Explorers and Expeditions

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From the beginning of time man has never been satisfied to stay in one place. Forever curious, individuals and groups have set out on new and wondrous voyages throughout history. Their stories and information can be found here.
Ferdinand Magellan tried to circle the globe but died along theway. Other explorers established the trade route.
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People colonized Virginia because that's where they landed. Somewent to Jamestown, Virginia for religious freedom.
He explored to Canada to replace a man by the name of Allouez. . In 1669 Marquette traveled to Michigan to build the St. Ignacein the upper part of Michigan. . Found the direction and mouth of the Mississippi River in1673. . Marquette made a stop to Wisconsin to get food in supplies . Jul 17, 1673...
it was 2 total he didn't go on very many/ Iceland andAmerica
swords,and other things they made because they did not have much back then
queen elizabeth 1 enjoyed him bringing her spanish gold so mutch that he was awarded knighthood
Newfoundland, Canada, called Vinland.
Magellan left Portugal for Spain in 1516. In 1517 he began preparing for the circumnavigation of the world. The voyage began in 1519 and ended in 1522. Magellan himself died in a battle in the Philippines in 1521.
Davy Crockett would be 225 years old. He was born on August 17, 1786.
Because American's had little idea of what the lands west of the Mississippi river were like. The only small bits of information came from French trappers and traders and some Spanish and British explorers. Jefferson also funded the exposition to establish trade with the Native Americans and to find...
Baffin Island, Labrador, Newfoundland.
Ponce de Leon was a crew member under Christopher Colombus duringhis second voyage to the new world in 1493. This was the first timehe ever landed on the island of Puerto Rico, the island that hewould later become the governor of in 1509. Ponce de Leon wouldreturn to the island of Hispaniola in 1502...
He didn't take maps. The area was unknown so there were no mapsmade and the ones there were made were inaccurate. The earlyexplorers were truly exploring.
The reason why Francisco Vasquez de Coronado led him to explore isbecause he heard or stories of fortune and treasure found in theWestern Part of the United States of America.
Amelia Earhart's role on her first transatlantic flight was to keepthe aircraft's log. Among other aviation achievements, Earhart wasthe first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean alone.
Christropher Robin had two main obstacles on the way - one was that the clouds on the horizon often looked like islands and there was often floating thick reeds which would slow them down.
Europeans colonized in pursuit of (1) more wealth, (2) more land,(3) more prestige vis-à-vis its neighbors, and (4) converting morepeople to the "proper" religion.
Susan Constant, & Godspeed I know are two, but I'm not sure about the other: Either Discovery or Recovery. Although I would guess Discovery _______________________ Check out Peter W. Coldham's series, "Complete Book of Emmigrants". Also checkout the 1624/1625 Jamestown census--should be...
February 5 has been celebrated as national Weather Person's day.
Ferdinand Porsche was born on September 3, 1875.
Ataualpa, emperor of the Inkas, in the early 16th century
In 1513, Balboa led an expedition from Darién to search for a new sea reportedly to the south and for gold. He hoped that if he was successful, he would win the favor of Ferdinand, the king of Spain. While he didn't find the precious metal, he did see the Pacific Ocean, and claimed it and all of...
Amelia was flying the Lockeed Model 10 Electra on her 1937 attemptto circumnavigate the earth, when she disappeared over the CentralPacific Ocean, near Howland Island.
It was reported by Antonio Galvao in 1563 that position of straightof magellan was previously mentioned in old charts as Dragon'stail.
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It is speculated that Amelia Earhart disappeared in the CentralPacific Ocean, around Howland Island, approx 1700 miles SW ofHawaii.
He would be very old, in fact he would be 559. (If you don't believe me, do this simple calculation 2010 - 1451 = ????)
He sentence Atahualpa to death.
Sacagawea never crossed the Pacific Ocean. It was in 1804 she metLewis and Clark as they explored the new territory. She traveledwith them to the Pacific Ocean, then returned to the plains.
No he was the one that sent them to explore because he had justacquired the Louisiana purchase and wanted information on the land.
Marco Polo died due to an illness, in 1324.
He wrote a bestselling book "We" and helped a French scientistdevelop an early form of artificial heart.
I would guess what is meant is "experience with your own emotions".This would result in an increased knowledge of how to handle youremotions and thus could be seen as a sort of intelligence. In factintelligence is largely gained through experience itself, so thisisn't a far off metaphor.
Both Amundsen's team and Scott's team left their native countriesin 1910. Amundsen left on June 3, 1910 and Scott left on June 16,1910. Amundsen's published intent was to sail to the North Pole instead.While underway, Amundsen declared that he was 'proceedingAntarctic.' Scott got to the Antarctic...
because he found a river in New York that is named the Hudson river and a bay in cananda that carries his name today.
Sacagawea would be 224 years old.
His voyage was the first to circumnavigate the world, unfortunatelyhe was killed by natives just before making it around the world.
Christropher Colombus , was on a conquest to find Japan and had actually gone westwards from Spain , and what he discovered was actually Cuba in the West Indies and he had thought that Cuba was the Indian name for Japan.
Columbus Day is celebrated in the United states in October. In2014, Columbus Day will be on Monday, October 13th.
ernest shackleton took 28 men
Sir Earnest Shackleton trekked to the pole and turned back at 89degrees S -- never making it to the South Pole. This wasaccomplished during the Discovery Expedition in 1901-1904.
they wanted to find more land to settle on.
Explorer Francisco Vazquez de Coronado actually conducted his mostimportant work on land. However, his ship had a crew of 400Europeans and 1,300 to 2,000 native Mexican allies.
The Crown - he named after Queen Elizabeth
North Holston, in the Watauga River Valley, was the firstpost-explorer settlement in Tennessee. The area was settled in1769, by Virginians, soon followed by settlers from North Carolina.
He didn't. In fact he was off of Flordia.
slaves of native origin americans, banana, tobacco,potato...canabis
He found North America (which Spain didn't know about) and broughtback gold and stuff they didn't have in Spain.
He was on the Pacific Ocean and only got to the South American coast.
He killed them, chopped off one of their hands when he didn't bringgold to Columbus, and wrote in his diary they would make goodslaves. At first he wasn't sure they were human.
Vasco Da Gama took a compass, telescope, food, water (because the sea water isn't clean/fresh), clothes and blankets to keep warm.
mos q uitos-caused a lot of trouble for Lewis and clark on their trip q uest-another word for expedition or exploring q uill pens-what was used to write in their journals q uestions-about their trip and by people during that time hope that helps:)
Very little. The ships were small and held crews of 20-40 men.There were no beds for the crew so they slept where they could findan empty spot. No bathrooms or means to wash. Each man carried aknife that he used for work and eating. Water was carried in theship hold in barrels and a bit of dried...
He didn't find it. Cocoa comes from South America and Mexico and was never in those regions. Spanish explorers brought it back to Europe along with corn, tomatoes, and other things.
spanish soldiers in America?
With hard work and perseverance
he invented the scuba. He also improved the aqualung.
He discoverd the city of Ubar, but the city was killed by the ginwhich are evil spirits (hulluciation drugs) so he hid all evideneof his voyage from the queen and told her he found nothing. He alsofound El Dorado but also covered it up as it was an evil engine toturn people into zombies.
Mississippi river and Missouri river and ohio river
The first recorded European attempt on the summit was made by the Irishman Rev. William S. Green and the Swiss hotelier Emil Boss and the Swiss mountain guide Ulrich Kaufmann on 2 March 1882 via the Tasman and Linda Glaciers
They didn't give money to him. He was looking for a route to India.
The names of Hernan Cortes ships were the Diego Candle, San Lazaro,the Etraos and the Gatre. Hernan Cortes is most known forconquering Mexico for Spain.
he was the first to discover new mountains now called the great mountains
in the present sense of the term, Helicopters did not exist in Amelia"s life span. They did have autogiros, and Amelia took one up to l8,4l5 feet in l93l this altitude was probably assesed by a ground observer with a BC Theodolite- Battery Commander type. These give direct altitude readings on...
They considered the grizzly bear to be the most "terrifying" and "exciting of all the animals they encountered. However, it wasn't the appearance of these animals that really surprised them, but the shear numbers in which they roamed. Aleutian Canada goose American Bison Prairie dogs(barking...
Yes Sacagawea was an Indiana princess
Malinalli Tenepatl, who acted as interpreter as well as advisor to Hernan Cortes. She is often regarded as mother of the first mestizo.
Exploration is a journey of discovery, education and learning. In itself it cannot be bad. However the use to which the discoveries may be put could be. That depends on people.
he worked for a new york factorey
He never was north. All of his voyages were in the Bahamas.
Vasco de Balboa's point of departure was 1485
Yes he was Spanish. The great name Vasco Núñez de Balboa was aSpanish explorer, governor, and conquistador. He is best known forhaving crossed the Isthmus of Panama to the Pacific Ocean in 1513,becoming the first European to lead an expedition to have seen orreached the Pacific from the New...
Vasco De Balboas home country was Spain
Antoine Champlain and Marguerite Le Roy.