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A stock half-ton 1977 Dodge Power Wagon should have an NP203 transfer case and a Spicer model 44 front axle. The NP203 is a full-time transfer case with a locking differential in it to allow for a selection between "four-wheel drive" and "all-wheel drive". In other words it would send equal power to the front and rear axles, or divide power between the two axles based on driving conditions. The Spicer 44 front axle is not suppose to have manual locking hubs on it due to the fact that the NP203 transfer case is always sending power to the front axle.

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Does the central timer module control anything about the four wheel drive in a 2001 dodge Dakota?

No, it runs locks, lights, and wipers.

How do you disable the automatic door locks on a dodge caravan?

Remove the relay or fuse for the door locks.

Why would the 4 wheel drive not engage after taking the front wheels off a 1993 Ford Explorer Sport?

LOL, the old rims had a hub lock on them, you need rims with hub locks for a 4 wheel drive truck somtimes.

What things have mechanical energy?

Clocks, Watches, Locks, Ferris wheels, there are TONS of possibilities! :)

All the automatic door locks quite working all at once on your 2004 dodge ram 1500 the fuse is ok what else can i check to get the locks working again?

What you probably need to do is to check you battery because i have a dodge 2004 also and my locks did the same thing so i just replaced my battery and the locks started working again.

Power door locks stop working dodge caravan?

The power door locks on a Dodge Caravan can stop working if the fuse is bad. Check the power door lock relay fuse that is located in the engine compartment on most Dodge Caravans. It should be next to the battery.

Why don't my automatic door locks work on my Dodge Intrepid?

The automatic door locks on a Dodge Intrepid won't work if the fuse or switch are bad. These two components should be checked first to narrow down the cause.

Are 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive the same?

Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No , all wheel drive has power going to all 4 wheels all the time . MY 4x4 has power going to the rear wheels and if the rear wheels slip power also starts going to the front wheels ( unless I have 4x4 LOW selected , then power goes to all 4 wheels all the time ) When manufacturers say All wheel drive, it usually means that it is always on and the transfer case has a limited slip differential type mechanism to allow you to turn and not wheel hop. 4 wheel drive locks both axles to go at the same rate and it is difficult and causes problems when driven on hard surfaces like asphalt. Mainly for off roading or getting unstuck.

On 1998 dodge ram 1500 laramie slt do power door locks mean that remote keyless entry is an option?

It can have power locks with out keyless.

What is the difference between drive 1 and drive 2 in a car?

Drive 1 locks the automatic transmission into first gear (preventing an upshift). Very good to use when parked or stopped on a very steep slope and you need to move forward and do not want the transmission to shift. Drive 2 locks the automatic transmission into second gear. This is sometimes referred to as a "snow" drive position, as it causes the engine power to be applied to the wheels much more slowly (via converter slippage within the transmission) minimizing actual wheel-spin when accelerating from a stopped position.

Continuous hard braking on ice and snow often?

locks the front wheels causing loss of steering

Is 4 wheel independent suspension the same as all wheel drive?

No. Two very different things. Independent suspension just means that you don't have a solid axle running between the wheels.. All wheel drive is a traction control mechanism which engages, disengages, locks, and unlocks all four wheels to provide constant traction and forward driving force.

What is a central timer module?

On a Dodge vehicle it is the computer that controls the interior lights, locks, etc...

What does warning lights on Dodge Durango means?

door open light is on, locks and mirrors will not work

How do differential locks work?

when a diff is locked,it causes both axles to receive equal drive at same time. a diff that is not locked has drive 70% power to one axle therefore if for example the drive wheel is stuck in mud, it will spin while other whell does not drive. to lock diffs, you stop the wheel spinning, then engage diff lock. this then supplies power to both wheels enabling the dry wheel to drive you out of where you are stuck

How do you put 89 Nissan Pathfiner in 4 wheel drive?

Does it have hub locks

What happenes when you drive raptor 660 with no oil?

It locks up the engine and ruins it

How do you turn off the automatic locks in a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

The dealer can turn it off with a scan tool.

How can you disable the automatic door locks on a 1998 Dodge Caravan?

the dealercan turn them off with a scan tool

What are the reasons why your shift gear locks on your 2005 dodge magnum What do you do to fix It?

Blown brake light fuse.

Where are the fuses for the door locks on a 2005 dodge caravan?

All fuses are under the hood, next to the battery.

How do you make the door locks automatically lock when you drive on a 2005 maxima?

being bad

Does galant tires have wheel locks?

Yes. They used to be optional (1991 Galant), but (at least 1997 on) with alloy wheels appears to have had them as standard.

What are some of the features of the 2008 Dodge Charger?

There are a variety of features of the 2008 Dodge Charger. Some of these features are anti-theft locks, braking and traction, electrical and engines and emissions.

Why does your automatic locks pop up on your 1993 Dodge Intrepid after a couple of hours after you lock them?

The lock need to be changed