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No. The voltage regulator is in the engine bay on the passenger side mounted to the fenderwell. It's in front of the strut tower. It's a silver colored metal box, about 2" square. Wire harness connects to it on the bottom.

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Q: Does the 1985 Ford LTD have the voltage regulator built into the alternator?
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Where is the voltage regulator on 1985 Chevy Celebrity?

Built into the alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator in a 1985 G10 V6 Chevy van?

It is built into the alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator on 1985 Chevy truck?

It is built into the alternator It is all 1 unit. Replace alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1985 Chrysler Le Baron 2.2 Turbo?

It should be built in the alternator. Ask auto parts.

Where is the voltage regulator on an 85 vette?

The voltage regulator on a 1985 corvette is an internal part. This part is housed within the vehicle's alternator.

Where is the voltage regulator located on an 1985 Oldsmobile toronado?

It is located within the alternator.

Were is the voltage regulator on a 1985?

A 1985 what?

My 1985 Dodge W250 is overcharging It does not have the firewall mounted vltage regulator It has a 114 amp heavy duty alternator Is the alternator be self regulating or is the regulator somewhere else?

The voltage regulator is defective. It may be internal or external to the alternator. Any auto parts store can provide this information. Have them check the alternator for output.

The voltage regulator won't kick in to charge the battery on my 1985 t-bird?

replace the voltage regulator

Where is the voltage regulator on a 1986 Honda Prelude carb engine 1.8?

it is inside the alternator. If the voltage regulator goes bad you have to change the whole alternatorAnswerIn your 1986 Honda prelude the voltage regulator should be separate from the Alternator. It should be a small black square with a five wire connector if i remember right. It should be mounted on the passenger side strut bubble inside the engine bay. Between the battery and the strut bubble and between the under hood fuse box and the engine. It is held on by two 10mm bolts. I know that this is where the voltage regulator is on my 1985 Honda prelude with the 1.8l carbed engine and since the 84-87 were mostly the same it should be the same on yours.

Where is the voltage regulator located on an 1985 B250 Van?

It's mounted to the firewall. It should say "Electronic" in larger letters and "Voltage Regulator" in smaller letters.

Where is the voltage regulater on a 1985 f150?

Inside alternator In 1985 Ford was still using the external regulator. It was solid state and could not be adjusted. It should be found under the hood on the passenger side inner fender or on the backside of the radiator support.

Does a 1985 mercury grand marquis have an external voltage regulator you just replaced the alternator two weeks ago and now it is only putting out 10.2 volts?

I'm not positive about the GRAND Marquis, but the Marquis does have an external voltage regulator. Located on the passenger side wheel well. It's a slim silver box that simply plugs in. Easy replacement...........

What is the wiring Diagram for 1985 ford LTD voltage regulator?

you can go to and look unger repairs and follow directions

What causes Low voltage on a 1985 ford 5.9L charging system?

Most likely the alternator, voltage should be approximately 14 volts with the engine running.

Where is the voltage regulator located on a 1985 dodge shelby charger?

The "voltage regulator" was a function controlled by the logic module in the 1987 SC. I think this was the case for 1985 as well. The logic module is located in the passenger side kick panel. A common problem with these cars was this function of the logic module being "fried" by a poor ground.

Why is your 1985 Corvette voltage light on?

check charging system voltage it should have 13.8 ---14.3 volts it alsocould be a bad diode in your alternator most times a new alt does the trick

1985 ford ranger losing voltage problems you changed the alt and battery but the problem is still there it will run for a bit after the battery is charged then stops and dead battery.?

Check the voltage regulator mounted to the fender

How do I Remove the alternator on a 1985 300zx turbo?

Remove the belt from your 1985 Nissan 300 alternator. Remove the wiring harness from the alternator. Remove the alternator retaining bolts. The alternator will come off.

Voltage regulator for a 1985 goldwing motorcycle?

The regulator is actually a regulator and rectifier in 1 unit. The one you will need will depend on the bike. If you own a limited edition model of the goldwing then you need a specific type. But for all other bikes as an interstate or aspencade they are all the same one used for all. Hope this helps.

Installing a new alternator in ford f150 1985 the alternator has 3 rear connections and the new one has two top or side connectiona an a plug connection for field and stator external regulator in use?

I think someone gave you an Internally regulated alternator in place of your external type, it will not work unless you do some major wiring changes.

How do you replace the voltage regulator on a 1985 Corvette?

.The voltage regulator is inside the alternator. It can be replaced. With alternator removed mark the case halves with a magic marker so you can assemble them correctly later. Remove the four screws that hold the case together and separate them. Don't be alarmed when the brushes and springs fall out. The back halve will contain the regulator. Remove the screws holding the reg in and replace the reg with a new one. This is a good time to check the condition of the brushes and replace if necessary. Using a straightend out paper clip you can hold the brushes in place. Notice the small hole in the back side of the back half of the alt that allows you to insert the paper clip thru and hold in the springs and brushes in place while you assemble the two halves. Once assembled with the four screws you can remove the paper clip.

When replacing an alternator on a 1985 Volvo 240 how many amps does the alternator need to be?

at least 50 A

Where is the voltage regulator on 1985 dodge ram 1500 318 engine located?

Should be under the hood, on the firewall. It's about the size of a deck of playing cards with a small two wire plug snapped into it.

How do you replace the fuel pressure regulator on a Chevrolet astro van?

howdo youadjust fuelpressure regulator on a chevy astro van 1985. The fuel pressure regulator is built into the throttle body. It is not adjustable. There were throttle body injection rebuild kits available but being that old now they may not be available anymore. Try your local auto parts store.