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Find questions about how different mechanisms originated and the people who came up with the ideas and put them into reality.
wax poured into a special glass
Typewriters & electric or manual calculating machines
It is a extinct model as far as i know :)
African drums were the first to be invented, but they were usedeverywhere and anywhere where there was a tribe, it was usedtraditionally and to scare off evil spirits, also for dances andtribal meetings. There was never a Inventor
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He had to consistently come up with new inventions all the time.
 The beginning of modern photojournalism took place in 1925, in  Germany. The event was the invention of the first 35 mm camera, the  Leica. It was designed as a way to use surplus movie film, then  shot in the 35 mm format. Before this, a photo of professional  quality required bulky...
They used cameras as well to capture scenes and then paint up afterplus many used the cameras as a portrait capture as well. Paintinghas not gone away
With the discovery of electricity, everybody expected that all cars would be electric and run on rechargeable batteries. Tesla had gone one better and actually produced a working automobile that ran on electricity taken from the surrounding ether like an antenna picks up radio waves. This would...
I think it was Charles Babbage and he credited deservedly as Father  of the Computer, the world renowned inventor of Differential Engine  and Analytical Engine.
i think his name is VALSPAR. Hope it helped you
An engine that uses fuel and oil.
The printing press was invented to make printing an easier, faster,  and cheaper process.
oil   ball bearings   cushion of bed   magnetic forces
In the late 1950s Bob Egan at the  University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center combined a  technique of low kVp with high mA and single emulsion films to  devise a method of screening mammography for the first time. He  published these results in 1959 in a paper, and subsequently in a ...
Because technology wasn't as bright as today's tech. Also, Britain  was the only country innovating until some smugglers helped America  thrive to success. The steamboat was later created due to the  smugglers from Britain. America was still a new country, so they  had to stabilize their...
Bernard "Boom Boom" Geoffrion invented speed puck in the year 1967
sorry but he was either never born or it is unknown
His achievements include improvements to the  telescope and consequent astronomical observations and support  for  Copernicanism.
Even thou Doctor Pepper has been around since 1885 and wasoriginally made in Texas the flavor Cherry wasn't made till October15, 2004 witch is 119 years with out the popular flavor DR.PepperCherry.
The initial commercial cigarettes were made throughout 1865 by  Washington Duke it out on his 300-acre farm throughout Raleigh,  North Carolina. His hand-rolled cigarettes were sold to members of  the military at the end of the Civil Conflict. It was not until  John Bonsack invented the...
1600.00 I know that's on the 870 and what else i don't know but it's unlikely any Remington shotgun will bring that amount
If you decrease the size of a page's margins, you will decrease the  amount of data that can be printed on the page.
More people could go more places in less time. Even people who didn't travel could send a letter or package coast to coast faster than they could before.
Neosporin (from neo, (Greek) new + sporos, (Greek) seed) is an antibiotic  product marketed for the prevention of infections and speeding the healing of wounds.  Concern exists that the use of Neosporin contributes to the  emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. In the US, the  only large...
Lubricatorinvented in 1872.made for easily removing things(oil)inventor=elijiah mccoy.
No-one "invented" electricity. It is a natural force. Howevermany people discovered its nature and laws, and it was MichaelFaraday who realised the relationships between electricity andmagnetism, hence making possible the generation of electricity, andthe electric motor.
Steam engine was invented by Newcomen in early 1750. A Steam engine was built by James Watt in 1774. James Watt realised why existing engines to the Newcomen designwere so desperately inefficient, and developed an importantmodification that greatly improved them. He and others alsodeveloped what...
There is no specific patent number for the mailbox.
Alan Turing invented the first Electronic Computer.
Yes, however, his various inventions changed his life dramatically.
The invention of the telephone established the first stage of telecommunications which eventually led to the invention of the Internet.
Gutenberg was the first person to invent a printing press that had moveable printed type. The book he published was the Gutenberg Bible.
Ballpoint pens have a hull, usually in two parts so the pen can be  taken apart. A plastic trigger at the top part forms the button  that you press to lock the pen.   The pen itself is usually in one piece, consisting of a plastic  tube with ink and a metal tip. The filling rests under the top...
The first tractor to technically have the John Deere name on it was called the Dain. For the rest of the story see the related link...
the chinese and it is for counting. it is the original calculator
Many inventions have been labor-saving devices like the clothes washing machine. This in particular has changed people's lives for the better. Without a washing machine clothes have to be washed slowly and tediously by hand, then rinsed, then wrung out by hand, before drying. Truly a great invention...
 Pascal's principle : Pressure applied to an enclosed fluid is  transmitted undiminished to every part of the fluid, as well as to  the walls of the container.   A common application of this is a hydraulic lift used to raise a  car off the ground so it can be repaired at a garage. A small...
Internet is an important invention because without it you wouldn't be reading this. It also helps you do research on different things like schoolwork kinda stuff. It is also another form of communication if you have an email address, Facebook, Myspace, etc.
what is the machine for? Many ways to make something for kids but  what is the purpose
Japan was the first to produce a true toy robot. It was a wind up  toy that walked made of tin plate. It was only 15 cm tall.
in 1938 first rocket was invented
It was developed in various laboratories in 1928 and it took 5 more  years until it was marketed
The wooden boy, Noddy, was first illustrated by the English author  Eind Blyton.   In the fictional world, he is created by the Old Man Caver.   Therefore, it depends if you are talking about the fictional world  or the real world.
Curtain tracks gives you lots of possibilities.for hanging bothpanel curtains and regular ones.As we are talking about theirhistory Mosaics used them from 2 to 6th century.
never they still arent common!
Of course he did! Just like every great inventor and regular human  being, there were many failures before success came.
The first machine patented in the United States that showed animated pictures or movies was a device called the "wheel of life" or "zoopraxiscope". Patented in 1867 by William Lincoln, moving drawings or photographs were watched through a slit in the zoopraxiscope. However, this was a far cry from...
Certainly? Think about things such as GPS systems or something evenmore common than that such as mobile phones or even the Internet.Information technology made it possible to invent useful thingssuch as these. There are countless things that can be mentioned onthis actually.
guglielmo marconi recieved transatlantic signals from his radio
On 9 December 1868,[8] the first, non-electric, gas-lit trafficlights were installed outside the Houses of Parliament in London tocontrol the traffic in Bridge Street, Great George Street andParliament Street. They were proposed by the railway engineer J. P.Knight of Nottingham, who had adapted this...
general Han Hsin of Han dynasty
Because under your thumb, inside the straw, there is now a vacuum  which keeps the water in.
Yes. I has helped farming very much. It also is used to mark  borders on peoples's land and property. In World War I it was used  extensively for defensive fortifications, and trapped thousands of  men to be shot down by machine guns. It is still used today, but  razor wire is a new version of...
Unfortunately, no, but it would be cool. We can't do anything apart from wait.
Lever is used for praying as in the case of crowbar or lifting.The  distance from the operator's hands to the fulcrum is known as the  lever arm.
The Greeks did they borrowed the Phoenician alphabet and created  the own alphabet using the Phoenician alphabet.
robert fulton on august 7,1807
  A patent has been applied for but not yet granted.
 James Watt watched a tea kettle boil, and built a steam engine.  This is what we read in school. But England imported tea from  China; the Chinese have boild tea for a thousand years before the  English. Why didn't some Chinese James Watt invent the steam  engine?   Karl Benz built the...
Actually Gliders were invented during the time of War. Germans wanted to spy on other countries. So they built gliders.
They argued because Thomas Edison was supporting the electric flow  of direct current, whereas Nikola Tesla wanted Alternating current  to catch on. Today, we generally use alternating current.
The first high speed printer was invented in 1938 and was invented by Chester Carlson. In 1455, Germany, Johannes Gutenberg printed the first book. It was a copy of the Bible, but the first ever made with movable type. in 1970- 1953
Una investigación científica, prueba-basada del estado de laciencia y de la tecnología en el mapa de la ciudad de la ciencia yde la tecnología de los canadienses, creciendo y respetandointernacionalmente. Durante los últimos cinco años, las mejorasreales han ocurrido en la magnitud...
sir isac bowlsctouth
Novelty toasters like the Jesus toaster and other toasters that  create images on toast work a lot like silkscreening. There is a  plate with the design cutout that goes against the heating elements  on one side. The heat passes through the cutout sections and only  toasts those areas... much...
How about your sisters brother's mother's father's granddaughter!
Most people do, however, some people take it for granted. Not  everyone does, but not everyone doesn't.
Fire, primitive tools, and the wheel will be on the list of contenders.
Samuel Morse developed Morse Code, to be used with the electric telegraph in the early 1840's. He was helped ny Professor Leonard Gale and financier Alfred Vail.
When he was young, Edinburgh was really a haven for the arts and  science. Both his Grandfather and Father were experts on the  mechanics of voice and elocution. His Mother was Deaf and became an  accomplished pianist, this inspired him to take on huge challenges.  So my answer is that his...
Michael Faraday invented electromagnetic on 29TH of August1831. . ADDED: He didn't "invent" it but discovered its principles.
People usually discover the light shortly after they are born.
The first walking stick was invented In 1917 by Emile Schlick   
Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in1873
In 1650, Otto Von Guericke invented the air pump.
yes if you are an inventor