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Unless he has actually said something about you not wearing make-up then I wouldn't jump to conclusions. You could be misinterpreting his facial expressions. Also, if you don't make an effort every so often during the week to at least comb your hair, put a little make-up (perhaps blusher, lipstick at least) then he may well have a point. Just because we get married is no reason to let ourselves go. If he has told you how he feels then this is not real love at all and his attitude is superficial. When you love someone it goes deeper than looks (it goes to the heart and soul of that person.) Example: What if you were married to someone and they unfortunately were ill with cancer. They had no hair or eyebrows, and had dark circles under their eyes, and were too lethargic from chemo or radiation to wear make-up? Would one still love this person? I would hope so! When my husband and I married we knew we wouldn't always be young and look our best, and we know even to this day one of us will get very ill and not look our best at all, but one thing we know for sure ... we're going to be there 100% for each other and looks has nothing to do with it. It's because from the heart and soul you love that person so much you want them to live forever and you'll try your best to make that happen, even if the odds are against you at times. One day I was out weeding our vast gardens and I had my hair in small pig tails (to keep the hair out of my face) no make-up on, and dirt on my face. My husband came up to me, hugged me, and said, "I don't think I've ever seen you look more beautiful." He meant it! What about a young mother who gives birth. She certainly isn't looking her best, but there is a glow there and normal husbands think their wives look so beautiful as they gaze upon her holding that baby. I suggest you tell this loser to take a good look in the mirror himself. Usually it's the people that are fussy about looks that aren't either that good looking or they are slobs. Don't take this from him, and nip this in the bud! You have a right to be comfortable at times. If you never put on make-up or make any attempt off and on at home to look nice, then perhaps he has a point. Only you will know if this is true. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Does a man really LOVE his wife if he acts like it disgusts him to see her without makeup but says she is beautiful when she wears it?
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