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Does 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' comply with child labor laws?


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While there are many opinions across the internet about the treatment of the Gosselin children, definitive findings have yet to be made public. However, the State of Pennsylvania is investigating the situation. According to a May 30, 3009 article in The Reading Eagle:

The State of Pennyslvania Labor Department received a complaint against the show and is "gathering information" from its representatives, department spokesman Justin Fleming told The Associated Press. Fleming would not say when the complaint was filed or who filed it.

The fact a complaint is being investigated doesn't necessarily mean the department believes the show did anything wrong.

"Any complaint we get, we investigate," Fleming said.

Child actors and other young performers are protected by Pennsylvania labor law, but it's not clear whether the law applies to reality TV. Investigators will have to decide whether the Gosselins' house in southeastern Pennsylvania is essentially a TV set where producers direct much of the action - in which case the law may apply - or a home where the kids aren't really working but are simply living their lives, albeit in front of the cameras.

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