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first check your battery voltage and if good usually the fuel injection selenoid is suspect(hard starting ,surge, hesitation and stalling)

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2002 ford ranger 3.0 liter engine cranks a long time cranks at normal speed before starting?

I'm no expert, but my friend had a similar situation in a carburated Toyota due to a clogged fuel filter. Fuel filters need to be changed every 30,000 miles or so. It's a cheap and easy fix - try that first.

How do you prime a 1985 GM diesel engine that has run out of diesel It just cranks cranks cranks?

== == 1) add fuel to the tank 2) fill the filter 3) crank it for 15 seconds, wait 15 seconds 4) repeat step #3 5) repeat step #3

What are the symptoms of bad fuel pressure regulator?

If the engine cranks & cranks & cranks before it starts even though it's warmed up already.

Bmw1996 528 cranks over but not starting?

Fuel? spark?

What would fix a 1998 Cherokee sport with 4.0 engine that cranks and cranks before starting hot or cold?

Have the intake air temp. sensor checked .Two wired plug on top of intake manifold. Check fuel pump pressure.

What could be wrong with a 1999 2.7 intrepid that cranks for a long time before starting It always starts but cranks for a long time?

Check for codes(possible cam sensor), check fuel pressure bleed down(possible fuel pump).

How do you prime a 1987 Ford F-250 diesel engine that has run out of diesel It just cranks cranks cranks.....?

I would add fuel to the tank, and then use the fuel pump relay to prime the system. Good luck. add fuel to your fuel filter and put it back on and should start. On older diesel engines dont worry about the fuel pump relay. Add clean fresh fuel to the filter and hold the pedal to the floor while cranking and it should start.(release pedal when it starts)

What causes a 5.9 liter diesel to turn over multiple times before it cranks when it is cold?

A diesel engine uses the heat of compressing air to ignite the fuel instead of a spark plug like a gas engine. When it is cold it takes a bit to get enough heat to get it to fire. Ford diesels use a glow plug to heat the air when cold starting, but on a Cummins they don't use them. A simple block heater should make it easier to start when it is cold.

What is wrong with your 1997 camaro ss cranks will not start?

if its cranking but not starting most likely fuel pump

Why won't dodge diesel start?

What year? What is it doing? A 12 valve has a fuel shut off solenoid that commonly malfunctions, the engine cranks but never starts.

What could be the problem with starting your 2001 Honda civic when it cranks and turns over but won't start?

could be disdributor

What is easier to pedal a bike with long cranks or a bike with short cranks?

it is easier to pedal with longer cranks because you have more leverage but it is not necessarily better to have really long cranks.

2002 Chevy V6 cranks but won't start without starting fluid?

Replace the engine coolant temp sensor.

What causes a no start but engines cranks for a 7.3 ford 2002 turbo diesel?

check your battery voltage it needs 24 volts for the glow plugs to fully cycle up.

2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine cranks but is a no start No dash gauges?

A 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee engine that cranks but is not starting and has no dash gauges is experiencing an electrical system failure. This can be a result of a faulty ignition switch or damaged wiring.

Diesel engine will not kick over but plenty of battery power?

if it wont crank the the starter is probally out but if it cranks and the motor doesnt turn either the belt is to loose or the engine is locked up

When you are cranking my 97 gmc diesel when it cranks you try to give it a little gas but it like it has no affect it cut off and then it want crank for days what is that called?

could be one of two problems, when starting a diesel or any injected motor you never touch the gas pedal or you might flood the engine, the glow plugs may be weak and added fuel just renders them useless, otherwise you might have a bad fuel filter or pump.

Why a 97 Chevy Tahoe not turning on only cranks?

do you mean it cranks, but will not start?

Why does your 94 Mazda Protege not start It was starting with no problem a couple of days ago Now for some reason it does not you found that it ran out of gas due to a broken gas gauge and you put gas?

There are two main types of no-starting conditions. Cranks but won't start, and no cranks no start. For a no crank no start condition it is best to suspect a problem with the starter circuit. For a cranks but won't start you have to remember that an engine requires the things to run gas, air, and spark. So what type of condition do you have?

1998 Chevy S10 2.2 liter sometimes cranks excessively before starting.. other times it starts right up.. seems to be no rhyme or reason to it?

i would say you have an injector problem. usually a cloged one can cause that.

Number of cranks in a six cylinder engine?

No of cranks used in 6 cylinder engine

If you replaced fuses fuel pump and the usual filters on a 1992 Geo Trackerand it cranks but wont start then what?

Do you have spark? If you do, check your cam/crank timing marks to ensure the spark is when the piston is TDC (top dead center).

4 second delay before engine cranks 97 disco will not start?

Sounds like your battery may be very low; if it turns over slowly when it eventually starts turning, definitely try jump starting or charging the battery and trying again.

Suburban cranks but wont turn over 1990 fuel injected.?

This is a bad question. fix it. check fuses . there are sevearal fuses that will stop it from starting

94 plymounth acclaim wont start all fuses good fuel and oils good cranks over good but not starting what could it be?

no gas

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