Woodwind Instruments

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Woodwind instruments are any instruments which produce sound by moving air through or across an opening of the instrument. Questions about these instruments belong here.
you can get a flute at Music&Arts
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The clarinet originated in Europe. The modern day clarinet has evolved from more primitive versions but did NOT come from the saxophone.
b d a g a b d a g a b d a g d c b a, b d a g a b d a g a b d a g d
Look up "my heart will go on notes for oboe" on Google images
No, so far on the show how it's made hasn't showed how to make an oboe. I really wish they had though and a bassoon as well. I play both if you were wondering
This is clearly your homework. Wiki will not do your work for you. Time for you to get to work and figure this out.
Best guess is that it was Vince Denham, longtime reedman for Michael McDonald.
The recorder is a chromatic instrument meaning that it has all 12notes of the chromatic scale. A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, Gand G#.
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Just search online Pink Panther Flute, and look through the firstcouple links and you'll find it
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There is the comb, reed plate, cover plate, windsaver, andmouthpiece.
You can't play with just one saxaphone, but, the sheet music for it can be found on google by typing in movie adventures by John Williams. or star wars by John Williams. a a a d hi a hi g hi f# hi e hi c hi a hi g hi f# hi e hi c hi a hi gf#ge It looks like this d d d g d c b a g d c b a g d c...
The pads of a saxophone close tone holes on the main body, making the vibrations caused by the reed to travel farther and therefore, producing a lower note or tone.
bassoon players are mossly famose because there are not many ofthem
this is how you play It's Raining on recorder. Here are the notes G G E A G E E G E A G E G G E E A G G E E A G G G E E A G E If you don't know these notes on the recorder i suggest you look up how to play these notes or you will probably have trouble with the song. Hope this helps!!
Yes of course you practice plays before you perfom
Yes you can try e bay or music room but if you want to go in a shop there is John Myetts in Hitchin
Notes between C and E There are three notes between C and E: C # /D b , D, and D # /E b . Just so you don't get so confused, the person that answered this was correct, but some people are just beginning and you really don't want to confuse them because they aren't ready. Between C and E...
for low b-flat: (play the bold notes) oo [play the O key on the back] O O O -- O O O _ _ _ _ high b-flat: (↓↓shaped like teardrops) o o [play the key shaped like a U one the back] O O O -- O O O _ _ _ _ high-high b-flat: oo O ...
The recorder, like all wind instruments, is a single-note instrument, meaning that you can play only one note at a time. A chord is defined as three or more notes played at the same time, so you would need three recorders playing different notes to effect a chord. Chords can be played on poyphonic ...
usually 2 or 3 depending on the performed piece
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Select a reed thickness that coincides with your skill level (ifyou are a beginner, try a thinner reed). Proper posture is needed,and cover the top holes with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingers of yourleft hand, and the bottom holes with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th fingersof your right hand.
It will be on the second line from the bottom and have a flat sign next to it. or, if it is an octave higher it will in be the second space above the top line of the measure.
Playing Fur-Elise with a wooden instrument would need an accompaniment--preferably from a string orchestra. A keyboard accompaniment may not be used as it is a work for solo piano. An interesting alternative would be to transcribe it to a woodwind quartet or quintet.
there are many notes to learn. it sounds good, and becomes easierto play as you practice
I recomend YAMAHA. The flutes that they make are really good. You can buy them online or go to a music store. Most music stores have YAMAHA flutes
Yes it is a very good oboe in general.
GGG gggg Bb Bb C if the G was a quarter note and the g is a 16th note and the Bb and C's are quaters too
the piccilo is the most similar, but is takes twice as much air, so good luck getting a sound out.. there is also an alto flute that is HUGE!! check it out sometime. it is really cool if you are into instruments.
Many if not most cultures around the world have had a form of bagpipes in their cultural history, as such its hard to pin down where the first set came from, but the earliest evidence of bagpipes is from about 1000BC in what is now the Middle East.
Artie Shaw died on December 30, 2004 at the age of 94.
first, buy a long wood piece from a hardware store or so. then get a drill and drill some holes on top of the clarinet. then cut out the nose of the clarinet.. next use a polisher OR sand paper to smooth the edges... after that step use a hot glue gun to glue the nose together with the clarinets...
A double b flat is also an A
It depends on what kind of music you play, but mainly go Semler,Yamaha, Yanagisawa, King, H-Couf, Cannonball, Conn, & Buesherare the most common. Try different saxophones untill you find theone, that's perfect for you
(intro) Eb D Bb Eb D Bb C Bb C Eb F Bb Bb G F Eb (where the singing starts) Bb FF Eb Fb Eb Bb (You would not believe your eyes) Bb CC Bb C Eb F (If ten million fireflies) G F Eb BbBb G F Eb C (Lit up the world as I fell asleep) Bb FF Eb Fb Eb Bb (Cuz they fill the open air) Bb CC Bb C...
stamdard ones vary between 44 and 46 holes. :)
Welll I only ca do the first five notes but here is to get you started off... gg e g d
I think Theobald Boehm did but im not 100% sure
It is held vertically with your right thumb under the thumb rest on the back and left had on top. The Left thumb controls the octave key on the back of the top stack. The pointer, middle and ring fingers on both hands operate the round keys on the body, while the pinkies are used to play the long...
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The flute is longer than a oboe and an oboe has a double reed and a flute does not have a reed. The flute has a cylindrical bore while the oboe has a conical bore. The fingerings are definitely comparable, but not the same. The oboe has a range from Bb below the treble clef to Ab twice above the...
The tone and range of the clarinet adds color to the sound of the orchestra, along with all the other instruments of the wind section. The clarinet also blends beautifully with strings, flute and oboes, bassoons, french horns, offering the composers much variety when choosing how they would like...
Not often. Saxophones are transposing instruments (the note they see and finger is not the note that comes out) and oboes are not. C "melody" saxophones are relatively rare, but they would be able to read C music along with an oboe.
Try taking Paper towel rolls and spray painting them black, and usepipe cleaners for all the metal pieces.
Yamaha makes clarinets that are great for new players. The instruments are sturdy and built for less experienced hands. To with that, I suggest starting with reeds sized at 2.5, especially those by Rico Royal. These reeds are created so that they are easy to play on for beginners. As the musician...
Bagpipes, because there is one bag and many pipes in/on the instrument.
you find bamboo and cut it down to size ---- It isn't and easy thing to do. You'll need specially grown cane, properly aged and dried. You'll also need a number of special tools, none of which are inexpensive. Assuming you have all of these things you'll now need a lot of patience and a...
Yes! There are four different types of Saxophones that all vary in size: Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone.
I play the saxophone and I bought my sheet music from Ellaways at Underwood.
Reeds vary in how long they'll last between brands. In any case, buy yourself a good reed case (or holder) that keeps the reeds flat while not in use. If you live in a very dry or very humid area, get a case that has some form of humidity control. Also, keep a good number of reed in use by using...
C c g g a a g f f e e d d c g g f f e e d g g f f e e d c c g g a a g f f e e d d c
It is played in a higher octovie (notes played go higher). That would be the piccolo. Hope this helps! :)
J. Christoph Denner created the clarinet.
One well-known piece of clarinet music is Stranger on the Shore, written and made famous by Acker Bilk.
pete fountain acker bilk benny goodman. you left out Artie Shaw
No, the chalumeau looked more like a recorder.
The notes for 'Hot Cross Buns' on a recorder are as follows: BAG BAG GGGG AAAA BAG
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Bagpipes are most often played at weddings, funerals, military events, street parades ... in fact, at any occasion that is a celebration or commemoration.
Easy you just need a straw and your own finger to make the sound you need to hold your finger and blow. waz up YOYOYO
The first 3 fingers and thumb on the left hand. the pinky is the only one on the right hand. *I thought it was thumb,2,3 on ur left hand and pinky on ur right hand
No, saxophones are aerophones. Membranophones, generally speaking, are percussion instruments; their sound comes from the vibration of a membrane that is struck. Aerophones are instruments whose sound is created by a column of air that vibrates inside the instrument. Most of the instruments we...
Viperpiper. Check it on Google or you could try City of Oaks.
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In the high school band that I am in our director suggests that we have a rotation of three reeds. The reed should be changed between rehearsals. One set of three reeds will last us about a month in a concert band setting if we take good care of them. We all use and suggest rico reed cases with the...
Mozart composed the Concerto for Clarinet and Piano , K.622, in 1791. He wrote it specifically for the Basset clarinet, though the sheet music is now available for both Bb and standard A clarinet.
Flute, Piccolo, Bass Flute, Western concert flute, alto flute, Contra-alto flute, contrabass flute, double contrabass flute, hyperbass flute, and Irish flute.
Lee Oskar preformed a song called "Before the rain" on the album of the same name. He was the harmonica player for the band War.
Hi. I think most modern drones especially in the UK are made from African Blackwood. it is very dence and produces a wonderful mellow sound.