Email address for CEO of American Airlines?


I'm not going to sugar coat anything, I am furious with the situation and service that occurred tonight. My wife and I are Texas natives currently residing in Kailua-Kona Hawaii. I am a manager at the top resort in the Hawaiian Islands, and what occurred tonight is completely unacceptable. We arrived at the airport to drop my wife off for her 21:20 flight at 20:30, yes we were cutting it close however there was absolutely no representation at the American kiosk, in fact, it was completely sealed off by a "garage door" type of repellant. As it was near her departure time, we hoped someone at the airport would help us check in and board the airplane, unfortunately to no one was available even though she checked in online prior to her departure. She is trying to go back to Austin, TX to be the Matron of Honor in her best friends wedding this coming weekend. Frustrated with the situation in front of us, and lack of American Airlines representation at the Kona airport, I called your 1-800 number in hopes of working with your representatives and finding a solution to our problem. I spoke to Mrs. Anne Reynolds, supervisor, in you Dallas office in attempt to remedy our problem to no avail. She insisted there was representation at the American kiosk until 21:50 at the Kona airport and I reluctantly informed her multiple times that she was mis-informed and that the American desk was completely closed down. When I asked Mrs. Anne Reynolds to connect me directly to a representative at the Kona airport, she declined, stating that she was unable to do so. She only stated that there would be a $500 fee associated with changing my wife's flight to the following day, which is completely obsurd, especially considering there is absolutely zero representation from American staff at the Kona airport. After several minutes of trying to plead our case and convince Mrs. Reynolds that there was no representation at the Kona airport kiosk, she HUNG UP ON ME! She only told me to go to the airport and speak with the American staff directly in the morning. After that, my wife spoke with a representative from Alaskan Airlines, who graciously announced on the intercom that an American Airlines agent was needed at the desk, however no one ever showed up. Our experience tonight was extremely disappointing, and even worse, still un-resolved. I would like a phone call immediately, if not from you, from a representative from your team with a solution to this problem. I will be calling the 1-800 number again in the morning in hopes of speaking to a more competent supervisor and reaching an agreeable solution. I am very sorry for having to write this note, however, I find it necessary you are informed of what we went through this evening.