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Q: Does air-drying your hair allow the fungus that causes dandruff to grow?
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How you can get toe nail fungus?

Causes of toe nail fungus include moisture and injuries to your toes. If you are wearing too tight shoes too long, the feet sweat may cause moisture to build up and allow the growth of nail fungus. Fungus infects toe nails usually lives in dark, cool, moist environments. Most cases of toe nail fungal infections are picked up in gymnasiums, shower stalls, and the like. . Injuries to the area around your toenails can cause fingernail fungus as a result of the nail separating from your nail bed.

What is the fastest treatment for nail fungus?

The easiest way to cure nail fungus is to buy over the counter medicine from a store. You can also look on the internet for home remedies that will allow for a more natural healing.

What is an Henrici slide?

A microscope slide, prepared by emerging or exposing the slide to water and incubated to allow the growth of a fungus for observation.

Fungus in the nails?

Take care of your nail fungus! It will infect other fingers if you continue to allow it to live! Fungus can take months to get rid of, yet there are many home remedies for nail fungus which do work. You can use vicks, listerine, white vinegar, apple cider vinegar to name a few. It can also very easily spread to other toenails or fingernails. Once fungus has cleared up, continue to use your choses fungus remedy to make sure it does not return.

You have a mushroom growing under the sink?

Then you have a damp problem. Call a plumber.... it is important you get this seen to the fungus could do extensive damage to the house if you allow it to spread.

Why does warmer air allow more water in the air?

heat causes evaporation evaporation causes water in the air

What causes updrafts that allow eagles to soar?

a big pile of justice

Should you wear nail polish when you have toenail fungus?

No. You need to allow the toe nails to be open to air and circulation. Fungi grow in moist areas without air/oxygen.

What problems does nondisjunction cause?

Nondisjuction causes the separation of chromosomes; which causes types of mutations to occur, or even allow the individual to be prone to disease.

What causes a person to get fungus on nails?

* Contamination from public pools, locker rooms, shared bathrooms and shower stalls or from family member to family member. * Stress on the foot from tight-fitting athletic socks and shoes. * Any footwear or hygiene practice that doesn't allow feet to stay dry. * Abnormal PH levels of the skin. * A compromised immune system (that is, through HIV or diabetes).

Name for A drug that causes the kidneys to allow more fluid to leave the body?


How does ethanol allow DNA strands to form?

It causes it to condense or precipitate out of the soap solution.

Does triple antibiotic cream cure ringworm?

No, ringworm is a fungus not a bacteria. It needs to be treated with a fungicidal. In fact, there is a small chance using triple antibiotic cream may make it worse since antibiotic creams are usually made to kill bacteria only. If you kill all the bacteria in the area, it may kill the fungus's (ringworm) competition and allow it to flourish.

What causes soil exhaustion in Brazil?

There are a number of causes of soil exhaustion in Brazil. Some of the main causes include pesticides, artificial fertilizers, overuse of the soil without allow it to rest and so many more.

What causes the pressure to allow diamonds to form in the mantle?

The weight of the rocks in the crust and upper mantle.

Foods that allow microorganisms to grow are called parasites.?

No. A parasite is an organism that lives at the expense to and causes harm to another organism. Foods that allow microorganisms to grow are media (singular medium).No. If the foods might allow pathogenic microorganisms to grow, they are called potentially hazardous.

Are Foods that allow microorganisms to grow are called parasites?

No. A parasite is an organism that lives at the expense to and causes harm to another organism. Foods that allow microorganisms to grow are media (singular medium).No. If the foods might allow pathogenic microorganisms to grow, they are called potentially hazardous.

What causes the gastroesophageal sphincter to open to allow food to enter the stomach?

the arrival of the peristaltic wave at the stomach

What causes a shadow to form?

an object that does not allow light to go through it.It forms into the same shape.

What is a mass of thread like structure of fungi?

The thread like structures found in some fungi are a kind of tubes (filaments with openings on the cell walls) that allow cytoplasm to move between the different cells of a multicelular fungus.

What does the bodies respiratory system allow us to do?

It causes us to breathe. We could not live without the process it goes through for us.

What were the political causes for the Irish revolution?

The political causes for the Irish revoltion: Britain was looking for more land Germany and other European countries did not allow them to take there land without a fight?

What does the act of swallowing cause?

causes a wave of esophageal contraction called peristalsis. Peristalsis pushes food along the esophagus. Normally, peristalsis causes the esophageal sphincter to relax and allow food into the stomach.

What makes you dilate during pregnancy?

When your body contracts it causes your cervix to open more to allow the baby to come through.

What causes inborn errors in metabolism?

Inborn errors of metabolism are caused by mutations in these genes which do not allow the enzymes to function properly.