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Do you need to explain to an employer about doctor-prescribed medications?


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No, the HIPPA laws protect patient privacy. If you have a condition that prevents you from doing your job, your employer can try to accomodate you or request that you move one, but he is not allowed to obtain nor is he privy to whatever medications his employees are using.


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Medications that need prior authorization are those which are not on your insurance's formulary but may be covered if your doctor sends documentation to your insurance company that it is medically necessary. There is no list of "prior authorization medications" that is applicable to everyone. It is specific to your insurance plan (not just company....there are many different plans; it depends on what you or your employer picked). You can find out what medications require prior authorization by contacting your insurance company or logging onto your account on their website.

It means that your boss does not have to give you reason to fire you... The more complete answer is that UNLESS you and your employer negotiate and sign a contract to the contrary, YOU can quit at any time without notice and move on to a better deal. AND your employer can discharge you for any reason which does not violate a statute. You need never explain your quit to your boss, and your boss need never explain your discharge to you ... to a state or fed agency, perhaps, but not to you.

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You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.You need to call his former employer or call the entity that was issuing the checks.

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