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Medical terminology is a vocabulary or word listing used to describe medical words and terms in a scientific manner. It is used in the nursing and medical fields. This methodical approach to word building is based on the concept of word roots, prefixes, and suffixes.
Hypopiesis relates to hypotension, or subnormal arterial bloodpressure.
Nope.It's a surgical incision into the skull. The area's differ depending on the goal of the surgery. Source - Air Force Surgical Tech No, it is an incision in the head.
I think you may be referring to the racial policies of fascist Germany under Hitler. They actively searched for persons of Aryan descent for their breeding program.
Chiroplasty is the medical terminology for surgery of the hand.
I think arthralagia is a pain in a joint.
Cardiotomy is the general team meaning surgical incision into the heart. (cardi/o Meaning: heart; -otomy meaning: surgical incision). Cardiotomy Most likely a valve repair or replacement.
Hyperthermia (However, a person with a high temperature, i.e. a fever, is pyrexial)
Anesthesia: Partial or complete loss of sensation, with or without loss of consciousness, as a result of disease, injury, or administration of an anesthetic agent, usually by injection or inhalation.
A recent acute cause like severe bleeding and hypovolaemia or acute urinary tract obstruction usually point to an acute type of renal failure. Chronic diabetes or hypertension, poly-cystic kidney disease etc on the other hand makes the chronic renal failure more likely. An ultrasound can be helpful...
Hyperkinesia is an increase in muscular activity that can result inexcessive abnormal movements, excessive normal movements, or acombination of both.
Depending on context, ABD may mean abdomen or abduction.
Rabies is also known as hydrophobia, which means the abnormal fear of water. See the related link for more information. . Hydrophobia is the medical term for rabies. This is because the most common symptom of rabies is a fear of water.
Gangrene is the medical term meaning that an ischemic area has developed a secondary pus-producing infection.
Any substance or product that is used or intended to be used to modify or explore the physiological system or pathological state in the benefit of the recipient.
Primary Koch's infection is also known as tuberculosis. You cancatch tuberculosis by coming into contact with the droplets, suchas from a sneeze of cough, of an infected person.
Motion Sickness, which is caused by a discordance between thestillness that your eyes see inside the boat and the motion yourinner ear feels.
Sternotomy Sternotomy (stern = sternum [breastbone] + tomy = cut + y = procedure) is an incision into or through the sternum. This procedure provides access to the heart and lungs for surgical procedures such as heart transplants, correction of congenital heart defects or coronary artery bypass...
pilus (singular form) pilli (plural form)
Neuroplasty is the surgical repair of a nerve. neur/o = nerve -plasty = surgical repair
angioplasty- angi/o means vessel and -plasty means surgical repair or angiorrhaphy. There are different types of repair and the medical terminology will depend upon the procedure carried out. In general - plasty is the term used for repair like profundoplasty. Stenosis of the artery can be...
A fracture with no opening in the skin is a Closed Fracture or a simple fracture A simple fracture.
Onychocryptosis literally means hidden nail; the common name is ingrown nail.
Ankylosing spondylitis is one of a sevral arthritic diseases called "spondyloarthropathies." Inflammation In this disease causes: Swelling Stiffness in the joint between the pelvic bones (the ilium) and the wedge-shaped bone at the base of the spine (the sacrum) Pain Difficulty moving ...
If you're post-menopausal, a 6mm thickness of endometrium is abnormal. If you're a young woman still menstruating, it's normal. Clinical correlation means that the health care provider who ordered the ultrasound has to take into account whether the finding is meaningful for that particular patient,...
What I think you are looking for is "lumbago" which per definitionis a symptom of lower back pain that can have numerous causes, itis preffered to use the cause as diagnosis (diagnostic codes) ifknown. Back pain can be caused by many different things of whichone is strain of the lower back muscles. ...
Little Old Lady. Just used to refer to a patient not an official medical term.
When bone comes into contact with bone at the joints some wear takes place which causes damage to the bones, When this happens the body attempts to repair the damage which leads to a spur of bone sticking out from the joint making things even worse and sometimes interfering with the nerves that pass...
It depends on the underlying cause of the hallucinations. Hallucinations are by themselves simply a symptom; specifically a "psychotic symptom." The question you're asking, unfortunately, pre-supposes that all psychotic symptoms derive from the same root cause. Hallucinations, like any psychotic...
No, that which you mean is hemostats. Homeostasis refers to themaintenance of constant favourable internal environment inside theliving body.
Discectomy is the surgical removal of a disc. . lamenectomy I believe it is Discetomy. Laminectomy
Voice recognition software is already impacting thetranscriptionist role
Glomerular Filtration Rate on a non black person
The medical terminology combining form dys- means abnormal or bad.
Oncologic is the medical term for pertaining to cancer.
Urology is the study of the urinary system.
NRC, in the medical context, can stand for Nuclease Resistant Chromatin , a DNA characteristic in cells and viral reproduction. Another US medical acronym is the non-exclusive name National Resource Center , part of the EMSC : Emergency Medical Services for Children, run by Children's National...
This kind of sentence is called a declarative sentence.
Fetoscopy is direct observation of the fetus and surrounding tissue.
Answer . Fibrillation is the medical term for what your heart does when it is not beating correctly. Defibrillator is the devise used to send a electric shock to your heart to stimultate it back into its regular beating mode,. -----------------------------------------------------------------------...
moorea insertion forceps use in delivery procedure
Leukorrhea is the medical term meaning white or yellowish dischargefrom the vagina.
Gastromegaly is the medical term meaning abnormally enlargedstomach.
Fr. Accident vasculaire cerbral (Cerebral vascular accident - eng)
This is some other peoples answers: smart thinking on probation. It all depends on the subject you are referring to. I have founda list of several. Some are as reads: Strategy targeting organizedpiracy; stop transmission of polio; statement of opposition; safetables our priority. But my father says...
incision or laceration. Tomy means Cut
Rescection of the cornual end of the uterus to remove the corneal pregnancy ,it is one type of a surgical treatment of the corneal or interstitial pregnancy or in a simle form incise the cornual end and remove the pregnancy
pubis The hip bone , innominate bone or coxal bone is a large, flattened, irregularly shaped bone, constricted in the center and expanded above and below. ... The anatomical term for hip bone is the coxal bone or the OS coxae
Peri- (prefix) around or about.
A bacterial infection of the throat, including the tonsils, causedby Group A Streptococcus.
it's not dnc. it's d and c meaning dilation and curettage.
Osteoarthropathy is an abnormal condition of bones and joints.
When I had an infection, I went to the doctor and he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic.
Medicine has a prefix of chemo pharm apoth medi I don't recall any suffixes. Some suffixes for treatments are: tion, otomy, ectomy, sion, opsy, entesis, tics Samples of words: chemotherapy, pharmaceutical, apothacary, medicine, medical suspension, insertion, myringotomy, appendectomy, biopsy,...
Dermatocyte is the medical term meaning skin cell.
The small intestine is divided into three structural parts: .. . Duodenum 26 cm (9.8 in) in length . Jejunum 2.5 m (8.2 ft) . Ileum 3.5 m (11.5 ft)
Rupture is the medical word for bursting. ture is the suffix for bursting. So Rupture is the medical word and that is how you spell it.
Traumatic osteonecrosis is death of bone tissue due to trauma.
-desis is the medical term meaning surgical fusion. For instance, arthrodesis is surgical fusion of a joint.
I'm guessing it's human immunodeficiency virus with pulmonary tuberculosis.
Dextrose is used to describe glucose when manmade for IV use. D5W is an abbreviation for 5% dextrose in water, a common IV solution.
Only a MRI can tell for sure
High blood pressure affects the muscles of the heart, the walls of the blood vessels and all the rest of the body systems by over taxing them. HBP can cause strokes, embolisms, severe headaches and lots of other problems. Untreated HBP wears down the human body. It is like being boiling mad and...
Contact inhibition, which is a growth mechanism which functions to keep cells growing into a monolayer ( a layer one cell thick).
rheumatic fever, collagen vascular disease, pyelonephritis,rheumatoid arthritis, leukemia, thrombus formation, disseminatedvascular thrombosis, stroke, etc.
Periotic or periauricular Periauricular