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This category is for questions and answers about Hinduism. Hinduism is the third most followed religion worldwide. Some of the principles of Hinduism include traditionalism, reincarnation, personal duty, and karma.
it is not a sematic religion like christianity and Islam. It is asamskara. No leader, no church, no organisational restrictions orrules. YOu can freely follow the books. This is a very simpleanswer. But Hindu is much bigger in size and it is you who decidewhat needs to be done. It is sort of a open...
A puja set is a set which hindus use to worship. It is found in a shrine or Mandir (hindu temple) It contains a tray, bell, figure of Ganesha (21cm), incense holder, aum symbol, diva lamp, small water pot, rice container and spoon.
The Hindus belief in spiritual justification in human existence,for example reincarnation, karma and the caste system.
Hinduism, a religion originating in Northern India, is practiced in buildings somewhat like churches, and cinegogs, but Hindus practice in buildings known as "Mandirs". Hinduism is most commonly practiced in India, but can be found in many countries around the world.
No animal or bird is vahana or the mount of Lord Krishna.
First in India, over thousands of years ago, & then it was proselytized out West in the 1960s.
The Hindu religion itself doesn't hold a standpoint on homosexuality, however Hindu Indian culture tends to be against it
as v know god has no shape it can take any body v cant see him bt it is human nature dat unles v see anything v cant believe it so mandirs consists of d stutues wich make image of god and make us bilief dat god exists??????????????
There is an achievement that gives you a relic and 1 karma. Do this after you click on the Daimyo (gold buddha) Press the corresponding keys on your keyboard: Up+Up+Down+Down+Left+Right+Left+Right+B+A+Enter
they think it is a holy product and use it in special sacrificesceremony and other important events
it is the original hindu dress code
it is the bacis of a god (stated in the vedas)
Date of krisna janmastami in 1984 was 20th august
no it is only shown is some images . his skin is actually the same as ours apart from the time hedrank posion
The one unambiguous and unanimous lesson from Bharatvarsha's (i.e.India's) tryst with spiritual religion is: first to discover theDivine within, and then to manifest It without. And, consequently,to be Blissful to oneself and to others. This keynote ringsconsistently in all the streams of Bharat's...
the part of the Vedas that states the marriage code
Finding a specific teaching from Ramayana on victory over vice issomewhat illusive.. Here are some footnotes which lead to thevirtues of Dharma which could then allow one to transcend vice.. The following is from the Valmiki Ramayana, Aranya Kanda,9-30,31. . "Wealth comes out of Dharma. Happiness...
is a few contries yes but most it is permitted
it was on 2nd November in the year of 1947
it was on 15 september in 1988
Hindus people dont believe in heaven and hell they believe in recarnation with recarnation people were reborn in a certain caste system based on their Karma.
possibly as it is according to hindu costoms to do this but as itis children it is the fathers choise
Now you can listen to the ancient sanskrit chants of Bhagavad Gita,sung in classical melodies by noted devotional singer SriVidyabhushana. Listen to all 700 verses of the Gita with abeautiful accompaniment of flute, veena, sitar, mridanga, tabla andtala.
Buddhism doesn't have any Gods. It is a nontheistic religion.
Kaali has eight arms, holding different weapons and a head of ademon
it is the original description stated in the Vedas
The Eightfold Path ia mostly a derivative of Hindu beliefs and faith as prescribed in Manusmriti and Upnishads and as such is a part of Hinduism
yes, because in actual world there can never be such things they worship. also as we know jinns can take various forms ranging from humans to animals and that also is one of the property of their gods.
No. Hindus do not promote or encourage war per se. War is not amatter of belief anyway.
Many of the rutals were thrown out during the Gupta empire.
The importance od Brahmanism is i don't know!!!!
Karma, arth, gyan, moksh
Gita Govinda was written by a Twelfth century poet Jayadeva, who was born in present day Puri in Odisha (Orissa).
Rakhi festival celebrated in 1990 6th August (Monday)...
yes he is always prayed to first in the Hindu faith so he canremove problems
Trimurti is the actual name, . They are Brhama Vishnu and Shiva . Brhama - Creator . Vishnu - Preserver . Shiva - Destroyer
lots of impact is needed as Ganesh is a major god many pray to him
Vedas are considered the sacred books in Hinduism. There are four Vedas: . Rig Veda . Yajur Veda . Sama Veda . Atharvana Veda Vedas contain complete knowledge of life and beyond. Most of the Hinduism's rituals, beliefs and practices are based on these Vedas. Laymen cannot understand the Vedas...
Hanuman is the Monkey-God. He is the God of immense strength ; depicted as Rama's (Lord Vishnu) faithful servant in Ramayana.
Laxmi Krishna saraswati swaminarayan ganesh
To ask God for Help . To Thank God
it is a big part and has a bacis of learning and a connectionbetween god
in certain circumstances yes
Hindus are not allowed to kill and euthanasia would be killing. According to the Hindu belief suffering is part of the experience an as such suffering is just not a good reason for ending a life.
because Buddhism is mostly implemented in places like Nepal andBurma as the major religion of India has and will always beHinduism
Ramayana is an epic related to Hinduism. Multiple forms of written,video of the said document is available in many languages. Ramayanacan be read or studied by any one who is interested in it.
The editor of the 'The Hindu' is Malini Parthasarathy and itseditor-in-chief is N. Ravi. 'The Hindu' is an Indian newspaper inEnglish language printed daily.
It is is form of showing respect to the god. However it has ahygienic reasoning. By keeping the shoes outside, one does notcarry the dust, filth and dirt from outside. This practice iswidely followed in all the modern food and pharma manufacturingindustries. People are not allowed to enter with...
Let us understand HINDUISM first. 'Hinduism' is actually very-very little of a religion, if you talkof the essence of Hinduism. The more you call Hinduism, a religion, the more you are destroying the realthing. So, Hinduism is great only as long as it is not a religion. The moment you say,'Hindu...
Barbarika was the son of Ghatotkacha and grandson of Bheema. He was bound by his principle of always fighting on the losing side, which led him to stand witness to the battle without taking part. In Rajasthan, he is worshipped as Khatushyamji, and is believed to have been sacrificed before the...
Certain Hindu monks may live this way; but many modern Hindus livesecular lives.
Karma is just the law of cause and effect, so there is only one type of karma. Karma is just the way that causes and conditions create results. To explain the concept of karma, I like to use the analogy of a car's engine. If you have a really old, out of tune car, and you get some gas that has a...
There is no casteism in Hinduism which means there is nodiscrimination either. All humans are equal by birth and has equalright to study Vedas. Jaate and Varna are part of Hinduism and that too withoutdiscrimination. Source : The Hindu Forum Link :thehinduforum.com/threads/no-discrimination-in...
Lord Subramanya ha two wives. The names of his wives are Godess devayani and Godess Valli.
Hindu religion defines trinity concept. Brahma Vishnu andMaheshwara. Vishnu and Maheshwara and their incarnation arepredominantly worshiped by Hindus. However there are many gods anddemigods in Hindu faith.
Hindu consider him as the preserver of the universe, a loving and forgiving figure who brings salvation.
Normally a Hindu does not go to church to worship. They go totemple.
3 November 1975 was the date of Diwali according to Deepavali.net Diwali falls on the new moon night (Amavasya) between mid-October and mid-November. Diwali is celebrated for five days according to the lunisolar. It begins in late Ashvin (between September and October) and ends in early Kartika ...
No.It isn't the newest religion.
it was friday 28 january in year 1955
Saree is a popular dress worn by women. But it is not limited onlyto Hindus. Many Indian women wear irrespective of their faith,religion, or sect.
It is an example of how to live your life like king Rama (also seethe other book the Mahabharata)
Aathi Sakti,Parvathi,Sathille and all the faces of Aathi Sakti.(Allof them are the same people!)
Ram setu (Adam's Bridge), they actually discovered that. It's mentioned in the Ramayana as being built by Hanuman and others. Also, Hindus believe in reincarnation and although that hasn't been scientifically proved, there have been numerous cases where little children have been able to trace back...
Here is a pic of it I have. [IMG]http://i898.photobucket.com/albums/ac185/misfitmaster472/001.jpg[/IMG]
In 1986 nag panchami was on date 10 Aug.
Cow is a very sacred being for Hindus. Equivalent to god
Hinduism (Sanatana Dharma, 'the eternal law') has four maindenominations. The religions denominations are: Vaishnavism(Vishnuism), Shaivism (Shiviti), Shaktism, and Smartism.
No. All Hindu sects believe reincarnation.
Congregational Worship means group worshipping. The congregationalactivities includes singing, praying, and other worshippingactivities. The members are not necessarily from the same religion.
India, Nepal, part of Srilanka, Bali iland in Indonesia, Part of Bhutan, part of Mauritius
no they don't acctualy they worship animals and don't eat meat Hindus probably have the largest pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. Vishnu, Shiva, Rama, Krishna, Buddha, Durga, Ganesha, Kartikeya, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Parvati, Kali, are some of them. Hindus have a special softness towards cows. Just...
The only time when a Hindu women is not allowed to do rituals is when she is in her monthly periods. Rest of the time, Hindu women are equally eligible with the men to perform rituals and daily devotions. But there are some Hinduism branches that still do not allow women to be presented in front...
Similar: Both originate from India, Lord Buddha being born in Gaya,Bihar; Lord Rama in Ayodhya, and Lord Krishna in Gokula, U.P Both use chanting of prayers and mantras to purify, focus andinstruct the mind. Both meditate on and worship Deities (Sri Murti), which tallieswith the Beatitude "Blessed...
yes Hindus believe in reincarnation. they believe that the cycle of birth and rebirth continues till one attains liberation (moksha) through devotion (bhakti) and righteousness (dharma). At this stage one becomes a god-man and after death he is unified with god (brahman - different from Brahma)
Playing flute was one of his most favorite passtime. All hisfriends, cows enjoyed it most, and mesmerized by it.
Hindus believe rebirth happens after death and depending on youdeeds in you past live(s) it determines, your class your statusyour parents if you are a human or animal and so on and so forth
26th of October to the 30th of October .
It appears to be 23rd of October, Tuesday - as per the link below http://infopedia.nl.sg/articles/SIP_74_2004-12-23.html
The Trimurti in the hinduism.
Ugadi festival date in 1990