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Does a 2000 Corvette have an inertia switch that would be set if the car was in a bad crash?


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contact a local Chevrolet dealr they will be able to confirm that


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A 1993 Mazda MX-3 does not have an inertia switch. If anything is wrong with what would normally be the inertia switch, the fuel pump may be faulty.

I would like to see pictue of feel pump inertia switch so that i will know what iam looking at.

Jeep does not use inertia/reset switches.

Doesnt have one....inertia switches are used one Ford vehicles

Most ford inertia switches are resettable and should not need to be replaced.

If not working or defective - you can't start the truck. It cuts off the fuel pump. Will it work and cut off later in a crash situation? LoL

The inertia switch is generally located in the trunk. The purpose of it is to shut off the current to the fuel pump in case of an accident. It can be reset and very seldom has to be replaced.

If the switch is mounted securely and it keeps tripping during normal driving conditions I would suspect the switch is bad.

Answerinertia: a mass which resists change in its motion So that a planet doesnt run into the middle of the sun and burn and if earth did, we would melt because we would crash into the middle of the sunInertia - resistance to change in motion.In other words, inertia is the tendency for a body at rest to remain at rest, and for a body in motion to remain in motion unless acted on by an outside force.

There would be no life because with out the planets and the sun pulling on each other they would spin out of control and possibly crash into each other.

1994 Plymouth voyager does not have an inertia switch , unless you are referring to the airbag switch in which case it is by the bumper reinforcement under the bumper cover , but if you talking about an (inertia) switch for fuel one does not exist on a 94 voyager, your best chance would be to check the fuel pump for voltage, and if none is present check the fuse and fuel pump relay, located in the engine bay fuse block.

Jeep does not use inertia/reset/kill switches.

That would be an inertia switch. It shuts off the fuel pump in the event of an accident.

Alberto Santos-Dumont, a Brazilian aeronaut living in Paris. His l4 Bis was flown in l907 and was the first successful airplane tested in Europe. Mr. Dumont ( not related to the Television inventor) also patented a wrist watch and one with an inertial switch that would stop the movement in the event of a traumatic shock- such as a vehicular crash. this would accurately establilsh the time of the crash. These things were quite popular . The term inertia switch was used. Mr. Dumont died in l932.

Once again, seeing that I don't know a whole lot on the C4 Corvette I would ask this question in the C4 technical section on Smokinvette.com and get a dead on answer! Good luck!

have you reset the emergency fuel cutoff switch on my 2002 it is located on the front pasenger side behind the trim panal by floor There is device called an 'inertia' switch (it's like a TILT in a pinball game... if anyone knows what those are any more...:))that cuts fuel off to the engine in case of a crash to reduce the raw fuel running to the engine compartment 'adding fuel to the fire'. Reset the switch and you should be good to go. It is also known as a kill switch - it will be located in the back of the vehicle along the inside wheel well of the fuel side.

Since there was no 1927 Corvette the answer would be NO.

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