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You may need to turn your distributor a small amount, but you MUST adjust the air-fuel ratio.

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Q: Do you have to advance the timing on a 350 when a bigger carburetor is installedIf so how much?
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Why does the carburetor pop at times?

Bad timing/valves/rockers/timing chain

Why does your 1963 Plymouth valiant hesitate at launch?

Could be, Accelerator pump in carburetor is not working, (rebuild carb) Timing is off, (adjust timing) Vacuum advance not working, (replace vacuum advance unit) Points are in need of replacing or adjusting,

Can the timing on a 1984 90hp Evinrude be set by cranking it with the timing advance lever at full advance?


Why does the carburetor blow air out the carburetor?

Running too rich, timing off. Search your engine and "backfire"

What is the advance on chevy 350 timing?

The vacuum canister can advance 24 degrees beyond initial timing.

What is the timing setting for a Chevrolet Small-Block carburetor?

You don't set timing on a carburator or are you asking the timing on the motor

How do you advance timing on a 1996 jeep?

Timing is computer controlled, you can not.

Where is the timing advance wire located on an 84 El Camino?

There is no such thing as a timing advance wire on a 84 El Camino.

What is an ignition timing advancer?

Ignition Timing Advancers are mechanical 'bolt-on' pieces to advance the ignition timing of the engine to a specific degree of timing advance. The majority of its application for these parts are for motorcycles or on racing applications.

How do you set vaccume advance on 350 hci edlebrock 4 barrol camaro 1973?

You will need a timing light with the timing advance option so you can adjust and monitor your changes. Vacuum advance limiters along with mechanical advance timing weights and spring kits are available from after market suppliers.

Why would exhaust gas come out of your carburetor?

backfire timing off

Do you need to unhook your vacuum advance when using the timing light?

YES! Any time you adjust the timing you should disconnect the vacuum advance.

Why does your timing light shows advance on the harmonic balance?

Because the timing is advanced.

How do you advance the timing?

Normally by turning the distributor, in conjunction with a strobe timing light

You used carburetor cleaner and now it backfires?

That sounds like your timing is off. Adjust it at the distributor cap with a timing light.

How do you find the timing on a 1994 Pontiac Grand Am?

The timing is not adjustable. The computer determines when to advance or retard the timing as necessary.

Fire comes out of the carburetor when starting?

Timing is backwards turn distributor 180*

How do you reset the cam timing and ignition timing when youv removed the distributor from a 1977 Chevy 305 small block?

cam timing will not change ignition timing i would try 8 or 10 degees advance at idle with the vacuum advance disconnected.

What is centrifugal timing advance?

On older vehicles timing was adjusted through a mechanical means. There are a set of weights that, when spun, (by the rotor shaft) are extended to advance timing of the spark. At low rpm's they are retracted by a set of springs.

What Should the total timing advance be on a 1995 Chevrolet 350 engine?

The total timing advance on a 1995 Chevrolet 350 engine should be around 35 degrees. This takes into account the advance provided by the ignition system.

Why does your 1988 rx7 struggle to start it has like a sputtering sound?

check timing. timing advance. or slack in timing chain/belt

Why does an engine backfire through the carburetor?

Incorrect timing or plug wires connected incorrectly.

How do you advance timing on GMC 5.7?

turn the distributor.

How do you fix motorcycle backfiring?

advance the timing a little.

Is there a way to set the timing from the distributor cap?

You can't set the timing but you can either advance or retard it from the distributor.

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