually drives the pulley.

Will you need a pulley to replace the water pump on a 1997 4 cylinder Camry?

No, you do not need. Just remove all bolts and pull it out. Make sure that you replace the water pump gasket.

What powers the water pump of a car?

The water pump is turned via pulley/belt system which is attached via belt to the crankshaft pulley.

Where is water pump located on 97 Nissan Sentra and how to replace it?

The water pump on a 97 Nissan Sentra is behind the timing belt. To replace it you will need to drain the coolant, remove the cylinder head, loosen pulley bolts, drive belts, and water pump pulley. Next, remove coolant hoses, water pump bolts, and finally the old water pump. Reverse directions to replace with new pump.

How do you get the water pump pulley off the water pump on a Dodge Durango?

The pulley is part of the pump assembly. I don't think it comes off. The clutch fan unbolts from there. Is that what you mean?

What is the pulley behind the fan on a 97 dodge ram?

That is the water pump pulley.

What is a clutch pulley?

its built into your water pump.

How do you change the water pump on a 2000 neon and where is it?

The water pump on that neon is located in the distribution belt with between the camshaft and crankshaft pulley, you have to change also the belt, the problem with that is that it is really difficult to remove the crankshaft pulley, you need a very special extractor for that. Removing the water pump is really easy.

Where is the water pump located on a 1994 Jeep Cherokee Lardeo?

Look at the radiator fan, behind it you should see a pulley. The pulley is connected to the water pump. The center pulley is attached to the water pump. It is not a hard pump to replace, just a pain in the rear to do so. Y-THINK-Y

Does a 93 Lincoln mark 8 water pump need a puller to remove the pulley?

No, Just unbolts.