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First Convenience Bank - They are all over Texas, usually in grocery store. They don't use Chex System. Also, Woodforest National Bank offers second chance checking and are very friendly Austino TELCO Credit Union offers a 2nd chance checking and they're very nice folks. Wells Fargo also offers one as well.

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2009-07-27 22:14:41
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Q: Do any banks in Austin Texas not use the Chex System?
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Do any banks in Columbus Ohio not use the Chex System?

I cannot find one myself.

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Are there any banks that don't use Telecheck or Chex Systems?

Are there banks that do not use the chexsystem or telecheck in new jersey or philadelphia?

Where can you open a bank account in Boston without chek systems?

Many small banks, such as credit unions, do not use Chex systems. This is a system which many banks are attached to that let them look up a person's past accounts.

How long will the bank report a non-sufficient funds to the Chex system?

Negative entries on Chex System remain for 5 years from the time of reporting.

Can you open a business bank account for your newly formed LLC if you are in chex system for a personal account?

It depends on the bank ..many banks will only run the LLC or Corp name through chexsystems and not the signers. Other banks may not use chexsystems at all

Is chex system a credit reporting agency?

Yes it is under the FCRA

Does Canada has a chex system?

Yes, Chex Systems is in Canada. It is owned and operated by Fidelity National Information Services. They provide information about deposit accounts.

Are there any Non chex systems banks in Chicago?

Yes there is TCF and Fifth Third. I am sure there are others but these are the two that I use.

Where can you get a checking account if you have bad credit?

Chex Systems Bites is a great site for a listing of banks where you can open a checking account with bad credit. They also have information on how the Chex System works and give recommendations on different banks. You can find the website at Many, if not most banks, do not check your credit for a simple checking account. What they do check is if you've defaulted on a checking account at another bank. If another bank has reported you (rightly or wrongly) you will have a hard time getting an account.

How long will your name stay on the Chex System if you live in Kansas?

5 years

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