Bullying occurs when someone or a group of people upset or create a risk to another person's health and safety, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. Learn why bullying is prohibited on WikiAnswers and express your questions about it and other inappropriate behaviors in our Bullying category!
well one answer may be that your child may be depressed. They may be angry or stressed may not want to do anything with family.
You should tell a teacher outside or a principal if bullying is a big problem in your school :D.
From original answer: Report it to the service, then ignore it. Cyberbullying is unlike face to face bullying; without a response it withers and dies. It only has an affect if the bullied person buys into it.
jelly belly or maybe four eyes. fatso .
well about 20% of all bullying is cyber bullying
Loads, but I don't know the number of children that get bullied.
Because they feel small! Think how you would feel if you were 1 foot tall and faced with another dog 3 feet taller than you! They put up a fight because they feel intimidated!
fitting in, being popular, being skinny, being cool, and being awknoledged and noticed.
Some of the forms of cyberbullying is via text, e-mail, chat room based websites, and examples like AIM chat or Yahoo chat.
to get attention from other peers, to look tough, to try to hurt another person, because of their ego,
You(as in who ever is reading this) ! If we work together, we can stop cyberbulllying !
Bulimic activity increases as anxiety increases. Bullying has a very negative affect on the bulimic subject. It helps to think of bingeing and purging as simply symptoms of a much deeper issue. It is an issue that can manifest itself in a multitude of ways, usually when the sufferer is at their most...
Well if everyone is bullying you then tell your parents, they canpull you out and go into another school and start a new life there.It would be better for you, since if you stay at that school orwhatever, you could get hurt.
In my experience, I was bullied in middle school, and because of this situation had no trouble in high school. I believe everyone is bullied at one time or another. Anyway, it was me against 4 of my once close girlfriends and soon who ever they gathered on their side. They spread nasty rummors about...
Its just not fat people that get bullied it could be anyone. Like Skinny people, small people, tall people or just the colour of your hair! I know many people say this but if you ignore the bullies they'd only get bored and stop. Hope this was useful
Alot of celebrities were bullied. Celebs are real people andEVERYBODY whether you want to or not gets bullied. Lady Gaga,Sandra Bullock, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, Tyra Banks, and DemiLovato were some of many.
Tell them this: your being your honest self and it's not consideredbullying.
It does not matter if they are female or male, as either one can bully pretty harmfully. If you do have a child or know someone who is getting bullied contact a teacher, principal, or if an extreme case the police or the bully's parents.
The average wage depends on what the person has as a job, but roughly on an annual salary would be: £24,000 - £30,000 pounds, that is not including taxes and bills.
yes im living proof...
what is bully for! ps2 x-box 360 wii pc
talk to your boss about it
there is bulling everywhere you go
'You' Or I guess I got infected with your family's BS when I "hung out" with your mom/dad
there is no real answer for this question so nobody knows
On average,15% of children get bullied everyday (not nice!)
A bully will bully because s/he . Is searching for attention; . Is jealous of the victim; . Is experiencing home problems; or . Feels tough and strong . Has been the victim of bullying. Overall, bullies bully because they feel that it makes them stronger and more popular. Bullying also...
There are 3 types: � Physical: Punches you, has fights. � Cyber: Rude messages on the computer, text messaging. � Verbal: Name calling gossiping -sexual: forcing you to do something that you do not want to do; touches you in places you don't want to be touched
Bullying happens everywhere, even in the adult world. Adults thatdo it have usually just refined it to a skill where it is not soobvious. Often, bullies don't even understand why they are doing itthemselves. It sometimes has to do with making themselves feelbetter at the expense of others. That can...
Peer pressure can have negative effects by doing something you don't want to do and having negative consequences from your actions. Doing something you don't want to do can also have a negative impact on your life by ruining your social reputation. An example: Doing Drugs Having a friend...
alot but i sugguset you dont do it life will turn around aventually
Well this question can't be answered exactly, but I would think in the whole world there would be hundreds of thousands of kids bullied.
After reading your comments on the discussion page, you need to see a personal injury attorney (preferably one who regularly handles in school-related issues) immediately. It is truly an outrage that the school has stood idle while your son has had to endure daily bullying. Any good personal injury...
-Childline-SUSO -anti-bullying campaign -you can talk to your parents -you can let a school guidance teacher or your tutor know
In GA this would be considered a "Simple Battery" a misdemeanor, and would require school documentation of the "bullying" and a police report. This can be made with a Juvenile Complaint Form, and submitted to the local juvenile court for inquiry/trial. Your Local PD or SO can facilitate this.
when some one does something: S everal T imes O n P urpose
you say "thanks to all my haters for making me famous". Usually people talk about you because they want to be just like you or they are jealous of you. Keep that in mind and you will prevail. The more they think it bothers you, the more they talk. If you can ignore it long enough and they see they...
She probably deserved it. Usually in a playful manner, but sometimes as revenge for a previous incident.
well its really just classic to rip the underwear of a victim so really it probably came from natural ones and became a prank
You can tell an older brother or sister, or a parent. You can tellsome friends so they can stick up for you. You can also tell ateacher whom you feel comfortable approaching and confiding in.Guidance cousellors may also be availble for you to talk to.
There are several known signs of possible suicidal behavior. One sign is that your friend has been very withdrawn lately from most of the people in their life. They might not have any close relationships at all. He/She might have talked to you in a way that led you to raise this question to begin...
Bullying is not a good thing it can cause lot's of trubbel
sometimes a person in power over others will not be viewed favorably by their inferiors. this is not always the case, but the person receiving the unfortunate, sensitive, or difficult news may not feel the sensitivity in the other person's voice. it's not normally an issue, but sometimes people...
nothing an albino is a person too
For boys, Physical (Hitting, Pushing, Shoving, Hurting) For Girls, Verbal (Insults, Put-downs)
Kids can get bullied at any age. It is best to be involved in your child's life in order to make sure they are not being bullied or harassed by anyone at school, daycare, on a sports team, etc.
Preform a hanging wedgie on the person, then take turns pulling the feet to the ground, and letting go. This should be VERY uncomfertable. Trust me, I know!
Over 1000 children get bullyed worldwide
no it was not, but there was an audience though
Intelligent enough to know that bullying doesn't make you popular.
the violent computer games led to more violence in bullying inteenagers because teenagers are still developing their mind andwhatever the see they do because they think it makes them look cool
no because all your'e doing is defending youreself and if the other person has done it too than it is not even against the law
What do i do if your family members are always making fun of you and putting you down Put them down back! Or throw them away like the garbage they are. Your family is suppose to love respect and encourage you not hate and demean you. Sorry you deal with that. Treat them how they treat you buddy!
ALMOST a third of school children from the ages 10-12 in Wales getbullied in a two-month period, according to a student survey.
Bully-able (adjective) means that a person and or animal/thing is able to be bullied (easily).
There are many issues both with the actual 'activity' and for thepersons health and emotions. Some Cyber-bullying is does anonymously therefore the person mayfeel even more at risk because they can't get help against aspecific person. Furthermore, even if it's not done anonymously,the person may...
He is jealous or it makes him feel strong and good about himself.
50/ KIDS ARE getting bullied because there colour mostly black kids. Actually I never saw 1 black kid get picked on in high school but I did see many white kids get picked on by the black kids. Whites don't care about race anymore. The only ones that seem to be hung up on race are blacks. It is now...
we dont know that its happening but sometimes they can get out of it .we dont know what the consequences are ,but we want to fit in with the croud . . we dont know that its happening but sometimes they can get out of it .we dont know what the consequences are ,but we want to fit in with the croud ...
when teens your age pressure you to do things...... teen peer preesure could be anything.... but the most ones that everyone does is sex,drugs,and alot more
i don't know what you mean about what can they do about cyber bullying but it is a very nasty thing and people commit suicide because they are having it done to them. I know what YOU can do about it though, you could either contact the government with your name or the more sensible thing to do is...
It could be done over social-networking sites such as, Ask.fm,Facebook, Twitter etc. text messaging also. I don't know why you're asking this but, if you are planning ondoing it, don't.
Victims of bullying generally experience a wide range of post traumatic symptoms. Such as: . Nightmares . Cold sweats present with rapid heart beat . Fear of people . Aggression . Depression . Anxiety or panic . Suicidal thoughts and actions (in severe cases) Those who have been bullied will...
There is no difference in whether you accept the bullying or not. I t is a typical (but not right) response to blame the victim, saying he should change, or fight back, or tell a teacher. Not one of these work, but educating the class about how people are different and discussing how you are with...
Yes, sadly, Gelsy passed away. I do not have any details about her death, cause is currently unknown. Her 5 year old daughter, Clara, is being well cared for. I was a student of hers, will miss her, and never forget her. Article at http://www.education.wisc.edu/news/details/2006.aspx?articleid...
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Easy. If someone is acting depressed, and has everyone staring at them. I was a victim and I felt this way. Moving to CHRISTIAN SCHOOLS helps to prevent this. I had theses experiences, and I know the truth.
you punch him or her in the face
stereotyping, racial epitaphs, graffiti, ethnic drawings, firing illegally, refusing to hire minorities, ethnic and racial profiling
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This question is widely open to argument, but mostly because more and more people use a computer and get connected via the internet. More and more teenagers start to use the internet for its wide range of resources and IT lessons are being taught at school.
10,000 people are cyber bullied a day. ( Dr. Phil)
Their could be many reasons why. Bullying includes offensive name calling, harassing other peers, and putting others down in any mean or rude way. Many kids have experienced this because some kids do not like other kids in a way. Others may have noticed about victims wanting to fight back. In most...
Various forms of data have been collected to determine what causesbullying, and how it can be controlled. The first method is throughany means of communication like telephones, chat rooms, socialnetworks, message boards, outreach programs, and community sources.Surveys and questionnaires from...
yes backstabbing is not good it is not good it can hurt the ppl u love
Those who bully like to think that they have power over their targets, so you need to remove that power. There are things you can do to deflect people who bully: . Act more confident. If a person who bullies feels that they don't have any power over you, it takes the 'fun' out of it for them . Hang...
You aren't being very clear, but I would say definitely yes. He would probably bully in the first place if he was given the title "bully."
From a 2003 study these are the statistics on youths andcyberbullying. . 42% of kids have been bullied while online. 1 in 4 have had ithappen more than once. . 35% of kids called jack farenden . 21% of kids are homosexual . 58% of kids admit someone has said mean or hurtful things tothem online....
Teenagers are very influenced by peer pressure to drink in excess. It is a form of socializing and sometimes the amount of alchohol can get out of control.
All Muslim believe that all forms of bullying are wrong due to the immorality of the deed and all followers of Islam believe that they have a duty to stop all forms of evil. In addition, they believe the same to Christians in that bullying is ALWAYS wrong, regardless, of place or time.
Yes!It does have free roam.
yes sometimes bullys bully cause they were bullied first so they think you should feel what they did
Yes, bullying is very bad. people get traumatized or try suffocating
Anyone who cannot remain indifferent to the whimsical ebb and flow of emotions in his/her surroundings. Basically it comes down to not placing your self-esteem in another's hands. Once you do that, you become a beam of light-- an independent, self-assuring force to be reckoned with.