Richard Nixon

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Richard Nixon was the 37th president of the United States. He is well known for the escalation of the Vietnam War and the Watergate scandal. He is the only US president to have resigned his office.
Gerald Ford was the Vice President of the United States fromDecember of 1973 to August of 1974. He was succeeded by NelsonRockefeller.
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first Benjamin Harrison in 1889, then William McKinley in 1897.
Nixon died on April 22 ,1994
There's actually no evidence suggesting that President RichardNixon ordered the Watergate break-in, and it's more likely that itwas a member of Nixon's cabinet. However, once the burglars were arrested, the Federal Bureau ofInvestigation launched an investigation into finding the culprits...
He wanted to prevent a Communist takeover of Southeast Asia
He defeated George McGovern in 1972. . Richard M. Nixon: Popular vote 41,167,319, Electoral votes 520. . George McGovern: Popular vote 29,168,509, Electoral votes 17.
Nixon was quietly pro-choice. He avoided addressing the question during his Presidency because he didn't have to. In the 1972 campaign, the Republicans called McGovern the "Acid, Abortion, and Amnesty" candidate, but this was at a time when abortion was still illegal in most of the U.S. Nixon...
In keeping with his pre-election promise, President Nixon began the first phase of troop withdrawals in 1969.
Bernard Barker was one of the five men captured at the burglary of the Watergate Hotel. His other four members were Virgilio Gonalez, Eugenio Martinez, Framk Sturgis, and James McCord Jr.
No. He had already been elected as president twice, and would not have been re-elected.
It was 2 am UK time and thus 9 pm EST in the US. I know this for certain because as an 18 year old I stayed up to listen to it and recorded it in my diary. My double lock confirmation is that I also recorded President Ford being sworn in at 5 pm UK time and we know from President Nixon's...
Assured that the US Senate would vote to convict him, Richard Nixonresigned the Presidency on 9 August 1974 because of the watergatescandal. He was spying on the democrats during the election, which wasillegal.
Richard Nixon had a total of three nicknames in his lifetime. Hisnicknames were Slick Rick, Red Hunter, and Tricky Dick.
Money that was paid to the "plumbers" was traced to a slush fund linked to the Commitee to RE Elect the President (CREEP). Subsequent investigations, spurred by ongoing coverage in the Washington Post, to high ranking officials in the Nixon administration. Finally the revelation of the White House...
Richard Nixon invented the Chinese Compass and the Nixonmobile.
Five men who were key figures in the Watergate scandal and exposure were Richard Nixon, Judge John Sirica, John Mitchell, G. Gordon Libby, and Senator Sam Ervin. Some other names connected in various ways with Watergate are E. Howard Hunt, James McCord, John Dean, Jeb Stuart Macgruder, H. R....
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Yes. Harold died at age 7 from encephalitis. Arthur died at 23 ofTB. The youngest one, Edward, is still living as of June, 2017.
During the Second World War, he served as a Navy lieutenant commander in the Pacific, before being elected to the Congress. He graduated second in his class from Whittier, showing a penchant for Shakespeare and Latin. He taught Sunday school at East Whittier Friends Church, where he remained a...
Richard Nixon's mother, Hannah Milhous Nixon, was born on March 7, 1885 near Butlerville, Indiana.
The first big scandal was the Black Friday Gold Panic of 1869 in which Jay Gould and James Fisk tried to corner the gold market and manipulate the price of gold to their benefit and the ruination of the national economy. Abel Corbin who was married to the sister of Mrs. Grant was involved and he may...
Nixon served in the USN during WWII; he was commander in chief during the Vietnam War.
Richard Nixon did.
Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat from Texas
Rancho Mirage, California
\nRichard Nixon's favorite drink was a dry martini
idk but i need to find out for a project ======= I was just watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and it stated that Nixon once said that if RAP were around when he was younger, he might have chosen to be a musician...So I'd say surprisingly he liked Rap ;)
As a child he belonged to a fairly poor family. He studied law at whitier college and returned home to practice law with a law firm. Married and moved to Washington where he worked for the government for a while. He spent the war in the US Navy in various post in the south pacific. Following the...
President Nixon said that turning over the tapes would violate the principle of "executive privilege" which suggests that the discussions and decisions within the executive branch should remain private because of their sensitive nature. However, it was his stated intent to record Oval Office...
No, Richard Gordon Hatcher is still currently alive.
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Because he cheated by listening to people having conversations, so he knew what they wanted.
Well, unfortunately, Tricky Dick was Watergated out of office (he resigned) before the war ended. Ford, his vice president was president when the war ended in '75.
He passed many laws.
A burglary of the Democratic Party Headquarters occurred in the Watergate Hotel in June of 1972. That was a misdemeanor. Had the guilty party been caught, he would have served a few months in jail. Instead, President Nixon and a group of his advisors tried to hide and then destroy the evidence that...
Andrew Johnson. No US President has ever been kicked out of office. Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton both stood trial for impeachment. Johnson broke the Tenure of Office Act, while Clinton was accused of lying over having an affair. Nixon was never impeached, he would almost certainly have been...
Reasons people believe that Nixon was a bad president: Richard Nixon was a bad president because, by continuing and expanding the US war in Vietnam, he killed thousands of US citizens and thousands of Asians. That makes him a bad man and a war criminal. ----- Richard Nixon was a bad...
"I was born in a house my father built. My birth on the night of January 9, 1913 , coincided with a record-breaking cold snap in our town of Yorba Linda, California." The Memoirs of Richard Nixon, volume1, page:3.
He first seemed destined to be one of the greatest Presidents in history. He succeeded in pulling the United States out of the messy and unwinnable war in Vietnam without appearing weak. He successfully dealt with economic troubles and made groundbreaking visits to China and the USSR. In 1972 he won...
Yes, he died on September 17, 1996 aged 78 (b. November 13, 1918). He was the Vice President of Richard Nixon from January 20, 1969 to January 20, 1973.
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Richard Nixon was FROM California, and lived in San Clemente, CA. He was never Governor of California. So, as President of the United States during the Vietnam War, what he did for the US, he did for California and the other states.
No, the president does not need approval. Look at the constitution article 2, section 2 . Clause 2. He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and...
He attended public school and entered Whitter college at the age of 17. He gruduated secong in class and received a scholar ship to Duke university and gruduated third in class. I got this from
The amount of gold is very small. It is a layer an atom or two thick on aluminum. There is little extra value to these replicas and stamp collectors typically do not want them in their collections.
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Gerald R. Ford was the US President after RichardMilhous Nixon. Gerald Ford was the 38th President of the United States from 1974August 9 to 1977 January 20. Vice-president Ford became presidentwhen Nixon resigned.
it revealed the plans of the u.s.
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Richard Nixon was not assassinated.
Dwight Eisenhower's grandson married Nixon's daughter Julie.
He imposed a short-term freeze on wages, prices, and rents.
He attempted to reform the welfare system to put more responsibility on to the state and local governments.
Nixon's plan for Vietnamization was to slowly replace the American troops fighting in Vietnam with Vietnam troops. Slowly bringing the Americans out of the war and helping the Vietnamese people have control over the conflict.
Peace with honor. Get the POWs back, lay down a barrage of bombs (Operation Linebackers I & II), and turn the war over to the ARVN. All of which worked, except the "turning the war over the ARVN" part; congress cut off funding for the war...thus the ARVN's ran out of fuel and ammo. The North didn't...
Richard Nixon was President from 20 January 1969 to 9 August 1974.
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i think Nixon supported the Family Assistance Plan