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I can tell you, yes they do. I own one 2001 gt tdi pd 115 version. The best car I could afford due to insurance. Having 5 gears just means it revs higher than having 6 gears.

---They did not make a GTTDI pd 115bhp with 5speed. if you have a Golf pd, it would either be 115bhp-130bhp-150bhp, and if it was 5 speed it would be 110bhp or 90bhp. as PD is a 6speed gearbox and a different fuel pump

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โˆ™ 2010-12-04 11:51:44
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Q: Do VW make a 5 speed GT TDi?
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What does GT TDi 2.0 mean vw golf?

GT grand tourer TDi Turbo direct injection

What does the yellow exclamation mark mean in a vw gt tdi?

VW TDI.....Volkwagon Turbo Diesel Injected ...sound good? that's what it means.

Where is the glow plug relay on a 2005 VW Golf GT TDi?


Why does the alternator belt on your 1998 VW Golf GT TDi keep on snapping?

because they are cheap

What kind of car is Volkswagen Golf GT TDI?

A Volkswagen Gold GT TDI is a diesel hatchback produced by VW. The automobile comes with manual transmission, 5-doors, a diesel engine, and a 1.9L engine.

Could you tell me what the gt stands on a golf gt tdi please?

"GT" stands for "Grand Touring" and "TDI" stands for "Turbo Diesel Intercooled" TDI actuly stands for Turbo Direct Injection Turbocharged Direct Injection (TDI) is the name VW use to describe their modern turbocharged diesel engines.

What oil do you need for vw passat 2.0 tdi?

what oil do I use for a 59 reg vw Passat 2.0 tdi

How do you fit clutch cable vw 2001 golf gt tdi?

You don't it doesnt have a cable it's all hydraulic cylinders

How do you change a vw 1.9 tdi timing belt?

Steps to changing the timing belt on a 2005 VW Jetta Wagon 1.9 TDI?

What oil does your tdi golf use?

i have a 2002 vw golf tdi, i found a oil that i use that is approved by vw, its a castrol syntec 5w-40

How do you turn brake pad warning light on vw golf 2007 gt tdi?

the only way you change brake pad or disc

Where is the VW Jetta TDI made?


What is the long haul approach?

vw tdi

Timing belt VW T5 2.5 TDI?

2.5 TDI has neither timing belt or chain, it has gear driven cams like the VW toureg 4x4

How do you get rid ov air locks in a vw passat 1.9 tdi?

how do you get rid ov a air lock in the cooling system on a vw passat 1.9 tdi 2000

Vw polo 1.4 tdi timing?

how often do cv joints need to be replaced in a polo tdi

Where is saprk plug number 4 in a 2003 vw TDI?

A TDI doesn't have spark plugs. It has glow plugs.

Where is the power steering reservoir 2002 Jetta TDI?

where is power steering reservior 2002 vw jetta tdi

Haw can you make a 1.9 tdi vw golf faster?

Change the engine and transmission to a higher specification

How many liters transmission oil need on vw sharan automatic 1.9 tdi?

ow many litres transmission oil need on vw sharan automatic 1.9 tdi?

How do you repair a transmission on a 2000 vw jetta tdi?

gotta take it to the vw dealer. vw tranys are very difficult to work on.

Is there a drain plug on the fuel tank of vw jetta tdi?


What is the meaning of tdi in VW?

this stands for turbo direct injection

Where is the airbag sensor in vw golf tdi?

The airbag sensor is placed at a number of positions in VW Golf TDI. It can be found in the steering, glove compartment, and the main unit placed under the hood.

How do you fix Central locking on a VW sharan 1.9 tdi?

wear is the fuse for centrol locking on a vw sharan

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