Relationships include parent/child, sibling/sibling, friendship, dating, marriage, and lots of others. They can be great, but many times they are problematic and can be unhappy or even abusive. This category is for questions about relationships, both good and bad.
I was in a relationship for 4 years and last year decided to endthe relationship. We have remained close friends and there is nobad blood or awkwardness. This is how I broke up with him and howwe remained friends. I broke up with 'Roger' (Name changed) face to face. This is theonly way to do it to...
Men are larger, stronger and have more physical endurance thanwomen. In the past this meant they fought the battles -- hand tohand and sword & shield combat are physically demanding. Forsimilar reasons they were the hunters. And, because of their sizeand strength they could physically dominate women...
Give her small hints, make sure you are comfortable too. If you areshy and just cannot say it straight up write her a cute note.
It depends on how old he is. My little brother is 7 years old. One morning my Mom got me to bring the clean landury upstairs. At the time my brother was brushing his teeth. I was carrying so much landury that the pile was covering my face completely! I jumped out at him and yelled, BOO! His eyes...
Yes, there are many. Contact any church or adoption agency and theyusually can offer you information.
It means, that he needs you to prove how much you are willing to care for him. ensure that you listen to him and offer advice when available. Try not to give up on him or freak out because this may be seen as a break up sign- however I think he just needs you to be there.
Loving more than one person during a relationship.
it is bad because you are related. But you can submit some really hot and erotic stories to sexualwebsites. That way you can sharpen your literary skills andpotentially make a lucrative career for yourself. You can love your cousin like you love your parents or siblings,but it's not healthy to want...
Over 7,000 children are injured or killed due to ONLY gun violence.
first you must hit the @ button and the start typing the name exp:@patrick swazye *if they're your friend it will pop up with a listto chose from. pick the friend you want and it will highlight it inblue. You can tag as many people as you want. on the bottom of the page there should be a section where it says "want to be a player on famikyfued"
All you have to do is click on someone you aren't friends with on facebook and scroll down on their profile page and see if you share any mutual friends.
Homosexuality is not determined by genes. The theory is thathomosexuality is associated with a combination of gene sequences(not individual genes) with gestational hormones. Gene sequences can occur and recur regardless of whether certainindividual genes become rare or even extinct. If...
That they changed your world in whatever way they did cause that isusually the most meaningful thing to them I think
That is a pesonal opinion... but my fave would be Jarry
It depends on the man, but if we're talking about the classic married man stereotype, he would feel guilt (or proud or even not-caring, depends on the man). The wife would feel a lot of guilt and anger. The man would feel guilt not because of his mistress but because he got caught. The wife would...
Tell him to get lost, you two had your chance, but you chose to leave each other.tell his current girlfriend He's your ex for a reason. Stay away.
bring roses...or w/e her favorite flower is! show up at her door like prince charming. she wont think its will be really romantic
Well that is kind of a confusing question since fear is an emotion too. Emotions are very important and actually, the more you have emotions the fuller your life will be. You can feel happiness for little things such as watching birds and other cliché things, the same thing is accurate for anger...
The meaning of love is caring and being kind to one another. Loveis a emotion we cant fight
It's likely just a fase. He's probably confused. Maybe you're his first love. Don't freak out about it.
Just calmly tell you friend. If they have a problem, so be it. It's YOUR life, not theirs.
Bambinaia in Italian is "nanny" in English.
follow him hes iether stalking her ,cheating on u or loves both of you - he's either cheating on you or seriously wants to. Ex's are ex's for a reason. --------------------------- Relationships don't always work out. That does not mean that an ex is one extreme or another between wanting to...
The space needle has stopped the restaurant. or the rotation of it. But it is a very expensive dinner. I have only had dinner there once and it cost my parents over $400 and that was in 2000.
Be there for her. This might be very hard for you to understand at first, but if she trusted you enough to tell you, than this should be something that will make your relationship stronger in the end, not tear it part. Some guys dont know how to take this information, because it is a big deal, and...
Well, your not right? so just prove that to her! be extraa sweet and do some charity work...ask her to help you :) and dont go to jail
Yes He had about four children .
Even if a muslim boy did like you in school, he is unable to act upon it due to religious restraints.
Make sure your friend is not a very clumsy person then hand the baby over very carefully and tell him not to drop it. Babies are very fragile and should not be handed over for anyone to carry as they can easily be hurt.
you can send them a love note or you can send them messages on facebook,twitter, whatever you dont need to say it all you need to do is let them know you like them
Dreams do not really mean anything. Your brain is just sorting things out and you happen to remember some stuff that gets connected with other memories and there is no rhyme or reason for it other than these are things you have been thinking about recently.
Well actually you get a list of supplies u need.If u don't have it just call your friends that have children or think of alot of baby supplies that u need.U can probly get most of the supplies at Babies 'r' Us. PEACE!
If you and your girlfriend are on a temporary break, then you needto be subtle in the way you talk to her. Speak in a calm and quiettone, this will show that you are remorseful and reassure her atthe same time that you are serious about your relationship
You should charge at least 10 dollars an hours or a least 5 becauseeight year oolds are a handful trust me i know from experience im13 and i babysit an 8yearold boy and girl their twins
Well, act hard to get at first. You don't want to ignore him too much though because then he'll think your over him:) Teach him a lesson,make sure he learns that leaving you or doing you wrong was a bad choice that way you can sure he wont do it again.
The last episode of Friends ended with Monica and Chandler havingtwin babies, a boy and a girl. They named them Erica and Jack. Rossand Rachel were back together with baby Emma. Joey was happy ascould be. Mike and Pheobe wanted a baby. Monica, Chandler and thetwins left the apartment and moved into...
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About 10% but that oesn't mean it couldn't rise at any moment.
I think kinship is the bond between family members. Marriage is a legal contract between to unrelated people who love each other
It can be any cost depending on the shop, material etc..
It depends if the girl likes you. They may cry, but not in front ofyou. They will get over it though
hold on i will go look being a homewrecker
it can mean either you really like him or u might becoming desperate, try not to do that as much and if it starts to get worse, talk to your friends about it or even, maybe talk to ur bf about it.
well, your pretty young but BE YOURSELF and look amazing...if you do that then he will surely fall for you also, to get him to ask you out again, be flirty but dont push it too far. Let him come to you.
yes, it probably means he is attracted to you. if you have the samefeeling with him, just give him a sign to see what will happennext.
teach her alife lesson i taught my wife i brought her to the zoo as a suprise and she stayed with the penguins for 3 nights her home behavior has changed so much it is just wonderful what a zoo can do for a family of four it is said that penguins get people thinking straight and help you find real...
they shouldn't unless there sick or cold
Excuses for what? For why he always has the remote control instead of you or mom? Or why it's been a year and a half and he still can't find work? It makes a difference.
Well,It depends on the age. Im 15 and well I would think the guy is a total jerk, but then again if he doesnt have a relationship going on with girl number one than its not that bad. Still, the guy is wrong for doing girl number one that way. If he was with her than its all eyes on her.
thanks for having me and you guys are the best simple and dilighful
One big reason is that they don't have to live your life after you follow the advice. However, if you have a large problem and don't feel that you are dealing well with it, it might be worthwhile to follow any advice until you feel like you are on more solid footing.
Well I'm 19 and honestly spending time with my girlfriend is one ofthe greatest gifts of all but I know you want actual gift ideas soI can't tell you exactly what to get him because I dont know himbut evaluate his interests, what he likes, cars, anime, obey hats,etc. and get him something that...
The boy probably wants reassurance that you like him. He probably doesn't have much confidence in himself. He thinks you're too good for him. You should be flattered if anything. If he asks you why you touched him say "I like you and I want to be closer to you." He'll usually like that.
Whether this mate of yours is a guy or a girl I wouldn't care.What matters is he is with YOU, not your mates.
O like when every they come around your so happy.. You dont know what to say or do
You wouldn't know because he's hiding it lol. If the guy likes you, you'd usually catch him looking at you, then you exchange waves, and you look down only to see him still kind of staring. Try watching him from the corner of your eye next time(without being obvious) because chances are, he's...
babysit for $10 and babysit 4 times. Or charge $20 and babysittwice
Yes, it looks much nicer when you open it because there aren't a bunch of loose papers. :)
You take the first 3 letters of your last name then the first 2 letters of your first name to get your first name, then you take the first 3 letters of your mother's maiden name and the first 3 letters of the city where you where born to get your last name. I'm Foriz Reepan!
no ready for the step growin is part of the life you don't need that right now. remember this, baby don't run first they crow ,walk, run
Just flirt with him and be his friend so you can get closer to him. If he doesn't make the first move then you should but give it some time on first.
Don't dump your friendship over a guy!! Friends are here for you, to help you through thick and thin! Toss the guy to the curb. Chicks before d**ks, man... trust me....
Your going to need the following : Baby Wipes, Lotion (if needed), Baby powder (if needed), A clean diaper, a bag, gloves(if needed), and most importantly skill! 1. Take off diaper 2. Wipe the babies buttocks with a clean moist wipey 3. Put the diaper(dirty) and dirty wipey into the bag 4. Put...
People should have the option. Some people are more comfortable in boys only or girls only school and some people are not. Having a choice is important. Having boys and girls attend separate schools is often called "Gender Apartheid". People support such gender segregation in schools for...
You have to do things and take risks to see if you really like him like that much. You need to know him like in talking and communication. Watch to see if he makes moves on you and also see if you two have the same hobbies and interests. One of you will ask each other out probably and remember...
Personalized baby gifts makes it possible to make it personal. Personalized baby gifts foster individual creativity and individuality. They are great for all baby occasions: baby presents, baby shower gifts, baby holiday gifts, baby birthday presents, baby's first photo opportunities, future holiday...
Its different for everyone, I however found out I couldn't move on, so I took action, and now she is by my side. Try it, just take action d and whatever happens DO NOT GIVE UP or settle for less. You will never forget about someone you love but the ONLY way to move on is to cut off all contact...
That is a really tricky one...I hate to say it, but I think the living children have first burial rights IF they are adult age (18+)...because the way i think of it, when your daughter became an adult, you ceased being her may wanna ask a lawyer though
Ask questions! Look for signs of interest! Try to make it a bit obvious to him that you've fallen in love with him. Tell him your like majorly in love with this one guy but you afraid to make a move. Then depending on his answer MAKE A MOVE!
Get some counseling to find out why you are so eager to continue an abusive relationship. It is a mystery why so many women love men who abuse them. He uses you when he has no one else to use at the moment. You should realize he's doing the same thing to the other women in his life. He will never...
tell him the problem, if he doesn not stop then leave
There is many steps to take for her to come to Cananda. Its going to be hard for her to leave the country depending on how serious her criminal records are.. You may be able to get her into Canada as your spouse, if her criminal record is not too serious, but that will not make her a Canadian...
tell him to stop..or leave...spouses should not be involved in everything their significant other does...its smothering and it makes people pissed off at one another, tell him you need your space
Well, technically its bad. But you should wait a while to see where things lead up to. Maybe things can be fixed but if you see that nothing seems to change then its best to walk away from the relationship. Remember you cant force anyone to be with someone they dont love.
no way I am married to a black man and live in aussie
well i would write a poem like roses are red some diamonds are blue just to let you know i really like you!or something like that
you enjoyed the kiss...☺☻☺☻
your 14 you shouldn't get married even if he got you pregnant
No, you can never have a serious relationship at that age. I think it's great to have friends who are guys but not boyfriends. From Blubberisgross
He is probably nervous (: its okay though. just kisss him already!!!!!
Well, it is possible. But you wouldn't be able to get maried until you are 18 ( 18 is the age of consent).
You call them someone you have feelings for, but until you tell them how you fell your gonna stay freinds