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Has anyone else had problems with water on their passenger side for any reason?

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Is it water or coolant? check the colour of your cooling system, green or red etc etc when the car is cool, if it is water and not coolant then look at the air conditioner area, may have to fit a longer hose, sometimes the hose can be run under the carpet so when the passenger sits in the car, their feet pull the hose off without knowing. You may be running your air con without knowing- summer or winter, both defrost the windows well and keep you cool.Answer:I had the same problem ever since I bought my 2000 daewoo Lanos. I thought that the leak on the passenger side carpet had to do with the air conditioner, but it didnt. In fact, my problem was the heater core. I couldn't afford to have it professionally fixed so I bought the heater core, and had it installed by someone and it wasnt done correctly. After I thought it was fixed the issue was still continuing, then it started leaking under the hood too. So about a year later I had the heater core bypassed. You wont be able to use your heater but it stopped leaking. AnswerOnce had some type of line stopped up with dirt dobbers, every time I would make a right turn, freezing cold water would pour out on my foot. It was on the driver's side on a different type of car. Hope this helps. Answertry sorting the rubber door seal or there could be a hole in the engine Answerthere could be a rubber bung missing in the engine bay or under the car or the rubber as gone on the door AnswerI was told by a repair shop that in Daewoos there is a drain hose for the air conditioner's condensation that will sometimes leak into the front passenger compartment. if you notice it only seems to do it during the summer time. AnswerWe had lots of water appear in the passenger footwell. It was traced to the air conditioning drain pipe becoming detached at the top end so all the condensation was dripping into the car.
2011-09-13 03:30:47
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Water in the passenger side of the dashboard means the evaporator core is leaking. This needs to fix quickly as it will cause the inside of the car to be filled with water.

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Have you checked for a pinhole in the HEATER CORE?How do i check for this sorry to be a pain but really cant afford to go to garage at minute hoping i can sort. It is wet from the passenger door to half way across passenger foot well. and no signs of water coming from anywhere. Now that you have mentioned the passenger door, I would take the door panel off the door and check to see if the water DRAIN HOLES at the bottom of the door is plugged up with dirt or anything else. Water might be being held in that space and slowly merging into the door panel and floor mat. Back to the heater core, disconnect the water hoses from the fire wall and connect them together with a short pipe, this will stop the water from entering the heater and you can still drive the car.

How do you fix a rain and AC water pan under the passenger side that is blocked?

Water pan is not something that I am familiar with, but if you are getting water on the floor on the passenger side then your heater core may be leaking, the drain tube for the ac is blocked ( it sticks out through the firewall on the passenger side and can be cleaned out with a coat hanger or compressed air).

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The water pump is under the timing belt cover on the passenger side.

Why does water leak on passenger side floorboard s10?

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Why would you find coolant on your passenger side floorboard?

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Have you used your air conditioning lately? The most common reason for water to appear to be leaking on the passenger floorboard is that the condensation drain for the air conditioning is plugged. Unfortunately, the drain is pretty much inaccessible to the average person and I have yet to discover a reasonable method of clearing it other than paying the dealer or a mechanic to do it. The other, less common causes for that type of leak is that the heater core is leaking, in which case the fluid will be antifreeze rather than water, or the door seal on the passenger door may be leaking, or the windshield gasket may be leaking.