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Lizards are a type of scaled reptile that can be found worldwide except in Antarctica. There are approximately 3,800 subspecies, including chameleons, geckos and Komodo dragons. In this category, there are questions and information relating to lizards.
It feels threatened so it will make itself look bigger by doing that and when they make their throat black, that is to make them seem scary.
Yes, it is recommended that you do so every 3-4 months
cabbage and tomatoes are said to be good, but im not 100% sure
Just one - the Eublepharis hardwickii - also known as the Eastern Indian Leopard Gecko. .
this is what a leopard gecko looks like.
Yes, but you want to check the sex of the geckos. If you put males and females together they will probably breed.
It just want be moist. Let it happen. It will come for you.
recovering a lost gecko is very hard. I'm sorry to say it but if the you haven't found the gecko in 3 days it's probably dead. to prevent this use a lizard leash.
You incubate the eggs for 6-12 weeks
its just natural, they just blend with their surroundings. i guessits abit like us in the sun. we go red! but we dont feel it at thetime.
The Round Island Day geckos are suited to a hot and forestenvironment. This means that they have "sticky" feet for climbingtrees and leaves. Like most lizards, they have evolved a tonguethat can catch nearby insects. They also use their tongues forlearning about their surroundings and grooming....
Japan and Chinese culture eat meal-worms
The causes of diarrhea is if your little Beardie has eaten some badfood, stress, or a sudden change in diet. But don't worry as itshouldn't last long. But if this continues, it could be a sign ofparasites or worms, therefore, go to your local vet to get him/herchecked out.
If the wood is VERY rough, maybe, but usually no.
Red- head agamas eat a variety of crickets, mealworms,grasshoppers, and locusts.
Probably a leopard gecko or anole
They have sex.
Lizards close one eye because they have to watch out for preditorsso they can escape fast enough.
Geckos are among one of the fastest lizard breeds, the fastestbeing the Common Basilisk. Geckos can reach speeds of 27 mph forshort distances.
Rainbow lizards can occupy urban, suburban and wild areas thatsupply enough vegetation for reproduction and insects for food.
A chameleon can see in two directions, their eyes can go in twodifferent directions, vs the human eye, when they see in the samedirection.
If you mean mealworms then yes.
Gila monsters can be found in the southwestern United States andnorthwestern Mexico.. These lizards are very elusive and are hardto find.
Lizards have external ears (ear holes) and eyelids . Snakes no not have external ears and they do not haveeyelids , instead they have a special clear scale thatprotects their eyes..
Most chameleons are 17-25 cm (7-10 inches) long
Myth: Chameleons change color to match their environment.. Chameleons don't change color to match their environment.Rather, they change color as a response to mood, temperature,health, communication, and light.
It depends on what type of gecko.
male lizards have two bumps at the beginning of the tail and females only have one
Looks like a dragon (without the flames) (not a flying dragon).
It needs alot of water. Crickets are the best food for it.
If you grab it or pinch it in something it will come off. At times they can loose their tail if another crested bites it.
Lifespan : 5 - 10 y( Jackson'schameleon , In captivity). Chameleons or chamaeleons are adistinctive and highly specialized clade of old world lizards. Theapproximately 180 species of chameleon come in a range of colours,and many species have the ability to change colours.
Panther chameleons have a very low temperament so they are easy tohandle and don't mind it as much as other chameleons. They can alsohiss when angry or upset which is pretty cool. Hope this helps :]
Either it means the male thought it was food by mistake, it wanted to play with the female, or it just did not feel comfortable around her at the time.
Just hack and slash away. Mainly use your back slash on him... then move in for the finish. A few bomb arrows if he has not seen you. Just be sure you hit him. But hide quickly before he see's you. either that, or you charge him and kill em. happy gaming. (I like the un-armord ones... incredibly...
A) it's not right to kill them B) I'm not going to help you answer this wuestion exept it's immoral and wrong
amphibians, crocodillians, turtles, and some fish
It is a typical fear response. When they get that stressed you may want to leave them alone for a couple hours.
Possibly it isn't humid enough when he sheds so the shed builds upeventually making feet fall off.
yes the komodo dragon has eaten a humen
Yes, but not to often because the acid can be harmful. like maybe 2 times a month. Answered by tony.
All Birds of prey, snakes... the list goes on and on!
to talk to ohter animal
It depends on what type of lizard. Geckos can regrow tails. It'slike how our hair grows.
Males have a flap under their necks as females do not.
chameleon because it is smaller and iguanas are not native inflorida if you live here
The Gila Monster is a lizard mainly found in the southwest dessert of North America.
Like most other creatures, an axolotl will flee when in danger. When cornered, they will bite/snap at their assailants.
Their predators. Large birds and snakes too.
dry areas in the world.
Because they only eat other animals, they don't eat plant matter
Its depends really, it could be any where from a few days to 1 or 2weeks
they do because if you pay attention to there droppings before they dry then you will see some liquid the rest is the white stuff and i am sure you can guess the brown.
There are actually very few similarities between the komodo dragon and the fictitious creature known as a dragon. They both breathe using lungs, but the fictitious dragon breathes out fire whereas the komodo dragon breathes ordinary air. The komodo dragon has scaly skin, whereas a dragon is...
Make sure it gets enough nutrition in its diet. Feed it mainly meatsuch as rabbits, rodents, and chicks. Make sure it has plenty ofhydration and enough space to roam. If you have further questions,ask the vet, and make sure that it is in good health.
On all four of their feet, one foot. On their hind legs, a fullgrown male would be a meter or longer.
If your bearded dragon is female and old enough, she might be trying to lay eggs. It's best that you have a separate digging box filled with substrate she can lay her eggs in, as substrates like sand, calci-sand, wood chippings, gravel, and other similar substrates can cause impaction. However,...
I wouldn't recommend it. They may not be aggressive to one another,but they are different species and they require different habitats.
It depends on the species of lizard. Some between fall and winter, some between winter and spring. not so often around the summer months but it does happen.
not much they usually live in desert area so they may have a few scrubs
if they are look after then probably 20-35 years.
A regular leopard gecko will cost very little - I bought mine for £35 from a reptile store. Please note however, that I bought mine as a baby, so it was cheaper. An adult may cost slightly more.
Some species of lizard can be fed a meal replacement powder, (MRP) which is a formulated diet which consist of everything the animal needs to thrive in most cases. Live insects are usually offered weekly-bi weekly as a fattening purpose for these species of lizard.
I recently checked in my local pet store and it told me the beardeddragon itself was about 60 dollars. You would still have to buy thedragon's food and terrarium but, the beardie itself is about 60dollars.
I'd say no, because it's more rocky there. But in the wooded areasthey probably could.
i dont think they even lay eggs yeah they the eggs out
10 ft long it was found eating a 500 lb water buffalo
They are naturally vegetarians, so they do not.
the record is 27 years but they average around 10-20 under good care. Animals that have been bred usually have a shorter lifespan in comparison to an animal that has never been bred throughout its life. If all conditions have been kept properly and maintenance has been done throughout the animals...
Yes they will eat their skin once it sheds.
Monitor lizards eat snakes, eggs, deer, boars, antelopes, carrion, fish, and young crocodiles.
at our local pet store the babies sell for about $150 dollars. but the supplies and cage are not cheap. I've had 2. the males are mean. and they get big so you might have to change his/her cage as it grows. my female was 4 feet long. my younger one was a foot and a half.
They have to be pretty large, i would suggest you could startfeeding geckos pinkie mice once they stop growing. Although do notrely on pinkie mice as a regular meal for your geckos as they arehigh in fats and calcium, it can cause obesity even though they arerecommended for pregnant or breeding...
The monito gecko is a protected species of gecko under CITES andare not able to be shipped. A license is required to keependangered species.
Mostly not but if it was not trained well it could, but lizard bites are not dangerous in any way. It all depends on what you consider to be a house lizard. Geckos are probably the most common lizards found in houses. I've been bitten by a gecko and it didn't hurt; that doesn't mean it would...
They change color to show emotions. For example if a chameleonturns black or brown it means they are stressed out/depressed. Ifthey are excited their colors will be very bright. Hope this helps :]
'Iguana' in French is: Iguane. LOL x
Drago just sounds pretty good to me but I usually prefer to go offof an event the day I got my pet so its up to you if you like thatname or not!
most of the time
You can easily obtain one at a pet store. If you only have onegecko, a 10 gallon vivarium is the minimum. If you plan on gettinga second gecko, you'll need a 20 gallon one
The short-horned lizard is often referred to as a "horned toad" or"horny toad" because its squat, flattened shape and short, bluntsnout give it a toad-ish look. There are over a dozen recognizedspecies found in the deserts and semi-arid environments of Northand Central America, from southern Canada...
It is important to be able to hide from predators and also possiblyto communicate.
birds and spiders
I don't know, but don't try it, because as a general rule, animalsshould not be given human medicine unless you know for sure thatthey can have it. Ask your vet.
no, they only eat crickets and meal worms because live food is more common for them.