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Gear shifter will not move on Ford Focus?

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Stuck in Park? Push fairly hard on brake, try it then. There should be an emergency release on the console. EIther a button next to the shifter on the base, a small hole that you can insert something into, nail, paperclip, ect., there may be a quarter size cover on the side of the console, probably on the passenger side. This is assuming there isn't something wrong with the transmission. Depending on where you live I suppose I could conceive of water, snow getting around the shift points on the transmission and freezing. Doubtful, but you might look at the top of the transmission just to rule it out.

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2002 ford windstar won't go into gear?

if the shifter does not move the shift interlock may be bad

Why on my 1988 ford ranger is it stuck in 3rd gear and yet I can move the shifter into any other gear?

shifter is broke. my ranger was the same way. take the shifter off , and the ear on the other end will be broke. simple to fix. jus find another shifter like i did.

Why will a Chrysler Sebring not go in gear?

If the shifter will not move you have a mechanical or electric issued with the shifter. If the shifter does move you may have low fluid or a failed transmission.

2001 ford expedition will start wont go into drive?

Are you saying that the gear shifter will not move from park to drive or that when you shift to drive the vehicle will not move? We need more info.

Ford Focus stuck in park?

If a Ford Focus is stuck in park, you should first check to make sure the gear is not stuck. You also need to make sure you have your foot on the brake in order to move it out of park.

How do you get Honda 4 stroke 90 HP outboard engine to engage in reverse?

1) reduce throttle to idle speed 2) move gear shifter to Neutral position 3) move gear shifter to Reverse position.

Why cant you get 5 and 6 gear in your ford focus st170 . The gear stick can move aroundwhen in a gear?

You've probably torn the transmission up or broken a shift lever by abuse. At least, somebody did.

Why is my S500 stuck in park?

If you cannot move the shifter out of the park position then you have a problem with the shifter cable or the brake safety lock. If you can move the shifter to the drive position, and it doesnt go in gear then you are a few quarts low on transmission fluid

Why does shifter on column move freely and doesn't go into gear on 2000 Ford Expedition XLT automatic transmission?

i would look under neath at the transmition and see if the linkage is broke

How can you tell if your 87 samurai tranny is in neutral with the shifter out?

Move the car. If the fan belt moves, it's still in gear. Also would be fairly hard to move if in gear.

Why does your 98 ford expedition stays on parking when the gear is on reverse?

Need more info. Are you saying that? 1. The vehicle won't go into reverse? 2. The vehicle shifter won't go into reverse? 3. The vehicle shifter won't move into reverse or drive?

Why does my 2000 Ford Expedition 4x4 with automatic transmission shifter move on the column freely but doesn't go in any gear?

It may be a broken or damage steering column. It may need to be replaced.

Mercedes 190e auto shifter stuck in park have had to remove ignition barrel as key would not turn can start the car but cannnot move gear stick?

Maybe brake shift cable from brake to gear shifter?

Why would the gear shifter be stuck in Park on a 1997 Ford Escort?

On console shifters, the linkage from the brake pedal gets cokes and coffee spilled on it and woh't move. TAke the console out and clean the linkage.

Why is the shifter in 95 olds aurora suddenly hard to move?

take it apart and grease gear track inside.

What sensor would cause your 1994 SHO not t come out of park?

Check the switch on the brake pedal that allows the transmission shifter to move into gear. If this switch/cable is broken the shifter doesn't know the brake is pressed so it will not allow shifter to move. It is a safety feature... a good one too.

My 97 Taurus gear shifter will move but not shift into any gear after starting the car?

There could be two reasons for this. The first is the transmission is completely out and the second is the linkage in the transmission is broken.

What causes your 1992 ford tempo automatic shifter to get stuck in park?

If you are unable to press in the button to move the shifter. Replaces the brake switch connected to the brake pedal.

How do you remove gear shifter from a 1992 ford explorer after you remove the boot there is a threaded bolt with a nut on it I removed the nut but the bolt doesn't move it's threaded?

Move the nut on the shifter bolt from the front of the shifter(closest to engine) and put it on the rear of the shifter bolt. Tighten it as much as possible (did mine with a 17mm box end wrench). once it's tight, remove the nut and put in on the other side again (just enough to cover the threads.) A couple of quick taps with a hammer and out she comes !

Why wont riding mower go in gear either forward or reverse?

If you physically can not move the gear shift lever into gear, it could be a problem with the shifter linkage or the transmission. If you can select a gear by moving the the lever which is attached directly to the transmission, it is the linkage. If the lever moves into a gear but the mower doesn't move, it could be a broken belt or a bad transmission.

Why does shifter not shift out of park in a 1997 Honda Accord unless you insert key in shifter lock recess?

This is to prevent the car from going into gear when it is not meant to. You must have the key in the on position before you can move the vehicle out of park.

I own a 2003 Nissan Altima my shifter is stuck in neutral and can't move it?

Try to have your Neutral Safety switch checked out or your brake switch, It controls the shifter so you cant put it in gear without pressing the brake

How do you go from any gear back to neutral?

First you have to press the clutch all the way to the floor, then move the gear shifter whether it is on the collar or stick shift) to the middle of all the gears, then the vehicle will be in neutral.

My 1996 ford f250 is stuck in 4x2 and wont go into 4x4 it has the floor shifter please help me out thanks?

The shifter has splines that need to be lubed get under the truck and spray the floor shifter mecanism and have someone move the shifter as u spray should free up then lube the linkage

Why my 1997 Ford Aspire will not go into and gear and it has plenty of fluid but the shifter won't move nor depress?

Usually there is a safety interlock mechanism that requires you to depress the brake before shifting from park. Have this checked by a mechanic to be sure it is working before tearing into your tranny.

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