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I suggest you do a little reading befor you go out in the repo world. Read this first and then, this Take your time, the more you know, the better your chances of success.

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Q: How and where do you get started in the repossession business in Minnesota?
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How do you start a repossession business?

To start a repossession business you must file the appropriate business license. Many repossession businesses also have insurance and a bond for their business.

How do you become a repossession agent in Minnesota?

To become a repossession agent in Minnesota a license from the state is required. A tow truck and license to operate it are also needed.

Which US states do not require a business license to operate a repossession business?

All US states require the repossession agency be licensed and bonded.

What business schools are available in the Minnesota area? is Minnesota School of Business is a whole website dedicated to business schools in Minnesota. There is lots of information there about different schools.

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What is the yearly salary for a repo man?

Repossession agents are not typically paid a salary, nor are they typically paid hourly. Repossession is a per unit business. That is, the repo man is paid by the vehicles he recovers. Amounts vary by the individual business.

What is needed to open a repossession company in Minnesota?

Money, Knowledge of the laws,proper state permits and ENERGY. Good Luck

What is needed to start a repossession business in Georgia?

check out laws and regulations in your stae(georgia)

What are the laws for being a repossession agent in Delaware?

Get yourself a business license and some clients.

Where can you buy shirts for your repossession business?

I make them for $12 a piece. Email me at

A business starting with R?

Radio station Repossession specialist (Repo man) Realtor (Realty or Real Estate business) RadioShack

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What business schools are there in Minnesota?

There are a lot of business schools in Minnesota you can choose from such as Globe University. There well known and great business schools you can apply to because they are various colleges that you can take a college tour.

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“What all do I need to get a home business started”

What is the Minnesota School of Business?

The Minnesota School of Business is a private, for-profit school that helps in training people for careers in the field of business. There are on-campus and online programs that focus on things like business, media, technology, et cetera.

What is needed to start up a repossession business in the US?

It might be easier to contact an existing repossession service such as Renovo, Inc. They contract service providers in other states to conduct repossessions in their local areas. This way, you get experience in the business, and they take care of all the red tape.

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What is the statute of limitation for repossession of an auto in Minnesota state?

There is no SOL that applies to this matter. It is purely a civil financial contractural matter between the lender and the borrower.

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