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Science Experiments

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Experiments often conducted by students to test different scientific theories and hypotheses


Usually we use a mechanical or electrical meter. Gas supplies cansimply drive round a counter. Electricity can be measured inseveral ways, for instance by using part of it to turn a disc whichin turn drives a counter. Essentially we measure how much power weuse and for how long. The unit is usually...
what may happen if remove the lid of petri plate containing  nutrient agar and place the lid on benchtop
rocks: igneous rocks,metamorphic rocks,sedimentary rocks  ect.................
It depends on the size of the magnent
It has somthing like caffine in it
Given a line L and a  point P. Reflection P' of P in L is the point such that PP'  is perpendicular to L, and PM = MP', where M is the point of  intersection of PP' and L. In other words, P' is located on the  other side of L, but at the same distance from L as P. P' is said  to be a mirror or...
Coca Cola dissolve the calcium on the chicken bone.
This is totally unanswerable. The temperature of the water depends  on its total environment. Whilst the sun is a source of energy, it  may be shining on the outside of the dark room and heating it up.  There may be other heat sources keeping the room warm. There may be  a wind blowing outside,...
Yes, but remember: it's okay to be wrong!
That depends, what are you doing with the dry ice? If you are testing how it would melt, the title could be "Dry ice in melting stage" or :How does dry ice melt?".
Scientific method is described as a scientific approach to a problem. To solve a problem you must first find the problem, access it, hypothesize a solution, illustrate your solution, try the solution, and then finally try it. If this does not work start over.
Yes! Not many people know this, but it actually can. I had tons of fruits + a potato in my science project, which was to see what would produce the most electricity. My hypothesis, was of course, a lemon, but I came to see that somehow, the pear was higher than everything else, even the potato! With...
You need to control variables in an experiment so as to make sure  that only the variable you are testing and changing is the one  affecting the results of your experiment. For example, in an  experiment to find the effect of light intensity on the rate of  photosynthesis of plant, you'll change...
Pinwhel connected to a coil of wire that rotates within the  magnetic field of a (or 2) permanent magnets.
1. generates/gives new information about an event or phenomena. 2. produces new material3. solves an existing community problems.
Amino acids are organic molecules which proteins are build from. There are twenty. However there is two amino acids which are acidic: Aspartic acid and glutamic acid.
The two factors influence one another since air is the key  relationship between them: the rate of motion of air and the degree  of hotness or coldness of a substance.
The use is telling how hot or cold the room is
areas of rising air and low  pressure. When air rises it cools, and the moisture it contains  condenses out as clouds, which eventually produce precipitation.
Igneous rock is formed when magma cools and solidifies   Magma can be forced into rocks, blown out in volcanic explosions
saint helena in south africa   aleutian island   mariana island   tonga in pacific ocean
The solvent, usually water, is boiled off by the addition of heat  energy, often under reduced pressure   Condensation is the opposite of evaporation and has the same  temperature as the BP of the liquid. When heat energy is removed  from a gas or vapour, it begins to condense
It is not possible to draw a structural formula in the Answers text  editor.
The genetic experiments Mendel did with pea plants took him eight  years (1856-1863)  and he published his results in 1865. During this time, Mendel grew  over 10,000 pea plants, keeping track of progeny number and type.
It is difficult to determine the absolute age of a sedimentary rock  because sedimentary rocks are made up of diverse particles that are  all different ages. As a result radioactive dating can only  determine the age of the particles, not the whole rock.
Two, the dependant and independent variable. The independent variable is what you are changing in each test and the dependant variable is what factor is being changed in it. There is also the baseline data which you are comparing everything to. For example if you are doing an experiment of whether...
    Electricity is "created" when certain chemicals react together.  We use chemically- made electricity to power many machines from  flashlights to a watch or sometimes a car. Yes, there are cars that  run on electricity! The devices that store electricity are called  batteries....
This is a fairly easy experiment to set up, provided you can get  round the fact that people can be put off if food doesn't look the  way they expect. You would need to use something like a pate or  custard type pudding. You can colour these without changing the  taste, then ask people to rate...
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at the top of the ramp the toy has a certain amount of potential   energy. The amount of this energy depends on the height of the  ramp and the weight of the toy. (The toy's weight is dependent on  its  mass and the force of gravity.) As the toy rolls down the ramp  this potential energy is...
through bilateral nervous system
The chemistry behind even the most simplistic of experiments can  baffle most, such as the bubbling as a result of salt being added  to soda. Soda itself is already "bubbly" due to its carbonation,  but add a dash of salt and it bubbles even more violently than on  its own. This bubbling effect...
south central  Indiana, United States, between Bloomington and Bedford
it helps in bringing to a conclucion whether we are right or wrong
genus, then species (homo=the genus, sapiens=the species)
Well, what i do is make fake data and if you need pictures of the experiment get them off the computer and call it your pictures. If you for whatever reason cannot get your project done on the last night you can go to freesciencefairproject.com and it will show you answers to your project ;)
Usually fluids get denser when the temperature drops. They get  denser and denser until they turn solid. The same thing happens to  water except that water is the densest when it is around 4°C. When  the temperature drops towards 0°C it's density lowers.   And also the liquid form is denser...
an explanation of an observation
This is a non starter because horoscopes may be fun but they are  not science. Even if you set out to find out if there are  correlations between star signs and anything else, you are not  going to get a large enough sample size to be meaningful. Why not  do something astronomical instead,...
The results of an experiment are called your data.
mini wind turbine, non neutonion fluids, circutry
There isn't really a "purpose" for harmful bacteria, or anything  else, in the scientific sense (perhaps what you really meant to ask  was "Why did God/the gods create harmful bacteria?" but then you  should have put it in the Religion category).    Some bacteria are "harmful" because that...
something that a person thinks that is true that other people  question
An idea like that is in a scenario when research on the idea can  prove it right or wrong.
it mean the result of your whole project like a short summary
All single celled organisms are placed under Kingdom Protista. This  kingdom forms a link between other kingdoms of plants, animals and  fungi. Members of Protista are primarily aquatic in nature.
How much sugar, how much water, how warm is "warm", are you  stirring it or not, is the sugar powdered, in the form of small  crystals, in the form of rock candy ... there are so many variables  that it is impossible to give an answer to a question this vague.    However, even if you had...
The melting point is the temperature at the solid and liquid states  of the material are in equilibrium; if the temperature is even very  slightly above the melting point, the material will melt, and if  it's even very slightly below, the material will freeze.    Technically the melting...
1. Purposing-students decide what particular learning task to  accomplish with the teacher allowing them to decide on thier own.   2. Planning-   3. Demonstration Proper   4. Executing   5. Evaluating
The outcomes must be repeatable because if the outcome keeps  changing, then something must have changed during one of the  experiments, giving you the different outcome.
Tubes or rings inside a plant
I have an ongoing issue with my bladder or uninary track. The bestway to describe it at first was that I was getting performanceanxiety while having to urinate in a public restroom or leaving aurine sample while being filmed at my methadone clinic twice aweek. I had no problem doing this for a long...
The Scientific Method was designed to gather, test, and explain information.
think of a question that you ask your self a lot about then do a  lot of reacherch and be origanal and have fun.
question,hypothesis,experiment,collect data,conclusion.
Buttrflys can only live for 2 days or until their wings touch ahuman or animals skin/fur.
You may need to be a bit more specific.    Lead is commonly used for X-ray shielding ... for example, if you  have your teeth X-rayed at the dentist, they'll put a sort of lead  apron over you to protect the rest of your body (I must confess  that it's not terribly reassuring that the barrel...
It is important because those are the things that help you manipulate the manipulated variable
the balloon would float because the helium inside the balloon would  pull it up, but if you had a weight or hand on the bottom, the  weight or hand would keep the balloon from rising away.   *****   Also, helium is lighter and less dense than air and will float  upwards.
BC Hydro's (In Canada) various facilities generate between 43,000 and 54,000 gigawatt hours of electricity annually, depending on prevailing water levels. BC Hydro's capacity is about 11,000 megawatts.
lets say the gas is evaporated water it must get really cold to  turn into a solid when that processes happens the molecules slow  down a lot to make a solid and do the opposite and heat it up to  turn it into a liquid.
No. Chemicals should be disposed of in a safe manner. Usually directions for disposal can be found on the box/tube/packet that the chemical came in. If none can be found, ask a professional (teacher, lab assistant, poison control expert) what is the proper disposal for a certain chemical. Excess...
An experiment gives us proof that we are right.
It can really be either or, a mixture because it includes many  products and a solution because two parts (dressing) and (veggies)  have been mixed to form a solution.
Depends on what type of seed you're talking about. Most seedssimply need the right temperature and the right amount of humidity.An easy way is to put a wet paper towel in a bag, put the seed inthe paper towl, and put it in a warm place in the house.
It's the answer to your hypothesis.
If you leave it over night it goes squishy, rubbery and very flexible
Orange Juice. Orange Juice does not have enough acids to make theegg explode =, so therefore, orangejuice.
When the beam of electrons passed through the gold foil, some were  deflected at odd angles. This indicated the presence of a more  massive portion of the atom that could be explained by the raisin  pudding model.
It is possible to use control group in a sentence as long as it does make sense.
Principle of Working:A Moving Coil Galvanometer works on the Electromagnetic effect of current carrying coil (free to move) being placed in an air-gap between the soft iron core and the strong pole pieces of the magnet. The current following in the moving coil which is the specimen to be sensed or...
because the thick candle is fatter and it is hard to melt and a thin candle is thin and its skinney so yee
You don't need to prove much - just look at the definition of a vector. A vector includes a magnitude (in this case the force), and a direction. Since weight (or "the force of gravity") is directed to a certain direction, namely downward, you can consider it a vector.\n You don't need to prove much...
conducting experiment
sampling theorem is used to know about sample signal.
No; all around us, all the Universe is matter in different known or still unknown state.
First, the science behind a hard-boiled egg: Egg whites are made of water and proteins. Proteins are made of long chains of amino acids, but in an egg the chains are clumped tightly together in individual spheres. (These are called "globular proteins.") When the egg is heated, the proteins and water...
Its a general verdict that girls are better at guessing. But that's  not true. Every human is different and guess work is pure luck.  Yes, mental abilities of a person can come handy.