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Do people in England use WikiAnswers?

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βˆ™ 2007-12-06 00:58:13

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Yes. The greatest number of WikiAnswers Contributors are American (about 80% are in the US). Then comes Canada, then England, then Australia.

2007-12-06 00:58:13
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Q: Do people in England use WikiAnswers?
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Do people from China use WikiAnswers?

Yes, WikiAnswers does have a user base in China.

What do people use WikiAnswers for?

To ask and answer questions.

Why does WikiAnswers not answer the question people ask?

WikiAnswers is a public facility for people to share what they know. WikiAnswers doesn't answer the questions, the people who use it do. And if you have asked a legitimate question, it will get answered eventually.

What kind of person uses this site?

Curious people use WikiAnswers, along wiht many other kinds of people from all over the world. Curious people want to know an answer to their question, so they go to WikiAnswers to find the answer. There are many other types of people who use WikiAnswers, in fact, millions of different individuals use WikiAnswers.

Why do you use wiki?

People can use WikiAnswers to ask questions to ordinary people, and answer questions from ordinary people.

Can brands have accounts on WikiAnswers?

Brands can have account on WikiAnswers. Anyone can have an account on WikiAnswers. You cannot use WikiAnswers for spam; it is to be used to only to answer questions for people or ask questions that people may want to know.

Who can use WikiAnswers?

Anyone can use WikiAnswers that knows about WikiAnswers.

How does this website help people?

Wikianswers helps people by giving them answers to their questions. In addition to that, your frequent use of wikianswers will make you more knowledgable.

Why are people so desperate for relationship advice on WikiAnswers?

Well, if you looked at the number of people who use Wikianswers, then you will see that there are actually not that many people desperat for relationship advice.

Why do people on WikiAnswers use the answer as a discussion area?

Perhaps they do not know better.

Why you must use WikiAnswers?

Nobody is compelling you to use Wikianswers.

Why do you hate WikiAnswers so much?

I don't hate it but people hate WikiAnswers because its not great to use as a source on a bibliography for an assignment.

Does everyone use WikiAnswers to get other people to do their homework?

No. Some people do use WikiAnswers to research their homework and others can find their question on the site, but this is no different to using any other site on the Internet to find information; WikiAnswers just makes it easier to find a specific and simple answer.

Why is WikiAnswers so easy to use?

Because people are lazy and if it wasn't easy to use no one would use it.

How many people write on Wikianswers when they have been drinking alcohol?

Very little people write on WikiAnswers when they have been drinking an alcoholic beverage. Most people who have been drinking an alcoholic beverage do not go to WikiAnswers to answer a question. If people have been drinking an alcoholic beverage, they have little tolerance to even get on the computer, if even use WikiAnswers at all.

Do you use this for answers a lot?

Many people use this for answers a lot. WikiAnswers is the 13th most popular site on the web, so many people use it for answers. You are also using WikiAnswers for answers because you don't know the answer to your queston, too.

Is WikiAnswers only for Australia?

No, people all over the world use this site.

How many people who use wikianswers suffer from dyslexia?

ranging from 20-147

Why does WikiAnswers bully you?

No all the people on WIkianswers bully you, only the mean people on Wikianswers bully you. People like the supervisors on bully you.

Do many people use WikiAnswers to find answers to questions?

Yes. WikiAnswers is used by millions of people every month. However, they don't all come directly to WikiAnswers. Many people go to Google or another search engine, and their search leads them here.

Are there any people on WikiAnswers?

Yes there are people on wikianswers like me for example

What technology do people use in England?

I think people in England use television, telephone and I'm not sure if they got lots of washing machine/

Why does wikianswers not know anything?

Wikianswers is a wiki, not a person and therefore cannot technically know anything. All answers provided are from people who use the site.

What are 10 sentences about the south?

The South contains many WikiAnswers users.The South is well known to have lots of WikiAnswers users in.WikiAnswers users like people from the South.People from the South like WikiAnswers.WikiAnswers users write positive answers about people from the South.People from the South are known for writing good answers on WikiAnswers.People from the South are popular on WikiAnswers.WikiAnswers have lots of users from the South.The South has lots of people in that write lengthy answers on WikiAnswers.WikiAnswers users are made up from a large variety of people from around the world including the South.

What is a good sentence with microscopic in it?

Only people with microscopic brains use Wikianswers to do their homework.