William Henry Harrison

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William Henry Harrison was the 9th President of the United States and the first to die in office. He served as president for a short time: March 4 to April 4, 1841.
William Harrison was at Fort Washington. Anna Tuthill Symmes who was then twenty, and her family arrived at Fort Washington. She became smitten with William, but her Father objected, thinking that he could find a richer man for her. While her Father was away, Anna and William eloped.
Ohio is where Harrison was living when he waselected President. He had a farm outside of Cincinnati. Ohio alsothe state he represented in the US Senate. He was born inVirginia and lived in Indiana for awhile as a young man. He served asterritorial governor of Indiana and had his famous Battle...
It is about 2 hours long. It delves into Roman history, even the balance of power in ancient Greece, and lays out the Wig Party doctrine in painful detail. It turns out the voters had elected not a soldier or a statesman, but a grumpy 68 year old man, who had been trying to get elected since 1811,...
No. Previous presidents did things as well.
William Henry Harrison had many friends, but one of his close friends was Secretary of State Timothy Pickering.
William Henry Harrison (1773-1841) was the 9th President of the US, although he died after just a month in office. He had gained notoriety as a military leader in 1811 in the Indian wars that preceded the War of 1812. William Henry Harrison was the first Whig to enter office, and the first...
William Henry Harrison died from pneumonia after one month in office in 1841
President: William Henry Harrison (1773 - 1841) Term: March 4 - April 4, 1841 Background: Harrison was born in Charles City County Virginia to a wealthy political family on the Berkeley Plantation. He was the youngest of seven children. His father, Benjamin Harrison V was a planter who also...
He served in the army from 1791-1798 and was called back from1812-1814 to serve as a general in the War of 1812. He wasterritorial governor of Indiana from 1800 to 1812. The he served aterm in Congress, a term as state senator from Ohio, as a senatorfrom Ohio and ambassador to Columbia. He also had...
Shortest according to height, James Madison was the shortest President at 5' 4" or 160 cm. Shortest according to Presidential Term, William Henry Harrison was the shortest term with 31 days, 12 hours, and 30 minutes.
Yes. He was govenor of Indiana Territory from 1800 to 1812.
He was slim and of averge build. My guess is that he weighed around160 lbs.
William Henry Harrison was born on February 9, 1773.
Benjamin Harrison lived in Indiana his entire adult life. Herepresented Indiana as a US Senator.
A William Henry Harrison "Golden" presidential dollar is worth about a dollar unless it's slabbed by PCGS or NGC at a very high rating (e.g., MS69 or MS70), or is Proof. A full roll of dollar coins includes 25 coins, not 12.
Carter Basset, Lucy, Elizabeth, Anne, Benjamin, Sarah.
No. He was tutored at home, attended an Academy in SouthamptonCounty and then entered the University of Pennsylvania MedicalSchool. He dropped out and joined the army when he could no longerafford the classes.
He presided over the first modern campaign, which included political rallies in the form of rolling a ball containing the slogans of the Whig Party party platform along with the image of a William Henry Harrison living in a log cabin as a frontier's man, hence the slogan 'keep the ball rolling.' He...
When William Henry Harrison delivered his inaugural address, how long did it last? OR How much time did William Henry Harrison take to deliver his inaugural address?
No . William Henry Harrison was the ninth President of the United States. He served in office only one month, from March 4, 1841 until April 4, 1841, before he died of complications from pneumonia and septicemia. John Tyler succeeded Harrison in office. President Harrison had held office in both...
He first ran unsuccessfully in 1836 and was elected on his secondrun in 1840. The link below has more information.
John Tyler followed William Henry Harrison as president. Grover Cleveland followed Benjamin Harrison as president. There were 2 US presidents named Harrison. John Tyler, Harrison's vice president, became president after Harrison died of pneumonia 32 days into office.
William Henry Harrison was the 9th President of the UnitedStates. . William McKinley was the 25th President of the United States. . William Howard Taft was the 27th President of the UnitedStates. . William (Bill) Clinton was the 42nd President of the UnitedStates.
Shortest Term by any US President The 9th President of the United States was William Henry Harrison President Harrison was in office from March 4, 1841 until April 4, 1841 when he died of pneumonia. President Harrison was in office for 32 days, the shortest term by any US President, and was the...
He served in a variety of governmental positions, as a territorial governor and as a military leader in the War of 1812 and in Indian Wars as the situation demanded He served as a state senator and then in US Congress both as a representative and a senator, He was ambassador to Columbia for a couple...
He caught a cold on Inauguration Day in 1841. This turned into pneumonia, from which he never recovered. He died just one month into his presidency.
He was elected in 1840 and took office in 1841.. but he died a month after he was elected.
Barbara Bush is not related to president William Henry Harrison.However, her father was a distant cousin of 14th president FranklinPierce (both descended from Massachusetts colonist Thomas Pierce).
1841 is the year Harrison was President. The dollar was minted in2009, and is worth one dollar.
He had a chest cold which turned into pneumonia.
Yes- he served as a general in the War of 1812 and won a decisive victory at the Battle of the Thames in 1813. He also fought at Tippecanoe in a war against Indians.
William Henry Harrison was born in Charles City, Virginia Colony onFebruary 9, 1773. He passed away in Washington DC on April 4, 1841at the age of 68.