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I think you will find that your tire is rubbing the inner plastic splash guard. My Dodge Van does the same thing. Good Luck and Remember.
Change Your Mind, Not Your Oil.
Use the First In Synthetic Motor Oil's.
See My Bio For Information & Contact Details. I agree. In a driveway or parking lot turn the wheels all the way to the left. Put the Jeep in park and cut it off. Feel between the tire and the inner splash guard to see if there is any room. Also look for a "tale-tale" mark where the Jeep was leaning slightly when you turn to the left and pushing the tire up against the splash guard. Look to see if the plastic snaps that hold the guard in place have broken or come a-loose.

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What are largest size tires you can put on a stock 1996 Jeep Cherokee Classic without putting a lift on it?

I own a 1996 Grand Cherokee Limited and it has 245/75/R16 tires on it. No lift and no problems or rubbing. It is a 30.5 inch tire.Answer235/75R15 or basically a 29 inch tall tireI put 31 inch tires on mine with a little bit of rubbing but not too much

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stock a Cherokee can hold a 30x9.50r15 with out much rubbing 30 inch tall 9.5inch wide 15 inch rim

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Will a stock 1990 Cherokee base 4WD run on 2357515 with out a lift?

i run 31/50/15 without a lift i get slight rubbing when flexed.

What is the max tire size you can put on a 1988 Jeep Cherokee?

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Will a 30 x 9.50 tire fit under a stock 01' Cherokee?

It might but, you will get rubbing in the wheelwells. Look at getting a 2 inch budget lift and they you will be fine.